Child support question

If you pay child support, have your child that entire month of December, pay for flights because his mother lives in another state, is it “extra” to buy things outside of child support?

She should be paying transportation one way. If your paying both ways, get your child support reduced, prove you had the child the whole month also.


You would not be reimbursed BUT could lower future expenses.

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Yes. Anything beyond child support is considered “a gift”

What you pay outside of child support, doesn’t matter to the court, from what I’ve been told anyways

I don’t know if it’s the wording but I’m confused. What’s posters question. What are you referring to as “extra”?

It’s called being a decent parent, child support in most cases doesn’t even cover a month of groceries for a child (unless your court ordered to an insane amount which I do know happens) however if not then yes you should help w school clothes, sports activities and what not! Especially when they other parent has them 95% of the time