Could My Husband Be Cheating With My Best Friend?

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"My husband and I have been married for about 5 years. For the last month or so for his job they are “having him work weekends. 5-5.” He works construction and never once have I seen these people work over the weekend. I want to reach out to the owners wife and aresk her but I dont want to seem like a crazy wife…even though I feel I kind of am…it may be all in my head but at the same time he has started “working weekends” my best friend stopped coming over those same weekends…am I being crazy or could something be going on? How do I even go about this?"

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"Do you have any other inklings for this worry? Is he acting different etc? Also you could message the owner / wife and say you want to surprise him with a weekend away and can you book that weekend off for him as a surprise (I’ve booked surprise holidays before for my husband this way - not for cheating, just genuinely) and see if she comes back confused x"

"Do not call his work. Is there any other reason that you think he’s cheating? If you have other reasons, follow him."

"I would do a random stop by at my so called friends house. Just a thought."

"How bout his paychecks, they would definitely show if he was working those hours"

"Can you drive to his work site take him lunch? Or drop by your friends house to say hi?"

"Sounds like she was a bad mood that day for something else and used to opportunity to tell you what was on her mind. She is probably tired of being a sitter so think about giving her a rest and get someone else or she is going to keep fussing."

"Call bosses wife one day on a weekend and ask her what site they are working at so you can bring him lunch. If he is truly working you will have to cough up lunch but I’m sure that would be worth it for you versus finding out the alternative.Thats what I would do. That way you don’t look crazy if you are wrong you look like a sweet caring wife. I hope he is not and this all coincidence."

"Look at his pay stubs or the money going into the acct."

"My dad has worked in construction my entire life. We’re in Canada. From spring until fall, my dad works 6am-6pm Mon-Sat and it’s not unusual for him to work 6am-3pm on Sundays too. It’s absolutely part of the industry because many of them are laid off during the winter."

"My husband works construction and they do weekends when there is a lot of work. It’s feast or famine with the pandemic so we take when the work is good so that it Carries over when work is slow. I would however say the paycheck should reflect that of course"

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