Did your taste buds change after birth?

Mamas - did your taste buds change after birth? Is that even possible? My ENTIRE life I could NOT handle spicy food in the slightest and after my 3rd baby I love spicy food.


:rofl: yes I used to love spicy foods and sour foods, after my 3rd I now can’t handle either :sob: I now like weird stuff I would’ve never ate my whole life

Yes :100:! I did the opposite. I used to love spicy and now I can’t handle it at all. I also like lots of old man candy now. My ex said all my favorites were my FIL’s favorites (so a man not in 1945) lol. That switched over during pregnancy and never went bank to normal lol

not really only during my pregnancies

Used to hate cream cheese, cilantro and coconut. After 2 kids I love them all!

Taste buds change every 7 years

Yes! I use to hate bell peppers now I can eat them everyday!

Tastebuds change in general but I think the hormones can help. I hated anchovies most of my life, half way through my second pregnancy, I was craving pepperoni pizza with extra anchovies, and haven’t looked back lol. I’m a fiend for the salty little suckers