Did anyone start snoring after they became pregnant?

I’m snoring all of a sudden and it’s driving my husband nuts he’s so nice about it but I feel bad because I wake him up multiple times throughout the night. Any suggestions? I’m 24 weeks.

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He should probably just get over it lol, that baby is gonna be so much louder :heart::joy::sob:
Those nasal strip things aren’t a bad idea either…


Not uncommon at all. Increased blood volume often causes swollen tissues in the nasal cavity which makes it difficult to breathe through the nose especially when lying down. Elevate your head and shoulders, try using Breathe Right strips, humidify your room and lower the air temperature. If all else fails, ask your doctor about nasal spray decongestants that open airways with localized medicine that doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

Omg yes lol, I snored during pregnancy, I would get into such a deep sleep that I would even drool lol. Not so much when not pregnant. Good luck.

Yeah I’m 33 weeks and mine is so bad my husband has been sleeping on the couch lol

Yesss! It was so bad, I would wake myself up :sweat_smile: He would sleep with a pillow over his head or on the couch :rofl: and the drooling. Couldn’t even help it

I did with my youngest, it stopped as soon as I had her

I wake myself up and it makes me so mad! :joy: I snored with my last baby also. It goes away soon after birth.

There’s not much you can do, your organs are moving around and there is added weight on your abdomen that causes it. Also some women have sinus issues related to pregnancy that can cause it.

Do you have sleep apnea? Try nasel strips?

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I started snoring once i got to my 3rd trimester. My hubby absolutely was MISERABLE so we talked to my doctor about it and he suggested to raise the top half of the bed a few inches and to use nasal strips. It didn’t fully stop the snoring but it bearable for awhile. Good luck!

I snored and drooled SO much pregnant!! Never before or after but so bad during