Did you regret only having one child?

I have been struggling with the question about leaving our daughter a single child. I’m a military spouse and with my pregnancy I had to be on blood thinners. Can someone tell me why they decided to have more children? Or if you left your child as a single child do you regret it?


I had my first when I was a teenager and then got married and now we have 4 littles in total we have 8 children :heart:

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I was getting up there in age (34) and DH and I thought we’d try. Got pregnant and have a 7.5 year age gap between our kids.

Mine have an 11 year age gap and I feel kinda bad about that sometimes :upside_down_face: If you’re on the fence I’d go for it

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2 years ago I was pregnant and had to be on blood thinners… depending on why you are on blood thinners you can be find the next time. My newest baby I just delivered in May and I chose not to use blood thinners even though they recommended it. Zero complications and a fantastic pregnancy.
Also I had my first two 16 years ago and two more over the last two years so a huge age gap. But it had been fantastic.

I always felt it was best to at least have two children, if something happened to me or my spouse they would always have each other. Of course I had three and none of them get along on the best of days lol


I feel like one child was all I was meant to have. My husband wanted a second for a little while, but that faded after a year. We just love our little family, and our now 15 year old son.


I would have a second child!!!

I had a number of health concerns during my pregnancy so my husband and I felt one was it for us. No reason to risk my life for another child with the potential to leave my current child motherless. At times I wonder if we would have chosen to have more if the health concerns were removed from the equation but this just feels right for us.

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I was an only child and I had a great life.


I’m an only child and I’m definitely okay with it lol


No at all. He is and was always fine with it. Never any issues about being the only child.


Had my first at 27. She was going to be my only. Got pregnant unexpectedly when she was 8. Ended up having a 33 week stillbirth. Decided to try for another. There is 10 years between them.

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I regret only having 1 now

Single child mom here!
I was married to an addict and God knew one more kid in the hot mess I called my life going to be more then I could actually handle.
There are moments I wish I had another but I am so grateful for all the extra things I can do because I only have one. I remind myself how I get to be at everything and focus all my attention on her.


I have one child and she’s now 26. She hates that she’s an only child saying she will never be an aunt. My parents had five but lost my sister at 21 my brother at 42. Coping with their loss I often thought I would have nothing to live for if I lost my daughter. Now I have two grandchildren :grin: My daughter had her kidney removed last week due to cancer. I still regret only having one.

I have an almost 6 year old and a 25 year old. I’m the oldest and had 2 much younger brothers, my 1st husband had a 14 month old. There were other kids I took care of in between so when my daughter went off to college, I’m like “what do I do now” so I had another baby :grin:

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Toddler stage more than once!? No thanks lol


I was a only child​:sob::person_facepalming: lonely in later life… I have 4 children myself

Only you and your partner can decide
As you had a difficult pregnancy
I would speak to your GP
Reguarding the same issues
You had during
Your last pregnancy

I struggle some days knowing my child won’t have a built in best friend like I do with my sister but then I think about the things I’ll be able to afford to do for her that me and my sister didn’t get bc my mom had us both! And then I think about how much patience it would take to have 2 or more and I’m like nahhhh I mentally can’t!

I only have one child. Did not want to do pregnancy again and I don’t regret it.


I grew up alone because my brothers were significantly older than me and off to college while I was just starting elementary school and I hated it. I begged my parents for another sibling. This is one of the reasons I always wanted a big family. I’m about to have our 4th little one next week and I’ve taken blood thinners (Lovenox and Heparin injections) for every pregnancy. The injections are just temporary. Your family and your children are forever. I definitely wouldn’t let that stop you.

I decided to get sterilized after my son for the simple fact tbh I couldn’t afford to have more. No business bringing more into the world when I need food stamps and government assistance for the one. Don’t regret it he’s 15 now.


I had my first at 22 and then my second at 30. It all depends on your situation

I always loved having an only child. I didn’t have to divide my time, energy, or finances. My daughter has always wanted a sibling. She is very fortunate to have multiple cousins within a 5 mile range from us. With that being said, I am now expecting a baby boy in January. My daughter is 10 and she couldn’t be happier. This was planned and I am excited! I am happy to have the big age gap though. I was able to be present for my daughter when she needed me most. Don’t make any permanent decisions. I spent almost 10 years thinking I never wanted anymore.

We had a weekend trip. And on our way back I looked in the back of the car and my boys 7,15 were sleeping the oldest letting the youngest rest on his lap while snugging him. :blue_heart: they do wrestle, they argue. But I have no doubt how much they love each other. If I’m ever gone. They will have each other.

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I grew up an only child and I had a wonderful childhood. You have to decide what’s best for you and your family.


I have 4. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My kids are 12, 6, 2, and 9 months. I’m a stay at home mom while my husband works (we own a business). I could never imagine only having one child! From what I’ve seen, those who have only 1, know from the beginning they only want one. If you are thinking about or considering another one, it’s your conscious saying you want another one. I took child psychology for 3 years. Children will do ok as a single child, but there are a lot of set backs. We say great improvement when there were 2 children per family. Both mentally and physically.

I waited 10 years in between my kids, and I don’t regret it.

I’m currently struggling with this. My daughter is 5 and I struggled as a single mom for 4 years of her life with literally no help from anybody, no support system or anything. It’s hard. The economy is awful and it’s a struggle for everyone right now.

I definitely always wanted my child to have another sibling… so when I leave the earth they will have at least one or more family members here with them on this journey!!

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Some times, but it wasn’t meant for me. I have medical issues and was blessed to carry my one. But he has nine siblings, that gives me some peace :heart:

Parents may not regret having only 1 child, but is it different from the child’s point of view,? I could not imagine not having brothers and sisters, someone to share the special times with, xmas, or any holiday, we were all there for each other during the loss of my dad,
It’s certainly up to each parent, how many children you have but personally…I’m glad my mom and dad had 5!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I truly only ever wanted 1 child. My second born is a complete miracle and surprise. I got “fixed” after my second.

I have 4 daughters and 2 decided 1 child is enough. The children have never been without. They are both College students planning on TX A&M. Neither live in dorms, they both have nice cars and name brand everything. Both make friends, yes they are picky in their choices. Neither one are into drugs, alcohol. Both are professing Christians making their moms proud. The other 2 daughters have more than one and try to do as much as possible for them and with them. Regardless of status all are loved.

I was an only child until I was 13. There’s a lot that kids learn from siblings.

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When I lost my mom, all I had were my siblings. No other family came around. There’s 4 of us. 10 months after she passed, I became pregnant with my son. At that time I decided I was going to have two kids. Because if something ever happen to me, I didn’t want my son to be alone. I only have two now. And I have zero regrets. Plus, the bonus of being an auntie is beautiful. Now both my sons will be able to experience being an uncle. With only one child, they will never experience that. And if something ever happens to me, they will have each other. And that’s important to me.

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I had one daughter at 22 it was a horrible pregnancy, I was on bed rest for 7 months, dr appts every week, I wasn’t ready for another one for 10 years, then my husband had no mobility in his swimmers,by the time everything was perfect I had to have a hysterectomy . But my daughter turned out wonderful she’s 37 has three children. And I do have two SDs I got to raise from 5&10.

Nope. Had her at 19. 24 now and still know I only want one. I didn’t like pregnancy. Hated the feeling of a baby kicking. Love my daughter but would never do it again.

I hsve zero never expected to hsve snother my pregnancies were really hard but I’m at only child I loved it lol :woman_shrugging:

I had more children because someone needed to play with him :laughing:

I couldn’t get pregnant again due to doc advice and health issue. I was sad about it at first but now I am ok with it. I was able to have a son and I can give him more than I could two children. Everything is so expensive. It is something you grieve if you wanting more and can’t.

I lovee having one kid… andgiving her everything we can ! The thought of paying two daycare costs alone… another bedroom…tantrums…breastfeeding…sleep regressions while also parenting other kid. I have no desire. My girl is and and is wonderful ! With inflation its important to consider costs… i really dont believe i could afford another !


I had one and never longed for more. She is 41 now. I was in a miserable marriage and had to work full time and still struggled to survive and provide for my daughter. I had no desire to have any more that I couldn’t support. Never regretted it.

Being an only child is awesome until you’re an adult. I made sure mine would have a sibling because it’s fucking awful without.

I thought when I had my oldest daughter (now 13)I was done. I ended up being a single mom and I knew I didn’t want any more kids. I asked my Dr to give me a hysterectomy and he refused to do it. He insisted my circumstance would change and I would regret it. My aunt always told me to have another one eventually as well so if something happened to me they would have a sibling. Fast forward 7 years, my circumstances were somewhat better but also worse. I ended up finding out I was pregnant with my second daughter… Fast forward to today, I have a 13 year old a soon to be 5 year old a 20 month old and I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with twins. For years i thought I just wanted one, but it turns out my circumstances did change, and I have been beyond blessed to have my babies. We also don’t qualify for assistance but we love comfortably and we make it work. If you’re unsure what you want, just wait it out but don’t make any life altering changes like a hysterectomy until you know your :100: done.