Did I do the right thing?

11 years ago I hooked up with someone, got pregnant and after my son was born found out he was married with a family. I chose to raise my child on my own after he sent a friend in to do his DNA test and now I understand why he did it.

So fast forward 11 years after reaching out to him and his family and being ignored. I reached out to his wife as a last resort for my son, I felt I had no other option but to get through to him this way. I turned her world her world upside down today and they have children together and she had no idea the whole time. I feel heartbroken for her and devastated that he kept it from her and I feel sorry for her current that didn’t know about their other sibling. I thought for sure by now he would have told her or his family would have, well they didn’t and she had to hear it from me that her husband had another child. She is very sweet and understanding and had no hard feeling towards me but I can’t help but feel so horrible for her having to find out from me. I think it’s just going to take time

  1. How do you know he sent someone else to take the DNA test, bc I’m pretty sure they ID you.

  2. Why did you wait 11 years to tell his wife?

  3. Has he redone the DNA test and proved he was the father.

I think after 11 years you should have just left it alone. Atleast until you have proof. Why did you not go to court and have the judge order the DNA test