Cough syrup for a 1 year old?

What is the best cough syrup for a 1 year old?


Sliced sweet onion with sugar. Put it in a bowl and shake it around. 1hr in the fridge and it will have a syrup in it. All natural and my grandma used to swear by it, thought she was crazy until I made it for my little man and it works WONDERS!!!


Maybe check with a pharmacist or doctor I’m not sure 1 year old should have cough syrup


I wouldn’t give cough syrup to kids these days. Coughing is nature’s way of getting rid of nasties. If it’s dry and unproductive, give them honey or liquorice. I wouldn’t use cough medicine unless told to by a Doctor.


Zarabees is the only one I know of. It’s homeopathic and sold otc.


bronchostop junior more expensive then most cough meds but I wouldn’t use anything else best one iv ever used and it’s all natural to x

Our pediatrician says no cough meds until the age of 12 unless absolutely necessary. Over 1 they recommend a spoonful of honey to help with a bit of relief.

Ask your pediatrician what they would recommend, some doctors will say not to use anything. I’d say to at least use a cool mist humidifier, that’s always worked for my youngest

Spoon of honey and give a kids motrin for any pain

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Our pediatrician recommended zarbees

Best to give your doctor call…

Consult a pharmacist for a child so young please :two_hearts:

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None. Not until age 6 or 7 goes to the brain to much.

If over 1, honey is the best.
If under 1 do not give honey and use a humidifier or steam up the bathroom.