Could my son have anxiety?

I need some advice!! 3 days ago we rearranged our room around. Our son is 1 1/2 years old and still sleeps in the same room, but in his own bed. Since we changed the room around he’s been playing around in it fine during the day and falling asleep fine at bed time, but will wake up in the middle of the night crying til we put him in bed with us. He’s been sleeping in his own bed since he was 3 months and we’ve never had a problem with him like this, hes really independent and has never really been clingly. Now my husband has extreme anxiety, especially when it comes to change, could it be possible he has anxiety to? I don’t know what to do, I’m not getting any sleep, it’s messed up his sleep schedule complete, and I’m being induced for our second baby on Wednesday and I’m afraid bringing home a new baby with the new change already bothering him is gonna make it worse. Please help!


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Put him in his own room. He needs his own room now dont wait or leave it. He needs his room and bed and to leave it as that. Its gonna get worse when bub arrives as her/his crying is gonna give him broken sleep in your bedroom.


it’s probably just a sleep regression! I have kept all of mine in my room till they got use to a toddler bed… like not falling out of it lol and by the time mine were 2 and 3 they were in their own room. My girl sleeps in a pack n play with one side cut out so she can get in and out. She’s 1 and in our room still. Sometimes she wakes up to cuddle… intense cry too! Cuddles and right back to sleep then I put her back in her bed. I highly doubt putting baby in their own room will do anything but cause CIO method to be used and that’s not good for littles at all!


Yes he could be having issue with bed moved. See if moving it back works


Everyone has anxiety. Vitamins help those who can’t handle it. Vitamin D3 helps. Magnesium is good for calming. Talk to his Dr about Vitamins and how old would be a good age to do so. All toddlers hate change. Moving things around could cause it as well. Put things back like it was. The new baby will definitely be overwhelming for him. And you as well. God bless.


Its very possible, those conditions are hereditery sometimes. If the furniture placement is that important go lay with him till he feels better. Or move it back. I think helping him through the moving might be a good thing as its progress with anxiety but it really depends on the child, how he takes it. If he really hates i wouldnt keep forcing him either

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Question why did you move his room around? All this started when you rearranged it right? Maybe he feels scared now… Have you thought about putting it back to the way it was?

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Could there be new bedroom noises like snores or maybe a low sound that’s in your room that baby isn’t used to that could be waking the baby? Or are there any cats around the room/window that might be yowling or something?

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It’s probably the new baby coming, not the furniture rearranging. Even if there wasn’t a new baby coming, kids just go through this sometimes. Just reassure him everything’s ok and keep putting him back into his own bed, eventually he will stay there.


It’s probably all the change that’s happening with the new baby and can sense that… ask dad to do it for you so you can rest if its still not working maybe even try if you have a cot put down one side and push it next to your bed gives you more space and he can feel safe what I did when I’d my LG and and LB in the bed with me

Lots of change and uncertainty at that age. Ask him where he wants things, he’s old enough to help make those decisions. Talk about the baby, let him ask questions. Make sure he knows he’s not being replaced, that’s a real fear with some kids at that age. Maybe some low music, noise, night light at night.

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It’s a little early to diagnose anxiety probably, especially if the main issue is just sleep attachment. He’s probably waking up disoriented because he’s not used to it yet. 3 days is not long. I would keep putting him to bed in his bed and he’ll probably get used to it quickly.

It’s going to be hard bringing home a new baby with everyone sleeping in the same room. I would suggest trying to transition him to his own sleeping space. The baby disrupting his sleep is not going to help him get more comfortable in is own bed. We had some issues with our older child feeling left out or upset after we brought our second child home, she was newly 2 and I had to have a c-section so it created a physical challenge that changed how much snuggling I could do and how much she could climb on me, etc. thankfully she never got really jealous of the baby and she absolutely loves him and is an awesome big sister. But she still ends up in our bed every few nights.

You just have to be patient, don’t panic! It sounds like normal sleep regression. We also had a big sleep regression with our toddler right after her little brother was born, so it might not get better for a bit since your delivery is so soon.

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stop putting him in bed. hes expecting it at this point now since u did it the first time. hes gonna have to learn to adjust to change. especially with baby coming

I stopped reading at my child is 1 1/2. Just stop it

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White Christmas lights up on the ceiling will comfort him.

Well it’s not like you can’t bring your new born baby home :woman_shrugging:t3: he’s 1 and a half. Maybe he’s teething also which won’t be helping. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m curious what’s happening here when new babys home…everyone sleeping in mom and dad’s room then. That may cause him more anxiety and sleepless nights…

At that age
Kids will be unsure at night
Just give him time to adjust

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Just the age and the changes. It’s only been 3 days. When he wakes up in the middle of night he maybe unsure of where he is. Or just a toddler doing normal toddler stuff.Kids can also 100% sense the impending change of a new baby coming.