Did you meet the love of your life at the wrong time?

Has anyone met the love of their life but just at the wrong time. And if so, what was the outcome? Did you end up with them in the end? Or did you end up with someone else?


Yes, divorce, no and no!

I didnt know he was the love of my life when we first met. 5 years later we got together. Been together 6 yrs now, married for 3. Have 2 boys together and my daughter from a previous relationship. Life couldn’t be better. I was in a relationship when we first met. But had we got together back then, it would have never worked out. We both still had a lot of growing to do at that point.

We met at 18. Dated 3 months. I dumped him for a “bad boy”, didn’t see or speak to him for 15yrs. Reconnected. Had twins together 2yrs later.


I met my husband while I was with my ex. We both knew we were meant to be. 2 years later I broke up with my ex for other reasons and told him how I felt. Now almost 3 years later we’re married have a son and are expecting a new one in august.

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I met my boyfriend when I was 13, had a crush on him since. Never dated. I married one of the guys he hung out with. We ended up dating a few years after I got divorced and now, I’m 30, and we’re crazy happy and have a beautiful baby girl.

Crystal Miranda not my story to tell but made me think of you if you wanna share.

I met mine when we were 12 or 13 years old and I was raising my little sister and taking care of my grandmother that had a stroke, and he decided I was too mature for him. Both of us married other people and had 3 children each and eventually divorced. 12 years ago on a whim I asked him if he wanted to come over, and to my surprise he said yes and we’ve been together ever since. We now have 2, 21 year old boys, 2, 19 year old girls, a 17 yr old boy and a 16 yr old girl. All raised as siblings for the 12 years.


My husband and I have known each other since the 4th grade. We’ve had feelings for each other pretty much our entire lives. We ended up dating when we got out of high school but it didn’t end well at all. 2 years later we started talking again, and now we’re married with a beautiful daughter and another baby girl due next month. We couldn’t be happier. We both knew we were meant to be together, it was just one of those right person, wrong time situations.

Yes, broke up, reunited after college, married a decade now with a daughter.

Yepppp. We met in grade school, remained friends for over 25 years while we had other relationships/marriages, and got married in September last year. We have a baby due in July and feel like we’re finally at home with each other. Super gross :rofl::heart_eyes: love him so much!

I met the love of my life a year before we actually got together… I saw him at our mutual friends house and thought he was the MOST handsome man I had ever seen. I moved away and come back a year later and we seen each other again at a different friends house and we have been together ever since. I can tell hes my true love because i can’t stand to be away from him. (I’ve been married before and never even felt that way about my ex husband)

I met my husband when we were 15, dated for 7 years, married at 22, divorced at 24, (turns out we both had some growing up to do,) we got back together at 27 and been together ever since-we are now 35, and I have to say, we are more in love than we’ve ever been.


Yep he was my first husbands best friend. About to celebrate 20 years of marriage and my ex hubby is now one of our best friends and the 3 of us raised an amazing young man together. CRAZY!


Yes I met my now hubby to be when I did his firearms license photo. I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest. We met again when my youngest was 2.5 years old and have been together ever since.

Yes and divorce… God has a plan and if you make your own then it will always be disastrous we have to go through a storm to get our rainbow let God work in it and pray on it

We met at 17 and dated at 18. Both went our seperate ways but always remained friends. I had a 13+ year relationship that created two girls. He had his relationships. We are now together with a baby girl of our own. Totally in love with our family. :heart:. Took us a long time but I’m so grateful we are finally together.

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2 kids several breakups heart break. Knowing after all the betrayal we can never be together again

I met my husband in the 10th grade. My home was always used as the party house for my brother and his friends. My mom tried hard to raise us on her own. I spent a lot of time alone in my room. My husband has a mom and dad who hovered over his every move and he got to do after school sports etc. I was very poor and his family had money. I never thought I was good enough for him so we just stayed best friends. I joined the military and he went into modeling. I got married and had 3 kids while he pursed his career. 1 year after my divorce I saw a post of his on Facebook on my newsfeed. We hit it off instantly and now we are married. Still married to this day.

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Met when I was 19. We were f*ck buddies for a good 3 years on and off ended up seeing eachother at the bar on new years eve he was my new years kiss… we ended up dating a couple months later. Now we’re married and have a kid and one on the way… I did tell my mother when we first met he was going to be the man I married.

I met him at the wrong time. We were friends for 7 years and then finally got together. We always went back to each other and we were always there for each other. I knew I wanted him and he knew he wanted me. The timing was just off. We’ve been together about 3.5 years now and have a daughter together

Yes! We just reunited and are now expecting :heart_eyes: move into our apartment April 1st, and I’ve never been more happy and grateful ! It’s been 5 years since we’ve been together and just finally reconnected and clicked better than ever

Meet the love of my life when I was 15 he was dating my best friend at the time and I was dating an abusive asshole for three years before I met him. Him and the girl broke up and i left my ex, he messaged me one day and I didnt think he was serious till he sent me a relationship request on facebook we dated for a month then he broke up with me, then asked me back out on april fools day we stayed together for awhile after that. Were on and off for about 4 years and then went and lived our own lives for a year having a whole new experience and growth then we got back together and that year we got pregnant with our son and weve been together 3 years strong and engaged to be married <3 not all relationships are perfect some are on winding river courses

Yes :raised_hands: . In 2011 got into a car accident in the freeway. Got sick of that accident mentally . I wasn’t doing so good was really sick for three months I literally was going crazy no one could help me not even medication I didn’t know at that time I suffered from PTSD along with really bad anxiety attacks … mom told me go out there and because she thought I was going to go crazy if I did nothing home in the dark … well I did what she said I felt sick still along that I met my kids father … from there it wen on and help me with everything it took my mind of the sickness I felt and been together for 10 years now . But I still feel sick sometimes

I met the love of my life in highschool. We were totally incompatible.

About 10 yrs later we started dating. Got married. Had a kid. Now 7yrs married and more in love today than I ever was before :heartbeat:

Trust the process

Possibly but I’ll probably never know as we’ve met and spoken (nothings ever happened but that) but I was married when he wasn’t and once I was divorced, he found someone and got married. Now when I was married I was young and off in the military, came back home after many year - almost 20.

We met when I was 5 years old. I always had a crush on him (he was my best friends brother). I lost my virginity to him when I was a teenager and we hooked up on and off for a few years. We both went our seperate ways. I married someone else and had 2 kids, he was also in a long term relationship. I divorced my husband and he and his girlfriend broke up around the same time and we reconnected. It was extremely rocky at first but here we are almost 4 years later, a few weeks out from having our 2nd child together. He’s been a better dad to my older 2 than their own father and his 2 boys were just placed full time with us. I ALWAYS knew he was my person :two_hearts:


Yes. My now husband and I were friends with benefits 15 years ago. His band was about to make a record deal, we were young and he was not ready for a girlfriend. I moved across the country and dated someone else for about 4 years, and when I moved back home we began dating. We’ve now been together 10 years, married for 5, and I’ve been in love before but definitely not like this. I truly believe he is my soulmate.

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Met mine 6 years ago the summer before high school we were toxic for each other all through high school now we are currently living together getting our lives together with a beautiful one year old baby girl and a baby on the way things are going smoothly now.

The right person at the wrong time is the wrong person.


dated mine when I was in grade 9 him 10. dated for 6 ish months.
8/9 years later. we got back together. and have been together for 3 so far.

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We both ended up in different states with different people, in mostly loveless but stable long term marriages.

We reconnected once online, but his wife was very threatened by us talking 1000 miles away from eachother (funny because he chose her “due to kids” all those years ago… Guess since kids are gone he’s not so happy)…

Anyway, life is what it is. I always wonder what if, but my children are happy, healthy awesome adults, my home is great & my husband has been a very good provider so I don’t cry over spilled milk anymore…


Yes. In first grade.

Yep! I ended up marrying him and I’m so happy I did! I was just coming out of a divorce and I had a 2 year old. I did not want to date but I couldn’t say no to him! LOL :joy: It took me a while because I was afraid to commit but I thank god I put those feelings aside and went with my heart. He is truly my soulmate.


I just want to say thank you for posting this question. These stories have got my face hurting from smiling so much. Y’all are absolutely wonderful.


If it’s meant to be, it will be, when the time is right.


I sure did, back in 2010 we finally got together in 2018 celebrating 3 yrs today together.

Well I guess I never met the love of my life! I thought I did but nope! :frowning:

Maybe he isn’t born yet? :joy: jk


Yes, 13 yrs ago, we had a tumultuous on and off, mostly toxic relationship until about 7 years ago when we realized we needed to get our act together if we really wanted to be together. We were really young and immature and wound up having a baby in the mess. With hard work and 100% dedication, we worked through the past trauma, got married, and had more children. I would have never imagined we would be in this beautifully healthy space. I thank God every day for literally being each other’s best friend. Our oldest child teases us with how silly and in love we are, and that they hope to have a relationship like ours in the future. I hope all of our children have the love we have for each other now, but don’t experience the hard parts. I am so glad we can show our children this healthy marriage, where conflicts are effectively resolved and love always wins.


Yes , was in each other’s life till he passed for a 4×4 wreak . Never married to each other. Meet is high school . And pathes just kept crossing . Helped his wife when he passed.

I met the love of my life at 8 years old my parents ended up moving us out of the town that we both lived in we ended up reconnecting 10 years later and we’ve been together for over 5 years now I couldn’t imagine my life without him


I met my current boyfriend 23 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. He was dating a friend of mine and I never knew he had a thing for me the whole time. Last summer he messaged me on a dating website and originally I said no because of his past relationship with my friend but he told me that he wasn’t going to stop asking because he said I was worth the wait. We have now been together for 5 months and I know I found my forever love.

Yes. We’ve been married for 5 1/2 years and he’s holding our beautiful son right now.

Yes! Met my now husband when I was 18. We were friends for years and rarely saw each other. We really only saw each other when I visited my brother as they were neighbours. When I was 24 I got pregnant with a guy I was dating and he told me to fuck off he wanted nothing to do with me or my baby.
My now husbands and I became closer and we have been together ever since.
We have three kids and I’m married to my best friend!
He adopted my daughter and is the most amazing dad ever.


He just told me he was getting married last week at a lunch with some friends. I left and cried the whole way home.


I fully believe I met the love of my life at 15. We ended up dating about a year later for 8 months and I was the happiest I’ve ever been with someone else. He was the kindest, most genuine and honest person I’ve ever met. I was young and dumb and made some wrong decisions and we split up. After high school he joined the military and moved to Arizona. We chatted shortly after that and he wanted me to fly to Arizona to see him and then he just vanished. We haven’t talked sense and I think about him often. He got married and has sense divorced but I don’t have the courage to reach out to him.

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I met mine about 6 years ago we were both in other relationships. We met at work it was an instant attraction on both our parts but we didnt act outta respect to our partners…we lost touch for a few years then reconnected through messenger and the rest as they say is history we will celebrating 3 of the best years of my life and we just had our first child together :heart:


We met while engaged/dating others. His died in an accident and I divorced mine due to abusive relationship. We reconnected about 2.5 years later and now have 3 beautiful kids :revolving_hearts:

If you are meant to be than time will tell. No relationship is gaurenteed to work out or last. Unless both efforts are there. You can’t predict the future, you can only live in the presence and you only have one life, so live it. Go for it.

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Such a beautiful love story…love you two and my precious grandchildren😍

Met my soon to be husband about 10 or 11 years ago. He was in a relationship with my best friend.

Anyways few years past, they broke up & I was trying to help him through a hard time. After a few weeks sparks really began to fly in between us. He drove 13 hours to see me & we have been together ever since with 3 handsome boys & to be married in 5 months :slight_smile:

6 1/2 years :green_heart::yellow_heart:
& my best friend and I did go through a year long of not talking, but we eventually rekindled our friendship :green_heart::heart:

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I kinda did but I have no regrets i was on a weight lost journey and went back to high at 32 years old and then I got knock up after i lost 52 pounds needless to say I weigh more now then I did before my weight lost journey but good news almost done with my high schools diploma but two kids more and a wonderful husband husband I am happy with life

Yeah, I met my fiancé back in high school, we were both on different points of life and the timing was wrong for us. 5 years later we spoke again and have been together since happy, in love, have one son together and engaged. Timing is everything, those who are meant to be will always find their way back to you!

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We met in 5th grade. New of each other but never really friends. Went thru grade school and high school together. Both went about our lives and married and had children. Went through divorces and death of my spouse and both had long term relationships after his divorce and my husband’s death. Re-met through Facebook 29 years after high school and have been together for over 4 years. It is wonderful and we couldn’t be happier. Timing is everything :heart:

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Lost four true loves to distance. Broke my heart four times in a row from college to young adulthood. Kept in touch with some, all moved on and married others.

Married someone I wasn’t really compatible with who was in the same area as me and wasn’t being moved in the near future. He left the Navy to marry me. But we gave it a go for 20 years, I have two amazing, now grown kids, he and I get along OK.

Figure I was meant to learn things from the life experiences I had, we all were meant to live life to get to where we are meant to be. Haven’t had the best luck in love with men throughout my life, but I’ve been blessed in many other ways. I live my life grateful for what I do have.


Met the love of my life on a dating app and I married him. But I have experienced the “wrong time right person” thing before. He was older than me by a few years and it just didn’t work out

I met my now husband while we were both way too young to think about love… on a Sailor moon chatroom in 1999-2000. He was an admin and I was just one of the chatters… and we barely talked.
Fast forward to 2008 and he had all of the chatroom people’s AOL messenger names on his list and hit me up randomly so we started talking then… and 5 years later after being on and off again long distance… I moved from Oklahoma to Alaska having never met him irl lol. We got pregnant with our daughter a couple of months later… and got married in 2016. I’ve loved him my whole life and it just didn’t meet up until it did.


Meet my wife at my first wedding. First marriage went to shit around the same time my current wife’s relationship did. Both our exes were friends and that’s how we meet. Bout a year after our failed relationships we started talking and 9 years later were still together.

I was with someone at the time and we were close to breaking up and not getting along, when I feel like I met my soul mate. We met in a crowded space at a hookah lounge, and he took my breathe away and I just had to meet him. Nobody else in the room mattered to me and I couldn’t help but feel drawn into him. It was the weirdest feeling. Not the feeling of wow he’s attractive, it was like a feeling that I HAD to get to know him, and that I knew I was gonna know him in the future. I got to know him, and we talked all night. I just wanted his name. We didn’t see each other again for almost 2-3 years and we would talk on and off through the time. But it wasn’t the right time to meet because we both had alot going on. But eventually we did connect and talk and it was exactly what I thought it was, he was amazing and fit right in with my life. We now live together and I personally think we are really good with each other and we go very well together.

Yes saw mine actually we meet through my ex-husband
Been together 31 years
And will be married 10 years this Dec

Yep and currently with him got back together in September

Me and my husband talked back in middle school/high school days, snapchatted, flirted, talked all the time, but never dated. We went our own ways, he was in a pretty serious relationship for a few years, i had 2 kids & was actually with one of his best friends before we got together… Wasnt intentional, lmao but he was in rehab, and we got connected and when he finished and came back home, we just kicked it right off. We’ve been together 4 years now, married last August, and have a 15 month old together as well. I never thought id end up married, eapecially to him :joy: but its best we went our ways when we did, because if we would have actually dated, idk where things would have went because right after we stopped talking, was when he first started trying drugs, unfortunately. But this year, he’s got 5 years of sobriety!! And my life is has been the best it has been since we’ve been together.