Christmas ideas for a toddler boy?

I need Christmas ideas for my 2 almost 3 year old son. My grandma gave me until the end of the month to let her know and I am clueless. He’s not into toys/action figures. He loves cars, trucks and motorcycles. He loves to climb and jump, he likes to ride things as well. My sister is already getting him a bike.


A balance board if wanting something to be active inside. My kids are now 6 and 8 and still use it occasionally

Playdough, wooden train tracks qith magnet train, Picasso Tiles, paint with an easel, books, wooden rocking horse

A pickler triangle! Will grow with them and it’s lost of fun

Ride on motorcycles or ride on toy that has a 2 seater.

Little tikes bounce house $70 at Walmart. Amazon has these roller coaster rides for toddlers that my son loved! I think it was like $150

A swing set for out side. I saw them for around $200.

My kids and grandchildren received Bibles from my Grandma……she signed them and they are priceless. Or a piggy bank with a little money in it.

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Do you have anything for out door. If he likes being outside you can get him this. My daughter played with it for hours

This thing kept my son entertained for hours when he was that age! It was one of his favorites. There’s many different kinds/designs on Amazon. Just search “kids indoor play tent with tunnels”

My daughter liked cars and trucks at that age. She liked the mega blocks trucks and tracks a lot.MEGA BLOKS Fisher-Price Building Toy Blocks Cat Cement Mixer Truck (9 Pieces) For Toddler -

Why do you have a time limit to tell someone what to buy your kid? Shouldn’t they just buy something they choose on their own like everyone else?

One of these things!!¡ My kids are 6 and 9 n they still play w the damn things lol and the 3 yr old next door always asks for ours when she comes out. They’re under $50!