Christmas ideas for family?

Y’all I need help I am drawing a blank! I have 3 sister in laws 2 brother in laws and a whole host of nieces and nephews in all age ranges 34-4! I need ideas on what to get them for Christmas (budget friendly cause of so many) because I have idea! PLEASE HELP!!! Signed- A very stressed momma


Y’all need to draw names that’s too many people for one person. Are all those people getting you a gift?


With that many people do family gift baskets or something like that.


For this exact reason we shop mostly for the kids in our family and not so much the adults.

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Make collections on a theme. Buy two or more related items and put them in a bag, box or basket. Add Christmas themed candy like candy canes, Hershey’s kisses, lollipops, homemade cookies, candy, brownies, etc. or little packaged snacks.

Possibilities: Phone cover, charger, headphones from 5 Below for older kids or adults; locking diary/journal & colorful pen/s and/or pencils, kitchen accessories: dish towels, pot holders, big spoons, spatulas, pasta spoons, etc. for those who cook; bath products like lotion, nice shampoo and conditioner, scrubbie, bath or shower bombs, lotion, etc.

For younger kids, old fashioned toys like blocks, etch-a sketch, jump ropes, LEGOs or DUPLOs, puzzles, coloring books, Nerf toys or balls (soccer, basketball , football, big round play ball) that don’t need batteries.

we buy the kids not each other. but candles wax melts room sparys body mists are always my favorite.

Honestly for the kids go to five below or like a dollar tree and pick out cute things from their that’s what I’ve done this year

My fiancé and I buy for 22 ppl between his side and my side and for the kids under age 12 which we have 10 out of the 22 that are, we go to dollar tree and make them all goodie bags

Go to Amazon and search todays deals and hit the prime filter so it’s quick shipping.

Food basket w peppermint sticks…

Make a cookie basket. You can make gingerbread. Cut into circles and bake over top a glass bowl. Big ones for couples and smaller ones for single people. Put homemade baked goods in them and a single small bottle of won’t per person. Wrap in cellophane with some ribbon and a bow :heart:

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Your family should agree to no presents except for children under 16. Anything else is crazy.

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Maybe you should suggest drawing names for Christmas. And put a solid price on what to pay. We did this for years. Drew names in Oct. and a 50 dollar set price for that person. But we still all bought the kids stuff. Well after so long we just decided we wouldn’t draw any more adult names, we would just draw one child’s name for each adult. With a 50 gift. And for any adult that didn’t have a child’s name you would buy 20 dollars worth of snacks, or just junk toys, or gloves and hats for a snack tree. We put up a small Christmas tree and put nothing on it but what we spend for the 20 bucks. It has worked wonderful for the last 20 years or so.

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A one dollar lottery ticket and a box of thin mints from the dollar tree stire.

We are making candles. We had wax and wicks. We went to goodwill and got Christmas mugs and cups for 99 cents each. And bought fragrance oil from walmart for $5. I know on Amazon they have a box with 10lb wax, wicks and the wick holders for $25. And since you melt alot of wax at once you can easily make 5 candles or more at once since there isnt much time before christmas. I also make dog treats, most of our family has a dog at home. We also get $20 diy ornament kits from amazon and my daughter passes them out.

If you live near a big city, maybe a family pass for a museum, aquarium, zoo, arboretum?

Set a $$ limit and draw names

If you are able to afford $20 to $25 per person buy gift card for restaurant so you can all go together. You will also get extra gift card money if u spend $100 at most chain restaurants. For the little ones I suggest maybe bowling gift certificate or maybe a McDonald’s or whichever fast food they like. Hope this helps

Do a family game night gift.
Pick a board game, add some popcorn and other snacks, wrap it up in a pretty basket and gift one to each family.

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We do a Xmas craft for the kids, general gift for adults then Xmas pictures cards. This yr is a multi tool snow flake for 20-25$ for the guys and Xmas shirts for the girls