Daycare injury what was your outcome if similar?

Hi lovely warrior family I need your help on this

I had some questions regarding my daughters daycare. Got a call when I was at work saying she had fell on some bark and that there was a piece stuck still inside her arm and the lady had tried to take it out but couldn’t and that I should put her in the warm bath with liquid to extract it out.

I came to pick her up signed the incident report and went to the doctors show them her arm and it was covered in sand.

Doctor freaked out that her wound was covered in sand. Dr tried to take it out but couldn’t then sent to emergency took an ultrasound found a piece stuck in there that was 1.3 cm long. Emergency doctors tried to take it out with happy gas but couldn’t and then she was sent to have surgery with general anaesthetic and 2 stitches.

Daughter (3 y/o) is saying that someone pushed her into the ground.

I informed daycare who pretty much minimised and denied etc but validated my trauma I asked if they were going to remove the bark the lady pretty much said no.

Obviously we are both extremely traumatised by what happened. Has anyone been through anything similar and what was the outcome?