Diaper bag backpacks

Favorite diaper backpack?!

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Im happy someone asked cause im OBSESSED with our bag and I cant tell enough people about it!!!

Its a backpack, the back part folds out into a changing station/bed area

The side pocket is made for wipes with an opening to pull the wipes out without taking the whole package out

The other side has a portable phone charger

The very front has insulated pockets for bottles and it holds SO much stuff in the main compartment.

We got it off amazon (well, it was a gift from our baby shower, but it was on our registry lol). It comes in so many beautiful colors and I cant say enough about it lol.

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I have a camouflage one I got off of Amazon! I absolutely love it!

Comes in different colors also. I wouldn’t ever go back to a regular diaper bag like I had with my daughter……

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Itzy Ritzy Boss Bag- tons of space, great quality, very cute options.