Cute boy name ideas?

Just found out I’m pregnant. Praying for a baby girl! I already have a 4 year old boy. I have a girl named picked out but what are som cute boy names??? My last names Henson and it will have my last name so something that will go with that! & maybe throw a few girl names in just in case


Luke. Or Noah, I love Noah.


My boys are Seth Jayben Ruebyn Brock and Nate. Girl names I love are Ember and posy

Pick a strong courageous name for a boy and a good feminine girls name full of grace.

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My son is Parker
My daughter is madison

A few other names I liked are
Boy: James, Lucas, Oliver
Girl:Oaklee/Oaklynn, Elliona, Grace

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Wyatt, Malcolm, Aiden, Knox, Colson, Chase, Ryan, Asher, Sawyer, Mason, Silas…I have a few picked out myself for future reference :sweat_smile:

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My boy is William
And my girls are Madelyn and Miriam

I also like Tatum, Oliver, Oakley, Mikayla

Harley for boy Hannah for girl. Sounds great with Henson

My sons name is Riland. My girls names are mayliah & Hensley.

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Emery is a nice boy name. Emily is a nice girl name.

Robert Henson they can call him Robert, Rob, Robby, Bob or Bobby.

Ashlyn, Braylyn, Kinsley, Aspen, Brycen, Landon, Zade

Harrison would go great with your last name.

Lincoln , Chase , Brock , Leo , James , Riley

Theodore, Felix, Oliver, Milo, Finn, Ethan, Ezra, Asher, Franklin, Henry, Seth, Benjamin, Lucas, Levi, Gordon, Roman, Owen, Archie, Jonah, Malachi, Ezekiel.

Lorelei, Loretta, Gretchen, Sadie, Winnie, Hazel, Amelia, Evelyn, Grace, Millie, Hattie, Louisa, Greta, Elaina, Billie, Callie, Lorraine, Mattie, Elsie, Ella.

I love coming up with baby names. Sorry for the overload!! :heart:

Kyson. Kacy. Cara. For girls : Maralyn. Raelyn. Kimber. Madison.

I have a Blaise and Ridge

D’ante Henson
Xavier Henson
Andrew Henson( call him Drew)
Kris Henson
Molly Henson
Ivy Henson

. Archie
. Ava
. Anna
. Ali
. Bella
. Blake
. Brodie
. Brooklyn
. Cora
. Daniel
. Emmett
. Elijah
. Eli
. Fisher
. Finn
. Gregory
. Grey
. Grant
. Hunter
. Hudson
. Harrison
. Harvey
. Hendrix’s
. Jett
. Joan
. Julian
. Jarvis
. Kyle
. Kegon
. Kennith
. Liam
. Lara
. Lora
. Maddison
. Maddox
. Maddixs
. Nora
. Noel
. Opie
. Onixs
. Phoenix’s
. Quinn
. Rose
. River
. Ryker
. Rider
. Stefan
. Sylvester
. Steph
. Stevie
. Stewart
. Trent
. Tyler
. Tj
. Unser
. Venus
. Wesley
. Whyatt
. Wes
. Xaviour
. Xanthie
. Yasmine
. Zero
. Zeb
. Zane
. Zena