Did you regret having your tubes tied?

I have a fan question! It doesn’t have to be posted anonymously. I am 25 and currently pregnant with my second son. Me and my bf tried for a year to have a baby and it didn’t happen. We broke up for a year and got back together and within the first month I was pregnant so, it was kinda a surprise but something we wanted before. He has three daughters and I had one son. So, including this new baby we will have 5 all together. Neither one of us wants anymore children after this and I have been considering getting my tubes tied. I just wanted to hear from some other ladies who have gotten their tubes tied. Personally I hate birth control. It makes me crazy and I have tried every form except the IUD that goes inside you and I refuse to get it. I forget the pills, the shot made me bleed for months at a time and the arm implant worked it just made me insane. I know most people would say not too because I’m still young, but I do not want to have babies in my thirties. Has anyone had their tubes tied around my age? Did you regret it? My main concern is if it will have any changes to my body. Thanks in advance


Following. I’m 26. I have 2 boys(4, 1 1/2) but I want my tubes tied. I don’t want anymore kids but I’ve tried every birth control there is and I don’t like it.

I had my done a year ago when I was 32 and 6 kids later. Three which are 3,2, and 1 and for the most part I’m glad I did but honestly the thought of never having anymore kids really gets to me some days but I did what was best for my family.

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I had my tubes tied when I was 20 and I do not regret it at all! Pregnancy was hell for me and I knew 2 was all I could handle. My dr made sure to give me all kinds of scenarios, like god forbid one passed or if I remarried and wanted more, cuz I was so young but I was dead set on it. Just think long and hard and follow your heart. Good luck!

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I had mine tied after my 3rd baby and no regrets!!

I have 3 kiddos and I have my moments of regret. Which quickly disappear lol. I think it’s normal to feel that way. I know I’m definitely done. But you can’t help it when you see an adorable newborn lol

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Dont do it cramps for the rest of your life

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I had mine done at 24. I regret it tremendously. I am now 38 and have 4 teenagers. My reason for regret is a year after having it done I separated from my children’s father and married my now husband 2 years later. My husband came into our marriage with no children and although he considers my kids as his own( he’s been in their lives since my youngest was 2yo) I will never be able to provide him with a child that we would share together. Currently we are looking into adoption. But yes I do regret it

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I’m 29 years old and don’t want anymore children so I don’t regret the decision behind getting the procedure done. I do however regret not doing more research into what might happen to my body after. Do a little research into post tubal ligation syndrome. Not every person that has this procedure ends up with this but it’s rarely talked about before it is done. Just make sure that you are prepared for the possibility.

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No regrets at all mom of 3 boys all preemies 2 being a set of twins and between me and my ol man we have 7 children…we did not want anymore nor did I want to go through another NICU stay…My periods are a bit more intense during the first 2 days but I can deal with that easier than the thought of being pregnant again…

I don’t know what the rules are there for you. Here you have to be at least 25 and have either a medical issue or already have kids. Your the later so it should be ok. My mom had one at 22 due to medical issues and I had a friend at 23 with three kids get it done while the c section was taking place. Just be sure. Hugs

I went the easiest way… I popped out the babies, so he got the vasectomy :rofl::clap:t2:


Not at all! When you know your done YOUR DONE. I was 24 when I had mine done after one child of each gender

I got my tubes tied after 4 c-sections, I haven’t regretted it, but if you don’t feel peace with it don’t do it!

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Yes and and i have the worst menstral issues ever


Momma of 6 perfectly amazing kiddos. Had a very traumatic emergency csection with in Jan of 2017, which resulted in complete tubal removal.

Met my husband in 2018, who has a 15 and 17yo, and after much discussion, decided we wanted a child together. Consulted with a fertility clinic, started treatment within next cycle, took a few cycles to become successful, and are delivering our little man via planned csection, in 4 weeks :blue_heart:

Definitely talk it over with yourself and Dr and make sure it’s what you want! I’m debating it myself as I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my third baby and I’m 31 years old.

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Unfortunately you may find out that your OBGYN won’t do it until you’re a certain age, married or single, and other factors like that. I was a 27 year old widow with two children, a degenerative muscular condition and absolutely certain I didn’t want anymore children (because I can take care of the two I have on my own just fine, but a third maybe not) and my doctor said absolutely not tying my tubes until I was 30. Six months before my 30th birthday I end up pregnant. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just keep in mind your doctor may not see things the same way you do.

If you ever feel the need to have kids again, there’s always adoption. I know sometimes it’s expensive but in some states if you adopt through the state/foster system, it could only be a couple thousand. You could skip the baby stage but also give a home to a wonderful child.

Obviously this is not for everyone. I’m just suggesting that this option is available if she regrets the decision. But if she feels like she is done, of course she shouldn’t be pushed into having another child!

I got mine tied at 25, now at 32 I wish I hadn’t. I regret it! Birth control did me the same way, but I still regret having it done. My husband and I would like to have a child of our own and we can’t. After 3 beautiful children of my own and 2 failed marriages, my suggestion would be don’t do it! You never know where life will take you and you may end up wanting to have children later on, even tho you don’t think so now!!

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A vasectomy is less invasive and quicker recovery so that may be the way to go


I have 4 kids, I’m very happy that I chose to get my tubes tied, I’ve had them done for almost 6 years, sometimes I get in a funk where I regret it but then one of my kids starts whining, fighting with one of their siblings, breaks something expensive or talks back, you know the usual & then I snap right out of it!

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My story is unlike others… I warn you

I had 1 son when I was 18. I cared for my little sister and my friends kid which is now my step daughter since I was 15. I got my tubes tied at 25 after several miscarriages trying for another baby. I dont regret it and dont think I ever will. I’m happy with what I have and dont want anymore kids.

Got mine done at 27 and it made my periods real painful and heavy was considering a hysterectomy because of it.

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You’ll definitely know if your done after you have your last! I was, and I thought I was after my third… had my fourth, and just knew I was done.

I got my tubes removed a month after I had my 3rd child at 30 years old cause my insurance made me wait a month before they approved it. It was the best decision that I made since i got pregnant on the depo with my daughter and I got pregnant on the pill with my middle son than i had the copper IUD that just messed me up mentally and physically. And I will be 4 year since I had it done

If your hesitant, I would at least try the IUD

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I didn’t have mine tied but I had them completely removed. I do regret it. I was 28 when I had it done and I was absolutely dead set on not wanting more kids. Mostly because of financial reasons but a couple years later our situation changed and I can almost guarantee we would have another now had I not had my tubes done. My periods are also much heavier now with a lot of cramping that I never had before having them done

I didn’t get mine done after my second child and I regret not doing it. Don’t do it if you think you’re going to regret it.

If you are not 100% sure about it, don’t do it. You will regret it. Try the pill again. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you everyday to take it. If you decide to get them tied and your doctor tries to talk you out of it or says they won’t do it, you can always find a dr who will do it. It’s your body and your decision.

Skyla will change your life! Look into it! I had anArm implant and also tried the pills and both made me feel like I was crazy. Skyla is an IUD but it isn’t horrible to get put in and only takes 2-3 minutes. It will seriously change your life. I am so much happier, my periods are actually light and regular after struggling with an irregular and painful cycle my whole life and I’ve actually been able to keep my weight off that I have lost!

I got my tubes tied when i was 25 after my 3rd. I had 2 boys and my girl last so i knew i didnt want anymore and didnt want to deal with birth control. Best decision ever! No issues after. No regrets.

Have him get a vasectomy. It’s cheaper, he’s in and out the same day, and it’s reversible for way cheaper than a reverse tubal ligation.


I had a tubal ligation at the age of 32 after having our 5th child, and we both agreed that our family was complete.
Almost 4 years later, I do regret having the tubal ligation. For me it’s the feeling that I don’t have the option any longer without a reversal, that can be pretty pricey, and there is no guarantee that the reversal would be successful.


Have never regretted it was 33 tho and had 3 girls

I’m 23 and due in the next week. I’m getting my tubes removed. I am 100% positive I don’t want anymore. Pregnancy is not my cup of tea. I love my two kids, but I am done.

I was 24. 2 girls with ex and a son with hubby. Neither of us wanted more, but i decided due to pregnancy issues. I don’t regret it. I’m almost 38 now. No health issues.
Mine are 19, 17, 14.

You can always adopt or foster, later. He should also think about getting snipped, too.

I was 26 with two girls! I was absolutely done! No regrets!

I’ve had the IUD for 7 years now (changed 1x). My periods are pretty much non existent. I will cramp a little for 1 day and then wipe blood for a day after that but I never use a tampon or pad since it doesn’t actual leak. I know you said you don’t want the IUD. If you are unsure though it might be something to look into more.

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I have three little ones and just had my tubes tied last month along with an ablation and I dont regret it I have my kiddos granted I’m a few years older then you but I haven’t had a period at all and sex life is Definitely better after getting fixed dont have so much worry on your mind in the end its your call

Yes I had mine done when I was 23. I was in an abuseive relationship with my kids father and said I’m done no kid deserves this. And got it done. Now I regret it. I’m 36 and I wish I could have one more. My husband wants one but unfortunately my tubes r tied I regret it daily

You are pretty young. You do not know what your future will be like. I would not get your tubes tied yet. If he is done, I would suggest that maybe he considers getting a vasectomy. That is a lot easier to reverse than getting your tubes tied and a much easier recovery. Birth control gave me migraines 4/7 days of the week. I tried the IUD and it was horrible. I had shooting pains down my leg and constant cramps. I hated it, so I understand not wanting to use that option anymore.

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I have had the Paraguard twice. It’s non hormonal. I love it. I had my first one after my second son ( I was 25) had it removed 10 years later, had two girls and have had another put in. I don’t have any side effects at all. Good luck!

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I am getting my tubes tied after I have this baby girl…i don’t want anymore kids

I had mine tied when I was 25 after we had our 2nd girl. We knew we’d adopt a son and we did. Still don’t regret getting them tied. Hated birth control so much.

I just had my 4th and last baby a year ago. I’m 26 years old have had 4 baby girls. I regret getting my tubes tied.

Done at 29, had four children, no problems, no regrets…have grandchildren to spoil now…

Best thing I ever done

I’m 22 and just had mines removed during my second c section back in March. I know I could not handle another pregnancy and even if I could, my first is a handful and I could not imagine myself with more than 2. I love babies so I know I’ll get baby fever every once in a while but honestly I’m thankful for my two boys.

I had my third and tubes tied last August right before turning 27
No body/hormone changes so far

Have two kids, a girl and a boy, got my tubes tied right after I had my son. I have never regreted it at all. I got them tied when I was around 23-24 and am 27 now. Just enjoying raising the two I have. Kids are expensive and I can be a young mom and focus my attention on the two I have. And in the unlikely event me and my husband ever did separate, and I remarried. I still wouldn’t want any more kids. If you know what you want in life, go for it.

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Yes I had mine tied 5 years ago I have 4 boys I wish I wouldn’t have got mine tied

I had mine done after my 3rd. My Dr. did the titanium clamps. The only problem I’ve had psychically since is that period cramps have been much worse. There have been times since I got it done that I have truly regretted the decision (I had a miscarriage right after her and have felt since like there is supposed to be 1 more) but most of the time I’m glad I had it done. I just don’t think that my body and my mental state lol could handle any more (I had a ROUGH pregnancy with youngest, almost lost her twice) My husband also wants to get a vasectomy done… This is a decision that you and your SO should make together if you truly don’t want anymore kids. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. I had people trying to tell me not to have it done to just go back on birth control my youngest and the miscarriage after were conceived on birth control so… that was a no for me… Lol

Got em removed less periods and less pain lol. So worth it. Had barely any period before this just nipped em in the butt went from three days to 1 maybe 2

I’m 27 and had my tubes tied immediately after having my second child (I was 26 at the time). They even used the epidural from my labor for the tubal. I was awake during the procedure, but all I felt was some tugging around my belly button, nothing painful. I have not noticed any change in my body except the scar on my belly button. I don’t regret it at all, but I’m a type-1 diabetic and almost died during both my pregnancies. Decided I wanted to be alive and well to RAISE my babies. :heart: good luck with your decision!

Occasionally regret it and then I have people that I know that are new parents and are physically exhausted at work all the time and then when I go home I have 4 that constantly argue and fight. So no regrets. Occasional baby fever but no regrets and I’m 26 and had my tubes tied when I was almost 24

I have two children with my now ex husband. About 8 years ago I had my tubes tied. I felt it was my only option as my pregnancy experiences with him were awful. I never wanted to take the chance of being pregnant by him again. Fast forward 6 years “2 years ago” I left him. A whole after my teenage love and I re found each other and fell in love. Ive sat up at night crying and wishing I could have another baby. Think really really hard on your choices. Though there are options to get it reversed, it’s pretty expensive and pregnancy after takes time and isn’t guaranteed. Edited to say, we were together sense I was 19, I’m 32 now.

Got mine done after my 2nd. I was 31. I knew i didn’t want any more kids and I have no regrets! Had some issues with heavy and painful periods after but even with that I am happy I did it. I didn’t want to accidently miss a pill and get pregnant. I know myself and that would have happened. If you are 100% sure you dont want any more I say go for it.

For the longest time I’ve wanted a baby girl, I finally had her at 28 after my 2 son’s, I got what I wanted and I knew I was done, got mine tied, never thought about it after.

I had mine done at 21 regretting it comes and goes I only had one pregnancy… the procedure I had was they put a rubber band around a segment of my fallopian tubes

You are so young I doubt your obgyn will do it. The mirena IUD works great!

I am 25 and had my tubes tied in February after my third child.
My hormones have been crazy and im super emotional all the time plus when its my time of the month i bleed like im dying. More than i ever had before and it last longer. Plus the cramps are unreal. I dont want anymore kids but i do regret it cause now im in pain for about 9 days a month. And this is coming from someone who had a natural birth.

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I guess things have changed when I had my second and wanted my tubes tied at 27 was told they wouldn’t do it till I was 34. I just had another at 37 years old and my new ob said he wouldn’t do it either would rather me go on birth control

I had mine done at 28. I have 2 kiddos, 14 months apart and I am not a bubbly, glowing pregnant lady. Lol. I regret nothing. I do wish they had told me about changes to my lady time afterwards though.

I want my tubes tied. At child number 2 and my back cannot handle anymore. I too want off the birth control I hate taking em. 5 kids is a lot these days and think future wise too. I’d say miracle to have any :slight_smile: but that’s my opinion. I would not regret tubes tied unless something goes wrong lol. My doctor is pushing my partner to do it and not me but he wont. He has 2 kids also, so idk it’s enough for us!

I had mine done at 25 and absolutely regret it! My life has changed since then and now I’m looking into ivf. I hate that I had that surgery :disappointed:

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I have 3 boys and 2 bonus daughters. I love them all dearly!! I got a lot of grief from people, including my doctor for having my tubes tied after my 3rd birth. I was actually 30 at the time. Everyone was like “wait till you’re 35! What if you change your mind? What if you get pregnant and have a girl?” My answer was always that I felt I was DONE. Yes, I birthed 3 boys and no girls. But my girls are also my children! They are my world too! So I already had girls!! We had 5 between the 2 of us! Well here I am, going to be 38 this year and my mind has never changed!! I’m glad I made that decision bc I truly feel like my family is complete…just as it was years ago! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It caused quite a rift between me and my husband so sometimes I regret getting it done bc he wanted a boy so bad but I didn’t want anymore kids past 30 either so I go back and forth bc sometimes I want just one more baby… it’s a hard decision for sure

I had mine done 6 years ago. No regrets and no negative side effects

Just had mine tied…36 and just had my second. I’d love more, but my ex was a pos who left me at 20 weeks with our first and 10 weeks with our second. I was so emotional when it came to being told I was gonna have a ceaser, I just told them to do it. By the time I considered dating, I’d be in my 40’s. If I got pregnant, I didn’t want to go through potentially being left again to do it all on my own. I feel huge amounts of regret already and she’s only 3 weeks old.

I had mine done at 26 and a hysterectomy at 28. I have a lot of health issues so my pregnancies were awful. Even before that, my periods were the WORST but with my health issues I couldn’t be on birth control to stop them. After my first baby I wasn’t sure about another one, but did and I’m so happy. I had my Cora and knew I couldn’t do it again.
I got them burned during my csection and actually ended up getting a hysterectomy two years after that.

You couldn’t pay me to undo it! No more awful periods, no more awful pregnancies, I have my beautiful kids.

I had mine tied at 23 after my second child. I still don’t regret it. It does change your body though & your cycle. I bleed a lot more & the cramps are more intense but besides that I don’t have any other problems.

I got mine tied at 21. I had my daughter, who is my only child, when I was 20. I knew I only wanted ONE and I knew tying my tubes was what I wanted. (I got them burnt cut and tied) I was really young, and only had one child so it took a lot of convincing. But my dr agreed. I think if u are DONE then do just that. I too dont like the birth controls. They made me bleed or insane just as they did u. I also never fully trusted them lol. But I had the surgery. I’m 27 now. Still just the 1 child Obviously and I dont regret it. When u know, u know.

I have 3 boys and a girl and I got my tubes tied 3 years ago during my last c-section. No regrets and no side effects.

I regret it right after the procedure was done. I thought I was done having kids after having 6 but I guess I wasn’t.

Hoping to have my tubes tied if this baby turns into a c-section (that’s how it’s looking I was breech at 32 weeks and will find out Thursday if she still is at 37). Im 24 I’ve been pregnant 5 times since I turned 18, had 3 babies (2 losses) and have temporary custody of my hubby’s 8 year old brothers IM DONE :joy: Its been so hard on my body and I just want to enjoy my kids without the possibility of more because I’m a sucker when I get the urge for another baby. I also hate birth control and the IUD sucked

I was 25 when I had my tubes tied. I’m 29 now. I don’t regret it.

I had mine done after my 3rd. Terrible!!! Heavy, awful periods where I bleed through super plus and had to change in the night. Cramped where I didnt before. Libido decline as well. I I had to do over, I wouldnt do it.

If you’re both done having kids, he should be getting a vasectomy. It’s far less invasive and has far less side effects than a tubal ligation.

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I had mine removed this past December when I turned 29. I dont wnt to have anymore kids and I dont want to be on birth control either. 🤷 #problemsolved

Maybe have him get fixed instead. It less invasive and hurts less. They also get it done right in the Dr’s office. We have 4 kids and that was our limit so My husband got fixed May of last year and hasn’t had any issues

Had mine around 28 we have 4 kids and I’m beyond thankful i did it!

I got mine tied at 27 and regret it so much! :sob: my new man is absolutely amazing to me the first relationship I’ve ever been in that’s not been abusive af or toxic he has no kids of his own and we would love nothing more than to have a baby and I can’t have any! :sob:

I have 2 kids a boy and a girl. And I feel like if I get my tubes tied I would regret it so I just got an IUD and I haven’t had a problem

I had a tuba ligation at 23 and never regretted it I had three babies and that was enough for me.

I am 35 and recently got my cords tied, I had a terrible pregnancy and was adament I was done, went thru hell with my last pregnancy even tho I love baby’s I had enough and I didn’t want to go through what I went thru with my last, in saying that I thought about it heaps and I think 12 is enough.

Have you considered the copper iud or are you against all iuds in general? Mirena and the implant both made me crazy. The copper iud doesn’t have hormones and I love it.

I was 26 when I had mine done and don’t regret it. I’m currently 30.

I am 25 I have a 3 year old it took me 3 years to get pregnant with her and I have a 1 year old it took me 2 years to get pregnant with him I am scheduled to get my tubes tied really soon and I do not regret my decision at all! :blush: As I will be able to continue to follow the dreams that I have ( I can not be pregnant for ) :blush:
So that being said ! It really depends on your situation and how you feel about doing it ! My husband always tells me that if the decision is stressing you out to much then it is the wrong decision :slight_smile:

I got mine done after having my second (almost 3 years ago at 23), at first I regretted it bc I would love to eventually have a third but both of my pregnancies were high risk so we talked about adoption/fostering. I no longer regret it. I know every person is different but my periods became irregular and extremely heavy for several months after having it done, they did become a normal cycle but still extremely heavy. IUD will work wonders with the flow! My new Dr (recently moved) informed me majority will have heavier flows and the IUD works better to control it than any other form of birth control, pills didn’t help so I got an iud :heart:

I was blessed with 4 beautiful and healthy babies and one hundred percent dont want any more. I was 32 when I got mine tied. Don’t regret it at all. About to go on birth control just to make sure I don’t have any more kids!! A 5th would be a lot especially these days!!

I just had my 3rd kid. I refused for many years to get the IUD but I knew for a fact that I was not tying my tubes. Me and my doctors had several conversations about the IUD and we agreed the Mirana would be a good choice to at least try. I don’t plan on having anymore kids but I think it’s worth a shot to at least try the IUD, you can always get it removed. I’ve only had mine for a couple days but so far so good, no pain or discomfort, I don’t feel it at all and best part I don’t have to worry about remembering a pill plus I got pregnant on the pill before so definitely didn’t want the pill.

I got mine done and the doctor messed up on me completely, but i completely regret it so much for so many reasons.

I was 24 when I had mine tied after my third daughter. 37 now and I do not regret it at all.

My husband got fixed so I dont have to worry about birth control at all :rofl:

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I only regretted my decision to get mine done after cause of the complications it caused. I ended up with a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago.

I didnt want to have any babies in my 30s. I was so against it. I had my first two back to back at age 20 & 22 and surprise! 11 years later Im now 33 and 6 months pregnant with my 3rd. If you know you don’t want anymore, talk to a doc. You may have a hard time because of your age but every doctor and every state is different.

Had mine done after my 3rd c sections. Would never recommend it plus it changed my menstrual cycle and messed with my hormones bad

YES. I’m literally bleeding out right freaking now and they’re all “great we can see you July 2nd for an IUD” wonderful! If I had known I’d need birth control after I had my tubes removed so I could stay alive, I would not have had my tubes removed. Pretty simple stuff :grimacing: LIVID. Trying to find other opinions for other treatment options now. Hormones are a no go for me, I cannot tolerate them. It will end my marriage. Not doing it.

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