Christmas gift ideas for kids

What are some things you are gifting your kids for Christmas? They get everything they want all year so im stumped…non tradiotional ideas?


Useful things. Such as books on subjects they love to learn about. I have 3 with ADHD and 1 with both ADHD and autism. I plan to get him fidgets and such that will continue to help him. As well as gift cards that they can use on things they may want to gift others or themselves for whatever reason.

I’ve realised that all these so-called stocking fillers are basically tat that never gets played with but an awful lot of money gets wasted on them. Get them to write to Santa and get those items. The items that are too expensive for Santa, you get. Mine has a birthday in the week after Christmas and this has always worked!

Give them a experience then, a place they really want it to go .
In my case part of my daughter Christmas presents is a bedroom makeover, every year I change her room decorations, I let her pick the theme and get the stuff as a part of her presents

How old are the kids?

Mine are teenagers. They are getting money.