Do I opt out of child tax if I am not working?

I haven’t worked this year and won’t be filing taxes next year. Do I need to opt-out of the child tax credit? Will I owe it back if I get it now?


No you will not need to opt out. They actually gave an option for non filers to opt into the payments. Meaning people that don’t work can claim the payments for their kids.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do I opt out of child tax if I am not working? - Mamas Uncut

I would speak to them directly that way you will get the right answers.

You have child’s tax credits & working tax credits notify of a change straight away & they should do a reassessment.

Apparently I’m not intelligent enough to navigate the website to opt out. I’ll likely end up owing it back. They should have set it up so you had to opt in if you wanted it.

You dont have to… People that dont file taxes can collect


You don’t need to work for the credit. Also, just because your not working doesn’t mean you shouldn’t file next year. You will still get a return for the rest of the credit whether you work or not. I believe they even have a special form just for that.

If you have no income, then you’ll have no tax liability, so if you receive the refundable credit no you won’t owe it back. If you didn’t end up getting the advance for whatever reason, you can file your $0 return and get the credit as your refund.

Check with the IRS or a CPA.

  1. You will be required to file even if you havent worked, to do the reconciliation.
  2. The minimum income requirement for the child tax credit has been waived. You shouldnt have to pay any of it back.
  3. You can go online and opt out of the future payments.

If u dont file takes your still eligible for the child tax credit. You just have to go irs website to set it up

You should ask your tax person or call any tax agency they will have the correct info

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I opted out on the site.

No you will still get it don’t opt out if you filed last year you should get it. Why would you opt out? No you deserve that money no will will not have to pay it back either.

You will get child tax but you need to declare to working tax otherwise you will have to pay it all back from the date you finished working

Baby you have dependent you will not owe the IRS and still file your taxes for 2021 even though you not working


First are you in Canada or the US. if you are in Canada you still have to file your taxes even if you have 0 income and you will still receive you child tax.


There is no income “floor” to qualify for the credit. Non-filer parents without income are eligible.

You’ll owe it come tax time

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No you do not have to opt out. And you’ll only have to pay back if your income changes and you make more then the required income this year for it.

The CTC is not like the stimulus !!! You did not have to pay back the stimulus funds. But you will owe the IRS that money as the CTC is an advance for 2021. You should always file your taxes, working or not. If you file and you get a refund, whatever money for the CTC you received will offset that.

How do you opt out I need to do that as well.???

Only if you want all of your taxes back in February

Don’t you still file taxes even if you don’t work? :thinking:

Who knows… we opted out and still got it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The rules changed for the child tax credit for this year alone. If you make under 75k you will file a basic tax return next year for a non filer and still qualify for the child tax credit. This normally wouldn’t happen but it’s a special rule for this year only. It’s similar to the non filer tool that was used to claim the stimulus checks. A non filer tax form was filled out showing no income and people received the stimulus check then. So you will not have to pay it back if earnings are under 75k or in your case 0.

No she can file I don’t work I don’t file taxes but I had to to get my daughter’s stimulus money and they gave me the child tax stuff on the 15th because I have a child . And then next year I have to file as well I don’t get nothing back because I didn’t pay in but I still had to file one. go look on the IRS page it’s for anyone with children under 17 there is no income specified.

You have to make at least $3500 to get something back if you have kids… if not you will owe… yes you should opt out otherwise next time you do file they going to keep all that… This is an advance on what you would get at tax time. So if you usually come home with 6k you’ll only come home with 3k bc they giving you half now for the next 6 months… ppl who depend on all their tax money at once should opt out. Otherwise it’s just a help to those who could use money now…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do I opt out of child tax if I am not working? - Mamas Uncut

You will just have to file with 0 income and you will still receive the credit.


I don’t know where you live but In Canada whether you work or not you still have to file taxes and still get the child tax credits.


You still qualify and get the tax credit whether you work or not


This post was such a blessing! I have been curious too- I haven’t filed taxes since 2019 due to non working status and I was worried I’d be penalized eventually for it. So far the irs has based everything off my 2019 filing status or child tax credit portal will provide you with several scenarios and question and answers . I would use these sites for accurate answers


Go to the IRS website, don’t trust any other information. All the info is there


You need to still file your taxes even if your didn’t work then you will receive it still

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You cant get the ctb if you dont file your taxes. You are entitled to it weather you work or not…they just go by ur income…if not working then you get max allowed for said child/children…an probably depends where you are too…different standards in different places…

You don’t have income, you can’t file taxes. You have to make over $600 to receive a 1099. will tell you everything your need to know or an accountant. Not Facebook

So is this tax a seperate entity from our taxes? I already filed and recieved my taxes for the year. Im confused why this came about so far into the year?

The irs website literally gives you answers

If youre in Canada you will get the max amount if you are not working .

The credit is just giving you monthly payments I stead of one lump sum for your kids.

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Go to the website… it states this is monthly payments to you instead of filing at the end of the year and getting your lump sum. So it’s like an advance I opted out because I like my payment at the end of the year with my taxes

Most people will have to pay it back so I would not.

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Google it all I can say

The people that do. your taxes should have that answer.

Go to god damn work lazy stop living off my taxes :fu:t6::us:

Still file just put 0 as income.

File your taxes and put 0 as income ! You will get the maximum benefit , you don’t have to work to receive this

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do I opt out of child tax if I am not working? - Mamas Uncut

You can still receive child tax when not working.


It’s available for non-filers too I believe


You still need to file your taxes even if you’re not employed.


Anyone know why I haven’t received mine yet by d.d or mail :thinking::woman_facepalming:

It’s available even if you don’t file taxes :+1:


About that…
Live the life you choose, don’t let anyone tax your freedom.


No. They removed the 2500 minimum earnings that was required to claim it during tax season. You will still need to file even not working so you can claim the other half during tax season.


You qualify! Its for low income and people who dont work aswell. Now if you make too much or go over the income limit then yes youd have to pay it back. But no your good!! Not sure why people are commenting saying you have to pay it back smh that is false information tho.

You can file a nonfilers tax return(:


We file our taxes every year and I have no income (taxable) it’s easy ! Just use Turbo tax or go to a tax filing service :slightly_smiling_face:

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No you’re totally fine to receive it now if you’re not working then you’re definitely not going to be over the amount you’re definitely not going to be over the amount of yearly income to have to pay it back

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I filed last yr with my 2 kids on there and im not eligible

Don’t take people’s word call a tax preparer and ask that question cause everyone else is going to just guess or assume.


To me this is just another reason not to go to work but keep having children All the taxpayers are paying for this


You absolutely SHOULD file taxes even with zero income. People thinking you do not have to file and it’s WRONG. There are just no penalties for people who make under a certain amount and do not file but you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD file your taxes with no income for many reasons


How can i track the child credit

This isn’t really a “tax credit” the way the old child tax credit worked. This functions much more like a UBI (universal basic income) or European-style child rasing subsidy: No income or taxes is required to qualify and it’s largely not means tested.

The easiest way to get it is to have filed your taxes…but only because that puts your info on file where to send the check. If you haven’t filed taxes the last couple years, there’s a form to fill out to get your info on file so they can send you your checks.

There is no worry about paying it back unless you suddenly earn a boatload of money this year (over $130k for a married couple)… anyone lower gets the check.


It’s different dependinh on where you live. In Ontario Canada if you’re eligible you will receive it, but it’s different depending on where you go,
Call a tax company and ask them this question then they can tell yku how it works based on where you live

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No you don’t have to file taxes if you don’t work. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


No. As long as you’re filing with the kids you’re okay to keep it

we have no earned income and i still file taxes obviously it comes out as zero but parents still get the child yax credit even when they file zero


What if I’m not supposed to claim this year but the ex is?

It’s on the IRS website. You can file even if you don’t usually file or if you dont have income just to claim this refundable credit.

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If you so do it make sure you accuretly state how much your partner earns if in a couple as i had to pay back as i underestimated and will probally owe back when he puts his tax in

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do I opt out of child tax if I am not working? - Mamas Uncut

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My understanding is child tax is to be used to help feed and house your children. Isn’t it for the non working parents? I must read more to understand what is really going on.

Past time line to opt out, when tax time comes talk to the irs or a tax professional.

Check with a tax accountant to be on the safe side it would be horrible for you to get it and then find out you have to pay it all back.

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It’s based on 2020 or 2019 taxes and no you don’t pay back it’s just an advance on what you would normally get when you file. Not sure how the other half will work for you if you didn’t work this year. I would just say ask a tax professional to give you correct answers instead of relying on everyone’s guesses.

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No. You only need to worry if this money will take you over the threshold for needing to file taxes. I am not sure if the amount but it’s somewhere around $12,000 or less in a year. But please check that number.


Yes opt out!! You are pulling from a future tax credit!!

There is a non tax filers thing which goes for if you are not working but trying to get ahold of the IRS and actually speak to somebody is a joke I’m still waiting on my 2020 tax return and it’s been 4mo


The tax credit is for earned income. Normally you would get a lump sum on your tax return if you QUALIFIED for it. It is NOT free money

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Yes opt out now! You will have to pay it back

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You will not have to pay taxes on it. But remember if you do not file income taxes you will not get the rest of this money. They started it in July in the balance for the remaining of the year will come in when you claim your income tax

They can opt out still… they just have to do it before 8/2… would just probably only get 3300 instead of the 3600 next year.

Nope they are giving it to everyone up to a certain amount. Go ahead and take the credit.

They are already sending it out…

You can’t opt out! Everyone I know has tried and the website has some sort of glitch and doesn’t finish the request. If there’s anyone out there who was able to opt out, please post.


I thought CTC had gone as needed to claim Universal Credit. Also yes you should cancel WTC if not working if you are overpaid they will take action to collect

Shouldn’t. You would get paid now instead of the end of the year

I know people who haven’t worked and got their payments

Call h & r block they answer anybody’s questions free

Working or not, you are still entitled.

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Everyone is eligible for this tax credit. You just file a tax return saying you don’t make anything next year and you will still get the rest of it. This is just an advance for half of it. I filed a 2020 tax return saying I don’t work and it still said I was eligible and I got the advance.


I do not work. I get ssi for my son and child support. I was told i will not get advance ctc payments

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Depends on your tax planning

Lol. Why would you opt iut?

Is anyone else’s eligibility pending? I know I qualify.