Can you use metronidazole vaginal gel while pregnant?

How many of you all took metronidazole vaginal gel during the first trimester?! I’m getting mixed reviews online, even though my ob and pharmacist both told me it was fine for 1st trimester use?! Just wondering before I start it tonight

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I would personally trust my doctor.

I used it during my first trimester. Everything was fine and my son is 12 now.

Don’t trust Dr. Google if ur Dr said its ok then use it


I used it. Completely okay.

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Trust your instincts.

Gel is localized doesn’t go into the bloodstream. Should be fine

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I did! Its just an antibiotic. And BV travelling into the uterus is more dangerous for baby than the antibiotic could be


You really want to ask face book over 2…i say again 2…drs??? Smdh


Look at medical journals online if your going to research online. If your dr is ok with it should be fine

I did with my first daughter

If your OB says it’s ok, trust them, not FB or Google.


Had to with all of my pregnancies. 5 are healthy, the miscarriage was completely unrelated. Trust your doctor.

If you’re doctor said it was fine, why are you looking for opinions from random FB people??

Trust your instincts.

I used it and the irritation caused some light spotting and then a raging yeast infection that I also had to treat. But it got rid of the infection and everything has been fine since.