Did I Overreact About My Husband Putting a Pregnancy Test on the Kitchen Counter?

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"Do I have a right to be upset? My husband and I went to the store and I realized my period was 5 days late…so I grabbed a test. We are NOT TTC or anything so it kinda made me nervous as our youngest is 10…well we get home, and we bring all the bags inside and I do not take the test out because my 10-year-old daughter is in the kitchen and I didn't want anyone to know unless there was something to know…my husband went behind my back and thought it was funny to throw the test on the counter in front of my daughter so she could see it…and she got upset like “WHY DO YOU NEED THIS MOM?!”…I WAS PISSED. I was already unsure how I was feeling about having to take the test and possibly being pregnant and by him throwing it on the counter, I felt like I really couldn’t process anything…thankfully I took the test and it was negative but my husband doesn’t see an issue with his actions or see why I am upset…but my whole point was, what it was positive? I wouldn’t have time to process anything because my daughter knew and was upset about why I needed it…I just felt like she shouldn't even have known unless there was something to know and I am kinda hurt by my husband's actions…he told me he was sorry and he was just joking around with me but I truly feel like he doesn't understand why I blew up…was I over reacting?"

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"I don’t like saying people are overreacting because your feelings are always valid but I think in this case he genuinely meant no harm in it"

"Your daughter was upset more than likely because we as children like to believe our parents don’t be baby-making haha I think you should tell him it wasn’t funny to you but let it go."

"He probably wasn’t thinking about hiding it"

"I mean, I would have been a little pissed and told him to move it and stop being a d!ck…but I wouldn’t have went as far as being actually really angry and falling out with him"

"Ehh i mean yeah you are. Its a simple answer to give your daughter especially since she is 10. My daughter is 5 an we have been trying since she was 3. She knows what pregnancy test are and what they are for. A simple explanation to her letting her know that mommy just missed her period so she needs to make sure there is no baby in the oven."

"I think you’re overreacting. Men don’t see things the same way as we do. I think he was just poking at you in fun."

"I think you’re overreacting he didn’t mean any harm by it and he apologized. Yes pregnancy test can be stressful but I think he did it to lighten the mood"

"Definitely overreacting. Most men try to defuse the tension with comedy I think that’s what he was trying to do."

"Did you tell him beforehand you didn’t want to bring it out in front of your daughter or did you just hide it in a bag and hope he read your mind?"

"Sounds like a perfect teaching opportunity to your kid! For numerous things"

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