Can you put toddlers hair in rollers?

My 2.5 year old daughter has amazingly beautiful long blonde hair with natural ringlets that goes almost to her butt now. Lately her ringlets have been disappearing, so I was wondering if anyone has ever put their little ones hair in rollers? I have ones I can do after bath time that dont use any heat, I also have ones to leave in overnight, and ones that use heat that you leave in for a few minutes. What is your advice to help with curls at such a young age?


Just by a shampoo that will help bring her curls back out… I use curly kids products

The curls are being stretched out by the length of her hair. Give her a Trump and they will bounce back.

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Sometimes a curl enhancing shampoo and a little trim will bring them back. Sometimes it’s the weight of the hair that makes the curls start to disappear.

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My mom used these in my hair when I was little

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Some kids outgrow the curls as their baby hair disappears.


Deva curl hair products.


Check with Avon and the sponge ones. They’re great.

My twin girls and I have curly hair: the length of her hair is probably weighing down her curls. Kids with curly hair should have a trim every 6-8 weeks (depending on thickness) to keep the curls springy. Also, if her hair is curly but fine, you may need to get products for those particular curls. My curls are fine, and I can’t use my sister’s products because her curls are coarse. Her products are too thick/heavy for my curls.


Cut out drying products… Anything with sulfates, silicones or drying alcohol.
I don’t wash my 2 year olds hair with shampoo. Just Garnier whole blends conditioner 3x’s a week.
I use cantu care for kids leave in conditioner and a light oil like argan or almond

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I’m a stylist & the length of her hair could be weighing it down. Also she may be losing the curl due to her baby hair coming out. I would recommend a curl enhancing shampoo. My favorite for my clients with curly hair is curly sexy hair products


Trim Her hair shes loosing the curls because of the weight. I didnt have any curl in my hair until I was 25 years old

Trim her hair the curls should come back

Try a haircut, or the shampoos, maybe even mousse after baths. I don’t recommend using curlers, sometimes curls go away and don’t come back, teach herself to love herself and her hair as she is. Once in a while some curls might be cute but using curlers regularly on a child so young is going to teach them that the way it is naturally isn’t good enough


I agree I wouldn’t use anything on her hair she’s to young have a cut as much as you can and they will bounce back

My mom used the sponge rolls on my hair when I was little.

Trim it, the curls could be weighed down from the length of her hair. I am a hairdresser and more often than not I see little ones lose their curls but in the event that she keeps hers it could just be that her hair is becoming too heavy for the girls to be able to coil up in her hair.

Shea moisture has a curly hair shampoo and other products that I use to try and keep my 2 and a half year olds natural wave sounds very similar to your daughters hair :blush: it’s worked well so far

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The weight of the hair will pull the curl out.

If you are going to use rollers use the sponge rollers at night in wet to damp hair

I don’t use any hair products on my little ones hair, this is my almost four year old son’s hair btw :relaxed:

I’d try a trim, if her hair gets thicker the weight may make the curls disappear, which is what happened to my oldest daughter.

I use detangler after the bath when I’m
Brushing. My daughters ringlets disappeared for a good year or so but now that I brush her hair with the detangler it smells pretty and brings out the ringlets when dry

My hair was like that as a kid. But by age 5 the ringlets has all naturally gone away. The weight/length basically pulled my curls out.

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My mom used rollers in my hair when I was younger. I always thought the results were pretty.

Curl defining spray…I use Aussie