Cyst on babies head

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Cyst on babies head.

Hello, everyone, I found out my son has a cyst on his head and I have to call and make an apt with a surgeon tomorrow which is going to tell me what kind it is and what steps to take, he also has a few swollen lymph nodes behind his ear and on his neck. Has anyone gone through this before? What kind of cyst was it and was everything okay? I’m so terrified of it being something terrible. You can move the cyst under the skin as well. Any feedback would be great.vice or suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you


Don’t borrow from tomorrow’s troubles. Pray and sounds like you are being proactive​:heart::pray:


My son had swollen lymph nodes before… Don’t get online! his was just an infection and went away. But he got several before they were gone.

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I don’t know how old your child is but my daughter who just turned 2 had her well child check up a couple weeks ago and the doctor had said my daughter had slightly inflamed lymph nodes on the back of her neck and said it’s pretty common for it to happen I guess and it’ll go away…and as long as the cyst moves around and doesn’t seem attached to his skull they numb it make a small slice and take the cyst and sac wall out and stitch it up…yes I’ve watched many episodes of dr pimple popper :joy:

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No my kiddo but myself, I get swollen lymph nodes all the time from chronic ear infections. I’ve had cysts too. If it can be moved around that’s a good sign, do not go online and read up on what it could be. Doctors hate a google patient

So I watch Dr Sandra Lee (aka dr pimple popper) and cysts on the head are almost always Pilar Cysts which are no biggie. Idk if that’s what your little one has but try not to freak. :heart:

Swollen lymph nodes are an indication of an infection in the body. Could be as simple as a cold he may have caught. My daughter is six and she gets them in her neck when she’s sick. I was told that’s very common especially in children. Best of luck :heart:

I agree, stay away from the on line sites! They always give the worse case scenario.

Don’t get online and look it up take it day by day and pray. I hope all goes well and am praying for you and your child.

Try not to get too stressed out over the unknown. I know well how hard that is, especially when it is your child. Wait to see what the doctor says, and take it day by day. You will get through it. Prayers to you and you family.

Mama i would suggest before hand to leave google out of your brain. Dont consult at all. Google just messes with a worried mamas brain. Pray for the best and ket the doctors do their thing. If they have concerns abt the lymph nodes they will do a biopsy just to cover all basis. Dw all is good.

I have had cyst all over my body usually fluid or hormones and blood rush into little pockets and get trapped usually not a big deal . They can have puss in them. But probably not in this case. If left they can calcifie . But probly not related to the swelling. I have rhinitis as well so when it comes on everything swells , strep can cause it runny noses , infections etc . Just breath it’s normal to be worried.

And a moving cyst means it’s not a tumour . Cyst are honestly nothing to worry about .

Listen to medical authorities - not Facebook friends. Love and prayers!

O line stuff will scare you to death