Cows milk alternatives?

What can I give my child other than cows milk? my entire family hates cows milk and i personally do not want to give it to my baby unless i have too


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Soy milk or almond milk

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Almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk.

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Goats milk is yummy. Especially if you can get it fresh.

In couple years here will be another post from same person “ my kid have bone problems, calcium deficiency what can I do?”


goat milk is next in line, healthier. more nutrients. and easier to digest. also known as universal milk.


I had my ggson on goat milk…and at one year put him on almond milk :milk_glass:

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This the only shit you’ll ever need

There are amazing benefits to whole milk and unless theirs an allergy I personally wouldn’t choose something else


Goat, soy, almond, rice, coconut

Mine did almond, oat, coconut and flax milk. I am now trying to get them on lactose free milk and today was the first day. My son is super gassy but that’s it so far and I’m hoping that gets better.

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I gave my kids coconut milk

Soy milk I had to use this with my 2nd daughter she couldn’t have the other…

Goats milk. Hands down.

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My sis in law does Ripple for her daughter. I was skeptical at first. It’s pea milk. But, after researching it and a ton of comparisons it seems great. Her little is thriving and doing amazing.


How old? Milk isn’t entirely necessary after infancy.


Sproud - pea milk(regular,barista & chocolate high in protein)
Almond milk
Coconut milk
Cashew milk

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My 9yo drinks almond milk. There’s also cashew milk, oat milk, coconut milk…lots of milk alternative options. You can also try something like fairlife (that’s what I drink) which has a little different taste.

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Oat,almond,goat,coconut I love almond n goat so does my kids whole milk is okay it just always has a weird smell and I can’t stomach it

Please research the things in your alternative milks. They aren’t good for you. They’re just taking advantage of people assuming they’re “healthier” :roll_eyes:

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If you choose an alt. Milk make sure avocados are in LO diet…they have all the good fats and can help replace from cows milk!!!

Soy milk, almond milk, oat milk

They have added sugars and lower calcium levels and if you research the ingredients in the alternative milks you would find some that aren’t good for adults let alone a kid!

Oat, coconut, cashew, hazelnut, soy, almond, hemp.

They sale “Nut Juice” in every store.

Goat milk has so many nutrients in it, and it’s good

Goats milk is a great alternative.

Everyone in our home loves almond milk the most! If you get a mesh nutmilk bag you can make your own milks really easily & experiment. Its super cost effective! (as well as less waste) :white_heart: Especially oatmilk! they charge so much at the store & the recipe is soooo simple :sweat_smile:


Almond milk, coconut almond milk, soy milk, oat milk,


Breast milk, goats milk, soy, or almond.

Goats milk is one of the best alternatives to mothers milk out there. Idk why they don’t make goat milk based formula a bigger thing for babies. And of course if your child is older than the breast milk/formula age, goats milk is still excellent.


Lactaid is also good. I actually like it more than cows milk.

Once a child is done with breast milk and/or infant formula they DON’T need milk


Macadamia nut is one of my favorites too!

Animal milk is not made for humans. #foodforthought :milk_glass:


Goats milk, soy milk, coconut almond milk oat milk

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Breast. Almond. Coconut. Oat.
Animal milk is meant for baby animals. Human milk is meant for human babies.
There are loads of alternatives if you don’t want to give animal products (which is understandable)

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Goats milk. Its actually the best milk you can drink or have. I’ve had four children with CMPA. and even as babies I used Goats milk formula now their older I get it from a farm taken straight from the goat.

Ask your pediatrician


Almond milk tastes good. I like it. I haven’t tried the other milks.

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I wouldn’t give the kids any soy milk daily but almost every thing else in the major market is a great alternative

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I second almond milk, goat, or coconut. We always have almond milk in the house. Regular cow’s milk gives me the worst asthma, and almond milk is easier on my son’s stomach as he is lactose intolerant

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The same milk y’all drink.


Water. Kids after one do not need any cows milk. You can give oat or almond for cereal, but it’s not necessary to give them in a bottle or sippy. They will be fine without any type of milk.

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I told the dr that I gave my 1.5 yr old almond milk simple cause I had it instead of normal milk and she actually said that it was really good for her cause of calcium and other vitamins that cows milk either doesn’t have and or just has more :relaxed::relaxed:

Oat milk… soy milk . Rice milk…almond milk . So many choices… I’d keep child on formula until at least 2 years old though

When are child was finished with formula, we swapped to Enfamil Toddler Next Step. She can’t handle any form of milk so to keep her nutrients up, she’s on that.

My son loves oatmilk

Nothing. He doesn’t need milk. After I stopped breastfeeding at 6 months he never liked cows milk and still doesn’t. And he’s built like a tank (he’s 10 now) :smile:

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Toddler next step or goats milk I’d say are the closest. However, I’d also recommend asking the pediatrician for other alternatives such as almond milk.

We do oat milk. But be cautious when introducing any milks due to possible allergic reactions.

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Goat’s milk is a great and healthy alternative

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Almond milk as well!

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Milk is not necessary if you are feeding your child properly. Milk has Calcium so feed Calcium rich foods.


Ask your pediatrician- but I don’t see why coconut or almond milk can’t suffice? I’m not sure though so I’d still just make a quick call and ask, I’m sure something like that you can get an answer over the phone :slightly_smiling_face:

There are plenty of alternate options available. Ask your doctor what is best for your baby

You discuss this with your pediatrician


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Then don’t give her it. I’ve never given my kids cows milk. They’re 17, 15 and almost 6.
They don’t need any type of milk after 1. As long as they have a healthy intake of food they’re fine.

Just because your whole family doesn’t like it doesn’t mean your baby will. Js


For starters, how old is your baby? It all really depends on age. My son has an allergy to cows milk. There are tons of alternatives. The most nutritious that I have found (as of thus far) is hemp milk, not everybody likes hemp milk. We personally don’t really drink milk. When we cook etc we use oat milk (unsweetened original in non sweet dishes). It’s creamier than most is why we like it. The stuff we buy is enriched with calcium and vitamins. Though now that I have more free time I’m going to start making it as I’ve heard it’s quite easy. Alternative include but are not limited to- almond, cashew, coconut-also a mixture of those, oat, rice, hemp, pea, soy. I personally do not use soy because of the amount of hormones in it (plant hormones-soy is full of estrogen/something that is much like estrogen and can affect your own hormones depending on how much is used/how consistently).

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no milk is needed* after infancy :purple_heart:. if your babe is eating well, water (or whatever alternative milk youd like) is fine!
Ripple is the most nutritious, but oat and soy are good too!

chat with a nutritionist if you have any concerns, not a pediatrician. doctors are given little to no nutritional education/training

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Goats milk, literally any other kind of milk is better but you need to supplement with vitamins so talk to his pediatrician

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First and foremost, how old is baby!!!?

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What’d those cows do to you lmao


My granddaughter drinks oat milk, she said it’s really good

Kids don’t need milk of any kind as long as they’re getting enough healthy fats from things like yogurt cheese etc. we just do water in our house


Milk isn’t needed but we did almond milk for a short period of time.

My daughter loves almond milk…we are a cows milk free family

Your own milk? Depends on babys age on what answers you will get


Siy milk or oat milk

My pediatrician and our pediatric nutritionist both recommended Ripple milk (this is a plant based alternative) for our girl since she doesn’t get cows milk. Ripple milk is a great alternative and doesn’t have those unnecessary hormones that cows milk gives. We were recommended to stay away from almond and soy milk because they see it causes a lot of their little patients to become constipated and gives them stomachaches.

Goats milk is great for babies

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I daughter likes almond milk. Or just water is fine

We use almond we learned how bad soy is for your body

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Goats milk. Do you know that humans are the only mammals that drink milk after baby time

What is wrong with cows milk. Have drank it my whole 82 years
Was raw milk when I was little. If dont want cows milk drink goats milk
It’s good too


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Goats milk Almond Milk and Soya Milk but I would say goats milk

Goats milk & almond milk

goat milk or oat milk

Look into any of the plant milks. I like almond really well.

Almond milk. Goat is animal also just like cow what’s the difference ?

Soy milk, almond milk and another option I used for my oldest when she was younger and was lactose intolerant was goat milk. Just be sure the farmer you get it from knows what they are doing. I had my own goats. Different breeds of goats will have a different fat content and even taste different. You want to be sure that their goats are breeds known for good milk. Saanen, Pygmy,Kiko, Nubian, Boer and Alpine are a few I remember off the top of my head. Goat milk is actually healthier too. From there you can make your own cream and butter too.

Oat milk or almond milk

Oat milk is delicious! That’s what we prefer as vegans but almond is great too!

Almond milk actually tastes pretty yummy. I cannot stand the taste of regular cows milk. Also Almond milk has a higher content of calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, D and E than oat milk.

Almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk

Be careful with store bought almond milk- has a LOT of unnecessary additives to make it thicker, and usually won’t have a whole lot of actual almonds in it. They do fortify it with minerals and nutrients though, so you are getting good things out of it. But bad stuff too. Making it at home is actually super easy and you get all the nutritional value almonds offer naturally. My kids like oatmilk. Goatmilk is great too, just an acquired taste.

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