Did anyones kid walk before crawling?

Did anyone kid walk before crawling ? My daughter is 9 months , shows no interest in crawling she will crawl backwards. Lately she’s been pulling to stand . It just seems like she’s going to walk and skip crawling


Yes my oldest son didn’t crawl. Pulled himself up then started walking then went full on run. Some kids don’t crawl, some do.

If she’s crawling backwards, she’s crawling. It mat be the wrong way, it’s still crawling

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Yes my daughter walked at about 8.5 months and had absolutely no idea how to crawl. Doctors told us to teach her because its very important for their motor skills to crawl.

Both my kids started walking at 9 months old and neither crawled first…seems like they had no interest in crawling…

My oldest son skipped crawling and was walking by 9 months.

My oldest did she couldn’t crawl forwards

That’s how I did it, 7 mos old never crawled just stood up and started walking

Mine never crawled. She started walking on first birthday and then running soon after

She will crawl first. Mine did the same. Pull to stand. Uses her pack n play to walk. Then she just started crawling like a mad woman