Causes of hair loss in women?

Losing my hair like crazy, could have made 3 wigs with the amounts lost, baby is now 1yr 6months. Is this postpartum hair loss still? Anyone have good remedies?

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Get your thyroid checked. Mine was way off after my son was born. :grinning: Good luck mama

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Try Biotin after thyroid check…works wonders…

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Im dealing with a lot of hair loss, more than just after baby hair loss. Im on the shot and I’ve read that the shot will cause hair loss. Could it be birth control? Also try biotin… amazing for hair

I have 3 kids… One is 6 …one is 14months, the other is 3months …I’ve just started losing my hair :’( … My thyroid is fine …I’ve tried literally almost EVERYTHINGGGG !!! I still lose hair :’( I lost the most hair after I had my first son but still…this sucks!!

I always did ok as long as I always took a multivitamin.

Could be a hormone imbalance, that will do it as well.

Remember its normal to lose 100 hairs everyday. It will look like more if you have really long hair. If you’ve checked your thyroid and are doing biotin you should be fine. If you’re having bald spots I’d check if it’s alopecia.

I’ve got a bald patch on my head from pregnancy. The doctor says it will just grow back. Your body does weird things when pregnant I have a skin tag on my forehead that grows but only when I’m pregnant, after I’ve had the baby it disappears completely.

I’ve been losing my hair in clumps my whole life… just be more careful with what you use on it how you brush etc

Lack of vitamin D could be the culprit

My last baby is 4 and idk how I’m not having bald spots yet

Alopecia?have your thyroid checked then see a dermatologist

I have always lost hair, but I mean I have super thick hair

I still take my prenatal vitamins as my regular vitamin replacement. Helps me a lot. Also check thyroid and make sure your hormones aren’t out of wack. I’ve heard some people wash with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil as well to stimulate growth.

Jamaican black castor oil. It’s great for hair growth.
I lost clumps of hair after pregnancy it was noticeable no matter how much I tired to hide it. Finally grown back

Could be your thyroid!

I follow a few women on ig that are doing Keto which causes them to lose hair or have it thin out. And they have all added collagen to their daily routine and say that it works wonders.

Keep taking prenatals!

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Anemic? Folic Aciid was prescibed for me. Can also get it in Vitamin aisle. 200mg less than the 1,000 mg I take. Prenatal too can help.

I list mine and then took biotin. It works. It takes 6 months after a shock to your body for your hair to fall out. It happens to new moms.

Have your thyroid checked