Could I be pregnant?

To start off, I am on the pill (birth control). Okay, so i had unprotected sex may 21-26th. My period was due on June 8th. I haven’t had any cramps or full bleeding, but I have started spotting, and it’s light pinkish. I took a pregnancy test 3 days ago (negative? But my period usually comes in full swing, so I’m just really confused. is there a chance I could be pregnant? This would be my first, so I’m really not sure what early pregnancy is like. Thanks in advance!


Absolutely, you could be pregnant. Wait a week and take another test. I’ve spotted light pink when I first got pregnant too.

My period was also super late this month and I had SEVERE cramps and back pain for the first time. I only use non hormonal birth control (condoms) and haven’t had unprotected sex. My friends also experienced a late period and my doctor said it may be due to the COVID vaccine!

I have the same period dates as you. I took a test 3 days ago. And I’m pregnant. And I was on the pill. Also. X

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Retest or see your Dr best of luck

Take another test In a few weeks n if negative then doctor

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Could be and it’s really early give it a week and test again if nothing

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Wait til your next cycle. Just don’t drink or smoke til then.

U can test in a few more days. More than likely you are. There are many things that can make ur birth control ineffective.

Does your birth control have your period pretty much regulated? Test again once it’s been a full week. I had 2 miscarriages that didn’t show up for a few days after my missed. The only test I had show up the day I was late, was for twins, so the the hormones were really strong. Best of luck to you and I hope you get the outcome you’re hoping for!

Delays in periods can be caused for numerous reasons but from someone who did conceive while on the pill it is likely. Test again in 2 weeks

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Retest and if no period in a week see your Dr. My first didn’t show up on a pregnancy test till I was 37 weeks. We knew of course she was there they did a ultrasound and you could plainly see a tiny human in there.

Yes you could be. I got pregnant on the pill and I also had light spotting.

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On the pill, my periods are light and the first few periods were literally just spotting.

It could be the pill also throwing off your periods. My body doesn’t respond well to hormonal birth control. Didn’t find that out until 2 pregnancies later (while on the pill). I switched to the non hormonal IUD and my body is responding so much better to it.

If you take your pill everyday around the same time then no.

It sounds like a possible early miscarriage (late period). Test again on 15 June and if it’s still negative go see a Dr. I have noticed that my Covid jab seemed to make my periods start as pinkish spotting rather than my usual brown.

Could be. But stress can also cause abnormal periods and even a delay in one.

It possible, take a test again in a few days

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How many gynocologist do you think your asking now. Dah

Wait a month, take a test.

If you got the Covid vaccine, some women reported a change in their menstrual cycle. I was vaccinated and skipped a month. This happened 2 months after I was vaccinated.

Wait a few days or so and test again.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Could I be pregnant? - Mamas Uncut

I didn’t know I was pregnant with my first for about 2 months. I had light spotting as well, and my first test was also negative.

The spotting could be implantation. Maybe a little too early to test. Maybe you could Wait 2 week and test again. Found out early with all 3 of mine. Buy digital tests they are better.

Digital tests are the way to go. They pick up smaller amounts of the pregnancy hormone. All my standard tests were negative and the digital was immediately positive. I was 5 weeks pregnant.


I had completely protected sex been on the shot for two years I had sex on 17 November and find out on 6 December that I was pregnant and I’m 31 weeks now

That period or spotting could have been implantation bleeding x

Could be. Sometimes the hormones r too low t show that ur pregnant. Wait for 15 days n take a test t b sure

I was on the pill and had light bleeding after unprotected sex. I now have a 3 year old lol

Might be a bit too early for a pregnancy test, it’s worth booking in for a blood test or waiting another week? I had some spotting around my third week of conception date which was implanting xxxx

If you started a new pill the new pill can mess up your cycle I would wait another five days to a week

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Could I be pregnant? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Could I be pregnant? - Mamas Uncut

I got pregnant on the pill. I also had a period for the first three months so by the time I did miss my period, I was four months pregnant. I was shocked. I took that pill faithfully. It was then that I learned that oral birth control was only about 94% effective. So I found myself in the 6% …lol. But 35yrs later, I still adore her. Also, I never went back on oral birth control. We used condoms until his vasectomy after our second daughter!


Also wanted to say, early pregnancy symptoms are different for every pregnancy. Mine was spotting, but I also was tired a lot, sore breasts, forgetting everything, and my boyfriend said I was moody and to test, I did test the day after I was supposed to start period and it was positive. I had messed up periods for a year so it was unexpected even though we’d been trying for a year.

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Any other sx like breast tenderness & swelling? I had several ovarian cysts & my periods were greatly disrupted but I usually had pain with the screwed up periods!


Could be but stress and other things can cause period to be late or even skip a period. I would maybe call your doctor to see about doing a blood test. I had light pink like spotting but got over the counter cheap tests and digital tests and all were positive. Best thing to do would be to get a blood test from doctor.

Birth control is not 100% especially not the pill. I got the iud since I had my son and daughter while on the pill. But only way to find out is by doctors


Go to your doctor and ask them to test you, plus some pregnancy tests need some amount of days over on your period for a full detection and also to use your pregnancy test when you go to the bathroom for the first time in the morning i took a pregnancy test 3 days into my missed period and it was negative but was positive then 5 days later when i tried again

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I still spotted and had a false negative turned out I was 7 weeks but unfortunately miscarried , hopefully it works well for you!


Best way to tell is to go to your clinic and have them do a test. Every woman is different, and plenty of woman have gotten pregnant while using birth control. Best of luck to you!

I got pregnant on the pill 51 yrs ago. Total surprise. I weighed 87 lbs and gained 84. Got down to 105 and stayed there until '88. Had IUD after that.

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Yes, I had light bleeding and it was implantation bleeding. So my due date was miscalculated. My daughter was 6 weeks “early” because they thought the bleeding was a period.

My daughter is the result of the depo injection. Pill isn’t 100%. Take another test and see. I took a test with my son and it was neg, a week later I did it again and it was positive. 3 days later I had an ultrasound and I was almost 9 weeks along. Sometimes the hcg levels just aren’t that strong at the beginning.

I definitely got pregnant on the pill but I would say no sense you took a test and it came out negative, but you should still schedule an appointment to see your ob it’s probably just the pills changing your period tho, when I first started taking it I would get very light periods as well.

Did you recently get the covid vaccine? It can temporarily affect your cycle. Nothing serious, it resumes as normal over the next few cycles


I mean… You “could” be… You could not… Only 100% is going to the doctor and getting tested, but you already knew that. Obvious questions like this imo, don’t need to be asked on public forums because ya’ll KNOW the answer and we arn’t medical professionals to be giving advice on things like this. I’d rather people be safe than sorry


What on the face of the earth is the purpose of these posts? Just to encourage outrageous replies?


Sometimes if you’re really stressed out you won’t get a full period

Go to the dr and have them check your blood. When I got pregnant it felt like my period was starting every day. Terrible pain and cramping. However some ladies don’t get any pain. Blood work will be able to tell you if your pregnant before a stick will


That’s always a chance for pregnancy and diseases as nothing is 100%

It’s possible you could be spotting due to your BC, I’ve had a few incidents with spotting while taking it. If you’re concerned being pregnant go see you doctor

I have gone through that before and was not pregnant some times birth control can stop periods so most likely you are not

Some women are having irregular periods after the vaccine. Something to consider if you’ve had that


I would wait for 2 weeks then take a clearblue test

Stress can mess with periods too. I was in college and trying to get pregnant and had several missed periods due to plain old stress.

I knew I was pregnant with both of my girls before a missed period because the sides of my breasts hurt…

It’s possible you could very well be pregnant or maybe not only way to know would be to go to the doctor. Plenty of people get pregnant on the pill but you’re negative test could be false if you are too early along. Nothing is impossible good luck

Yes you could be do a different test in a few days or get blood test from doctor… good luck

It could be attachment bleeding. But I would check with your doctor.

If on Antibiotics birth control pills will not work.

I had both my kids while on the pill so go to your Dr if you don’t get your next cycle

I was on the pill for 5 years before I found out I was four months pregnant… good times … DO NOT TRUST THE PILL

I got pregnant on the depo shot after a condom broke and the next day I took a plan b in short very likely your pregnant

Either wait a couple more weeks and retest over the counter or go to a clinic and get a blood test

Check again! Go to a clinic if you need. My daughter was conceived on the pill

If u cant call a doctor or clinic to get confirmation or not, i sure hope u arent. Being a parent is putting on your big girl pants and doing thibgs w out sm strangers.

Get a blood tests koz a pee test can give u a false in the early stages u gota do pee test first thing in the morning

Get a blood test as soon as possible so you can make choices as soon as possible. I don’t know which state your in but some have limits to certain medical procedures. If that’s something you want.

I missed one pill and fell pregnant,I’d get a blood test,good luck

Why ask Facebook? Go to a free clinic! They have people there that are professional

Go to Dr and have them test you. You can occasionally get false positive or negative results with at home tests.


No it sounds like the birth control is working it will make u spot or make your period light until it regulates

My most recent didnt come out positive til 6 day after my period was supposed to start.

That is how I found out I was pregnant. Just spotting.

There is, for sure, a chance.
But I think for this one, you just have to wait a bit and then take another test.

Wait two weeks if you dont get your cycle take a test. Sperm can live in you for a while.

Did you miss any days? They are only 99.99%. But typically unless you missed a pill, you should be fine.

Sounds like implantational spotting, wait another 2 weeks and test again

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you say your on the pill so you were protected??

Seeing as nobody else seems to have said it, test again using a digital test. They are the most accurate and can detect early pregnancy hormones better than other tests.

Go to planned parenthood if no insurance or some other reason you can’t go to your regular doc.

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Girlfriend just take another test and go to the doctor.

You could be, I got pregnant twice on the pill. Go to Dr for blood test

Go to a chemist and have another test x

Why are you going on line to ask? Go see a doctor.


Every woman is different. See a doctor

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Well I got pregnant on the pill so :I there’s a possibility

I got pregnant on the pill so it’s completely possible :woman_shrugging:

Go to the dr and stop asking for advice on fb

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Depends on how long you have been on the pills, some cause the period to stop while taking them …that being said it is possible to get pregnant while on them…they aren’t 100% effective ( probably the upper 90 something ) which is why we’re told to still use protection

Best bet is to go to the hospital or a clinic & explain or your doc…take a pregnancy test from there, they are more accurate than the ones you get at the store…

When I was preggers I took 7 at home ones & they ALL came back neg… but the one at the doc was positive…and the fact that I have a 14yr old about to start highschool should be a clue about which were accurate :laughing:🤷

If you don’t know then see a dr simple

Take another one next week. Could be implantation bleeding.

go to the doctor and have them test you.

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This is what happened to me.

I got pregnant on the pill after being on it with no issues for 3 years. Give it another week or so then test again

If you have sex, you could get pregnant. I thought everyone knew that already? :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming: