Cannot pee while pregnant?

Has anyone had trouble going pee while pregnant? I have an apoitment friday but wanted to hear others experience.

I have a 11 month old and never had this issue. Im 26 weeks pregnant. And i have lots of pressure in my bladder like I have to go really bad and then hardly anything comes out. I don’t think I have a uti because it doesn’t burn. But its there a possibility of dehydration causing bladder pain/pressure? Its been off and on for like a week.


Yes I had that. I would feel like I had pee and when I went it would just trickle out super slow. Sometimes it would take up to a min for it all to come out lol.

I had bladder infections where I cant pee when I was pregnant


You gotta move ya bum bum around . I use to twist and turn on the toilet until the baby eased up off my blatter lol .

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That’s what it feels like when I have a UTI. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

Same I’m about 17 weeks and feel like I have to pee bad then some drops!

Haven’t personally experienced this, but while my mom was pregnant with me I rolled over onto her urinary tract and pinched it closed. Your baby could possibly be on it making it difficult to pee

Could be a uti even thought it doesn’t burn.

Definitely sounds like a UTI… which is super common in pregnancy. Call your doc and they should be able to prescribe you safe meds. In the mean time, lots of water and cranberry juice.

Yes! I had to go to the ER and have a cath put in! They had no idea what caused it but my obgyn said it could be dehydration so I would say drink more. It may feel like your bladder is gonna burst but I promise it won’t, eventually you will tip it over the edge and you will pee! It went away after a few weeks of struggling with it!

I had a UTI with no burning sensation. They came back and told me I had one and I’m like “whhaaaaa?”

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Yep, you can definitely have a UTI without the burning. UTIs are the worst. :weary:

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Me to but turned out I have a UTI

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Yes! And they found that I had a bladder infection! It was easy enough to get rid of but better to find out sooner than later!

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Doc told me to lean forward when I pee’d to make sure I was emptying my bladder. Still doing it 9 years later. Lol


UTI does that… Sorry.

Are you constipated. This can cause the pee issue without being pregnant.

I had a UTI and kidney stones early on in pregnancy… get that checked for sure.

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I had a UTI and i had no problems peeing, i peed a lot. Didn’t even know i had one until my doctor told me. I would definitely call and asked to be see sooner.

Had an issue with peeing but after giving birth I couldn’t pee and I’ve had catheter for almost two months now :disappointed: they. Think it was the epidural

Sometimes it’s pressure. Leaning forward like you’re about to stand up can help

More than likely a UTI, but could be something more serious. Call them first thing in the morning and see if they want to see you sooner. They might want you to go to the lab to just give a urine sample for testing. If nothing else, try an urgent care.

isn’t that feeling just the pressure of the growing baby pushing on your bladder? I had that with all 3 of my kids…

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I was doing the same thing and ended up being in labor. Now I’m sitting in the hospital until I have my little so I can be monitored closely

It hurts and drives me nuts. Feels like a kidney stone again. Takes forevvvvver to pee. They say no UTI. But cant do a scan foe stones preggo.

I didn’t have this problem until a bit later when my daughter sat lower, head down. I’d literally have to lean to the left and then it would flow freely. Lol. Trying different leanings and posture maybe. I had a uti early in the same pregnancy no burning just had to pee way too often and just a bit came out but my bladder didn’t feel full

There’s different signs and symptoms when pregnant. Mine was light back pain and cramping, which mimicked baby growing and my uterus stretching. It got worse over the course of a week and I could barely move or walk without hurling over in pain. If we didn’t catch it when we did, I would have developed a kidney infection. Always call your OB, and taking urine output issues seriously.

UTI or kidney stones infection or bladder infection

You can have a UTI without symptoms. I had my first UTI during my last pregnancy. I was shocked.

It is likely an infection

I got an UTI when I was pregnant, it didn’t burn it was just pressure. After that, I’ve never had a uti that burnt again

I take cranberry supplements daily to ward them off.

Good luck

I was like that during my pregnancy. I felt like I had to pee really bad and would go but barely have anything. I was severely dehydrated. It seemed like staying hydrated was a big issue for me. Have your Dr. check your urine, if you have ketones then you’re dehydrated. They can also check for infection just to be on the safe side

I have had uti without burning

I have that. Its normal especially if baby is low and on your bladder… As long as you’re drinking around 6 16 ounce water bottles a day you should be hydrated. Are you peeing a lot at all??? I would be concerned if you weren’t having large bouts of pee !

I have had bladder infections that dont hurt…just feels uncomfortable

I have had a total of 6 UTIs and they suck, and they literally were all the same with burning and yadda yadda. However, one UTI I had I didn’t get that burning feeling at all I got that urge to pee and only a little came out but I didn’t think UTI since I didn’t have the other symptoms.
And lo and behold apparently I had a horrible UTI that literally there was only three antibiotics that could kill it and I was only able to do one since I was breastfeeding, and it didn’t work so it took another batch of antibiotics for it to go away so I had to supplement with formula for a week. Was not a happy time for me or my daughter lol.

I would DEFINITELY get it checked ESPECIALLY being pregnant I heard UTIs when pregnant can cause preterm labor. It could be nothing but it could be something and I wouldn’t risk anything being pregnant.

Good luck momma!

With my middle kiddo, I couldn’t pee well. . Like 2 drops and a squirt… for the longest time. .

Had to lean forward, then sit up, lean forward, then sit up. …

Was something about baby’s position on my bladder. . Sucked hard core! Was so happy when she decided my back was a good place to hang out, lolololololol. …

I had that problem with my daughter. She was sitting so low during my whole pregnancy she actually irritated my bladder and I would have some blood when I would pee (started about 6 months) and she didn’t move until she was born. Very uncomfortable, felt the need to pee all the time even when I didn’t actually have to. I’m sure that could be the problem. Best of luck.

I had this whenever I had kidney stones but the bladder pain/burning was a stone trying to pass! Actually was in the hospital for a week because of it they couldnt decide if to do surgery. I’m hoping that’s not the issue in your case! But all in all I did experience this about two weeks ago at 34 weeks, and I damn near lived on the toilet. But now Its normal for the most part! I hope you start feeling better momma!

I did my whole pregnancy, I would constantly complain to my doctor but they didn’t do anything. Even my stepdaughter asked me why she went pee more than me. I had to wear an incontinece pad the entire pregnancy. The baby ended up being10lbs 8oz at 39 weeks. Made so much sense the pain…

Either dehydration or a UTI. If I let myself get dehydrated I feel like I have to pee a lot but once I drink a ton of water I’m fine again.

Only time I’ve ever had an issue peeing, pregnant or not, was when I had a bladder infection.