Do kids have to go to preschool?

Thoughts on preschool? My son is three, and I know things are weird now with Covid. I was wondering how many moms thought preschool was necessary and how many just practiced at home until kindergarten?


Nope, none of my kiddos went to preschool. I personally feel like its to young.

Preschool teaches social skills .


Preschool is great so the kids can get social interactions with other peers their age! They also begin learning the basics like counting to 10, their ABCs and starting to write and hold a pencil properly. It’s really beneficial and you will likely see them be a little more ahead once in kinder.

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It helps with having your child be with other kids and having that interaction.

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Both of my kids went. It was good socialization and they learned a lot.

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My experience was that my daughter did not NEED preschool whatsoever. She was actually way advanced. I mainly did it for the aspect of a routine and experience within a classroom setting before she was thrown into kindergarten where she was expected to be in a classroom Monday-Friday 7 hours a day! We did half day preschool, Monday-Thursday. It gave her the confidence to walk into kindergarten knowing a little bit of what to expect!


The birthdate for school changed the year my son would’ve gone to preschool. His birthday was 2 weeks after the new date so he couldn’t go to public 4yo preschool preschool. I found a charter school that would take him for kindergarten the following year if he passed their readiness test. He knew all the basics; alphabet, letter names & sounds, colors, shapes, could count to 20, he could even read a bit & do simple addition. The teacher that tested him asked if he went to preschool. When I explained he couldn’t because of the new cut off she told me she could tell because he wasn’t emotionally ready. He went to preschool instead of K that year. I’m still confused by it because he’s still not social, doesn’t get along with other kids his age because he’s ahead academically. But now he feels he needs to “act dumb” to make the teacher happy & feel that he’s supposed to be in his grade. This is leading to a lot of behavior problems I feel would’ve been avoided if he went straight to K. That year of preschool definitely didn’t do him any good.

Its good to get them used to a school setting before they enter kindergarten. Makes the transition so much easier.

I had all 3 of my children in preschool. It made it easier when they started kindergarten.

My oldest went and now my youngest is in preschool this year and will be going back in the fall. I think it definitely helps them get ready for kindergarten. Our youngest has a speech delay and it has helped him a lot in my opinion. Gets them use to being away from home too.

I had family members that waited until kindergarten and both of their kids are excelling in school, it didn’t hurt them any not going. I stay home with my girls and the personality of my oldest I thought she would benefit from going a couple hours a couple days a week since kindergarten is everyday all day it would ease her into not being home and help her socially. It’s whatever you think is best for your baby.

My oldest 3 went to head start at 3 and 4 and my now 3 year old has been in a daycare center since 6 weeks that runs like a school so he’s in the preschool room now till kindergarten.

It teaches great social skills. Plus they all read and wrote by 3. Plus it gets them use to a school setting. But its not mandatory and you can still teach at home.

I was second guessing on sending my daughter daughter preschool. But heard something that made me decide to send her.

Somebody told me “as a kindergarten teacher you can see the children that went to preschool over the children who didn’t.”
And that sat with me.
Honestly they have alot of options as for like half days, whole days, a whole week, a couple days a week.
Personally that’s your choice, but could also really benefit your child:)
Just take some time to think about it and maybe do some preschool tours if you can:)

I would like our daughter to go to preschool, but here you only get selected for preschool if you aren’t meeting particular milestones. We find out if she’s been accepted or not on the 7th. If she doesn’t get selected we have to wait until kindergarten. We cannot afford private preschools.

If tou can afford it, definitely consider it. I unfortunately can’t afford to do so but I would love to put my daughter in preschool

No some of mine did some didn’t honestly didn’t make a difference

My daughter didn’t go to daycare or preschool. She had no issue in kindergarten. She was actually ahead & still is in 5th grade.
My son was in daycare until kindergarten & he had no issues. He was on par with his peers.
It depends on the child & how much you’re willing to teach them at home.
In some states, applying to preschool requires testing the child. If your child already knows shapes, basic colors & can identify some letters/their name, they won’t accept them. They use prek for kids who aren’t taught at home or need extra help.