Christmas and birthday ideas?

Ok moms I have a 7 almost 8 year old daughter what are some ideas that is good for Christmas and a birthday shortly after trying to get a head start on it this year


It really depends on what she’s into. When my daughter was that age, she was into arts and crafts. We got her an easel, canvases in several different sizes, a set of paint brushes and paint. We also got her supplies to make jewelry. She was also very girly, so she got a foot bath along with a pedicure set and nail polish.

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A trip to somewhere where she wants to go.

Gabbys dollhouse, bead sets, drawing stuff. My granddaughter will be 8 monday

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I got my 7 year old girl a suitcase, a medal holder, a giraffe picture for her room bc she loves giraffes. I’m not done shopping. Id like to get her some gel pens, a new jazz outfit and board games.

Paint supplies, jewelry making kits, dolls, Barbie’s, craft supplies

Concert tickets, trampoline park, zoo, indoor playground, movies, manicure/pedicure, lazer tag or something like that.

Does she do any extra curricular activities ? Get her something to do with that. Maybe a personalized water bottle. Last year got my daughters name blankets they were a hit. Kanwtic sand, Legos etc

I’m always confused by parents asking for gift ideas for their own children. Teens, adults I understand. They don’t always share what they’re into. But you should have ideas of what your 7yo likes. Set her up an Amazon wishlist. Let her shop & add stuff to it. Make sure she knows not to add to cart or check out.


Big on experiences as gifts but otherwise if she didn’t ask for it in some way don’t waste your money. Give her the target or similar toy catalog that comes out for holiday season and see what she’s interested in.

I with the person that said if you don’t have any idea , what your child is into at that age , it’s obvious you don’t spend enough time with them , I always still know what my kids would like and they are all adults.

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Arts and crafts such as paint your own piggy bank or candle making set, science kits (if she’s into science), backpack or cute bag and cute school supplies, squish mellow, bed set of her fav character or colors, board games, kid corn hole, puzzles (if she likes puzzles), nerf gun, sleeping bag (if you camp), scarf beanie gloves and a blanket, or a small gift and trip somewhere she loves.

Books,journals,art supplies,

Only u know your child’s interests… we stranger do not