Can you put cereal in babies bottle?

Should you put cereal in babies bottle? my mom and ped said i could but mom groups say they are against it…what is the truth?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you put cereal in babies bottle?p

Years ago it was the done thing putting 1/2 a tea spoon in a full bottle, times have changed so most don’t approve now


I personally never did, I have 6 children and I think it’s just the “lazy” way. Spoon feeding is best so they learn how to eat from a spoon. But that’s just me


I did for both my boys but it wasnt for every meal; I’m pregnant again after 9 years and times have changed since then. You should do what you think is best for your baby

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Mom group VS a pediatrician but again just because they say it’s okay doesn’t mean you have to. That’s your choice, I never did it. I’m not against it just a choice I made

It’s definitely not recommend. For a couple reasons. 1. It can be a choking hazard if baby isn’t used to the thicker consistency or it doesn’t get mixed in well enough and there are chunks. 2. There is no nutritional value in baby cereal. It’s just empty calories.
It’s usually recommended so they sleep better but sleep is a developmental thing. It should not be “mended” by stuffing the baby before bed.


My understanding is that while it may help keep baby fuller overnight, it can be a choking hazard (especially before they’ve started solids). But it’s one of those things that everyone has a different opinion about, including the professionals; I’d say go with your own comfort level.

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My pediatrician said If your going to offer cereal, use a spoon because it’s a choking hazard being in a bottle.

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No it’s dangerous. No food till 6 months. then you can do baby led weaning


My pediatrician recommend cearl in bottle to stop my sons reflex. Had no problems and he rarely spits up. I would rather go with what your doctor tells you then a moms group.


No, no, no and no. Never.


Personally I wouldn’t. It used to be the norm. But we know now babies bodies are not ready to eat anything other than formula or breast milk until their stomach muscles are strong enough to sit independently. Feeding solids before baby is ready can cause digestive issues in the future. Plus babies have choked on thickened formula.

Your doctor seems to be older & behind on current knowledge. More than 20+ years behind. They warned against this practice when my oldest was a baby. He’s 21. I’d find a new pediatrician. I’d be afraid of other info he’s giving you is outdated too.


My pediatrician recommended it for my son to make his formula a little thicker. He spit up horribly even with milk for sensitive tummies. That was also nearly 13 years ago. It all depends on the reason for doing so. Baby cereal is just empty calories and has very little nutritional value. Doing so doesn’t make baby sleep longer. Evaluate your reason for wanting to add cereal and go from there.

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depending on ceral i think look at up and gos they have 2 weekbixs and smooth as silk

They literally don’t possess the enzymes in their tummy to break down food until about 6 months. Feeding before then can cause colic

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You shouldn’t. (Pediatric nurse here). They don’t need nutrition from it if they’re under 6 months. If they’re over that age they need to learn to eat from a spoon which helps with eventual speech development. If they’re spitting up a lot and that’s why you want to do it, you need to get to the bottom of the spitting up if it is a lot. Also there’s a risk for allergies if fed cereal to early.


I did. My daughter at a month old I would put very little and it helped her. My son doesn’t care for cereal at all……

It will just come out as mega-poo! You don’t say how old but if they’re under six months then a definite no-no.

All my 4 babies had farleys rusk in the bottle age 2 months…filled them up so got more sleep :sleeping: :england:

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No it’s a choking hazard.
Their developmentally not read for solids till 6 months plus ALL the signs of readiness.
Babies are meant to wake up throughout the night, because it helps prevent SIDS, they need constant feeding as there bodies and brains grow rapidly.


All the babies in my family got it and it didn’t bother them just don’t put hardly any in the first time like for a 4oz bottle we will put maybe half a scoop of cereal but only once a day

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No! It is so dangerous. Not worth it. Plus cereal is empty calories and point less. Please don’t do this.

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I have always did it. I used the scoop from the formula to put 1 per 2ozs

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I would question the pediatrician, that is a choking hazard. Just give the cereal from the spoon.


Listen to your ped not everyone else they know your child best

I started giving my kids cereal around 2 months but I did it with a spoon right before bath time. It was messy but they loved it. They choked when I tried it in a bottle but didn’t with the spoon.

I did with both of my little ones because no matter how often they would eat they were never full. I put just enough for it to fill them but not be to thick. It was a god sent. Both my babies are happy and healthy today…my daughter turns 9 today.

Yes I even put a whole smoothie in my baby’s bottle full with fruit and vegetables and she loved it. She had a swallowing disorder and needed her milk thickened. She always slept through the night

If not cereal use blended fruit or vegetables

I’m 62 years old and I didn’t raise my babies by internet thank God I put cereal in my babies bottle just before bed because milk isn’t enough to fill them up and they done fine that’s the problem now young parents think they know it all and don’t even want to listen to what there ped tell them why even bother to take them to Dr just ask internet


I used oatmeal but I did with all three of my babies and they are all fine:) and they slept longer when I started.

I used rice cereal for my boys in their bottles. My oldest son was every bottle because he had acid reflux so the Ped and GI doctor said to do it.
In my opinion listen to your doctor and your child, if they are still hungry after a bottle then they need more.

Cereal has no nutritional value for baby. It’s meant to be a training aid with a spoon food before moving to a puree. If they are old enough to need something heavier in their belly then they are big enough to just use a spoon. It’s not worth the risk of choking


Depends on their age.

I have will all 3 of my babies ! I waited till 4 months and started with 1/2 of teaspoon in the bedtime bottle ! My baby can’t do rice I had to do oatmeal !

Truth is you do what ever the hell you want. It’s your kid. You’ll soon work out if it’s good or not :woman_shrugging:t3:


You really shouldn’t because of choking issues… But people will say they did it and the baby’s fine blah blah… Remember you have to accept anything that comes with your choices… If it’s not Necessary (because the cereal really isn’t ) then I wouldn’t


My son didnt stop crying until i put cereal in it. He was not getting full and i wasnt going to sit there and do nothing while my son was hungry.


No you are not supposed to but parents do it.

Everyone has opinions on how they raise their own children… instead of worrying about how you will be looked at as a mother, maybe just do what you think is right? Asking for opinions is great, having a circle of mommas to come to and ask for advice is awesome! But if your baby’s doc said it would be fine, and you trust that doc… then you do what you think is right for your baby!
I had to add cereal to my youngest baby’s bottle when he was barely a month out, not because I wanted her to sleep at night, but she was constantly hungry… every hour she was needing a bottle, I have been with my pediatrician for 15 years so I fully trust her, she said it would be fine to add just enough cereal to her formula (I didn’t produce breast milk) to give her a more full tummy…
So my only advice is you do what you think is right for yourself and your baby

Well let’s see. If your child is hungry and the milk or fomula isn’t enough, then absolutely feed that baby.

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I did my kids are 16 and 10 and fine. Never choked on it once. I would t worry about what mom groups say. Definitely go with your doctor says. They did go to school for what they do.

If it passes through the bottle nipple it good…for those it has no nutrient, the needed nutrient will come from the milk

No… it increases their risk of choking…

Everyone knows Mom group opinions trump a peds years of education.

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It’s a choking hazard

Mom groups say no, but your pediatrician says you can. :thinking:

I’d go with the pediatrician.

Stop listening to random people on the internet. If your ped said it’s fine it’s fine. My daughter had it in every bottle when she was a baby due to her spitting up per her Dr. And she’s just fine.

I had an old school doctor, he recommended Rice cereal at nine weeks,but spoon feed only,he said in the bottle the baby gets to much in tummy and will be uncomfortable and cry,he said they need to learn spoon feeding and to make cereal thin and they need more in their tummies at night besides milk. My daughter started sleeping longer at night after eating cereal

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I did with no problems. He didnt like it so i started him on baby food instead at 3 months.

My daughters ped advised me to do it due to her gerd. She was unable to keep regular formula down. She gave me very specific instructions in his much to use per 1 ounce of formula. Her ped is was also my lactation consultant.

So you’re listening to people on the internet instead of your child’s DOCTOR… I can’t even

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Considering the AAP and CDC says it could do more harm than good, that would be a hard no for me. Babies go through growth spurts, and times where they cluster feed. Putting cereal in a bottle isn’t going to fix it.

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I have twin girls and I did quit listening to Karen’s

This is YOUR child so do what you feel is right just like every other mom should do… there is no right or wrong way for anything every child is different just like parenting is different for everyone

Yes I did for my daughter

Stop listening to people on the net first off … you are going to get all kinds of answers . There is no right or wrong answer . Some people say no some people say yes . If your doctor says yes then do it . It will fill baby up hold might hold over until next feeding . Instead of being hungry earlier.

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I put banana in the baby milk

I was advised by my daughter’s pediatrician to put I think 1 teaspoon in every 4oz bottle to try and help how badly she threw up with each bottle. For her it made it way worse so I only did it a couple times and then never did for my other kids. This was 19 years ago. It’s best though to go with your gut on what you feel is best for your little one.

I did for my daughter. You will get different answers from the internet because some drs say yes, some say it’s a choking hazard. I’d go with your child Dr you and the Dr know your child the best.

I only gave my baby the cereal oats in her milk when she was walking & eating well on her own but ask your Dr to be sure!

Some babies need it and some don’t. I would listen to your dr as they are the ones caring for your child not a bunch of random people online including myself lol

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No, it’s a choking hazard. It should never go in a bottle.

Pediatricians aren’t up to date on things like this & give outdated advice.

I mean if the pediatrician said it’s fine, I would for sure go with that advice. I put cereal in all 6 of my kids bottles, none of them choked on it or had any other issues with it. Do what YOU feel is best for YOUR baby.

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When doctor recommended it is fine , a lot of moms do it just because cluster feeding gets to them so they try to fill their baby up faster with rice in the bottle.
But having rice added can help with reflux. My friend’s son was actually prescribed formula that was made with rice or something in it that made it a bit thicker due to severe reflux issues.
Always listen to your doctor or if concerned about their recommendation then seek a second opinion from a different doctor

If it’s advised by your pediatrician for a reason than I would do what your ped says …. Most people r against it because it’s a choking hazard but we had to do it for my son because of acid reflux and it helped him a lot

Yes, I did for my son

I put pablum in with formula. Not much but to make it little thicker.

You need to ask your ped, not strangers on Facebook. This is a huge controversial topic, I stick it in my sons as I was advised to by my ped. My son has bad acid reflux (he’s on meds for it) but was still spitting up so bad he was losing weight. We stick a tiny bit in his bottles just to thicken it. It’s helped tremendously. He’s gained weight and hasn’t spit up as much. But like I said, you need to talk to your ped and see what works best for your family! You’ll be attacked by moms either way. So you just have to do what works for you.


They used to make special nipples for that and they have a type of weight in the bottom to push the cereal down so the baby isn’t sucking air if the food gets stuck. They probably still make them. I haven’t had the need to look

I’d take the doctors advice over any group on FB

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I did for both of my kids it helped fill them up

I would listen to my pediatrician before I listened to random people on Facebook.

But I did it for both of my kids and they are just fine never had issues

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I think I’d listen to my mom and pediatrician before some mom group :thinking: :woman_shrugging:


Baby girl, your mom and PEDIATRICIAN both said it’s fine. I would go with that. After reading these comments you’re probably more confused. At the end of the day it’s YOUR baby and YOU should do what YOU think is best. If you feel uncomfortable putting cereal in the bottle then don’t.

It is normal for some babies ONLY when being guided by the pediatrician. Usually to gain weight or stop spit up issues, hope babe is okay. Sincerely, nursery teacher of 10+ years. :white_heart:

You should listen to your pediatrician. My son has severe reflux and we had to sdd cereal to his bottles per his pediatricians instructions.

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I’ve done it will all my kids, my youngest is 5 months. It’s a great way to introduce cereal.

Yes i used to put farex in all my babies bottles…helps fill em up…hence maybe sleep thru the night

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If you ped is telling you to do this for a specific reason then you either need to follow that or get a second opinion from another ped. None of us can really help you outside of anecdotal stories. I did give my babies cereal in their bottles when they were older but that was a decision made specifically for my children.

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They make bottles just for cereal.

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always listen to your doctor over a group of moms!

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My pediatrician still says yes.

I did it for all 6, you would use common sense…don’t make it thick, just a little and do not prop

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My LO is 4 months and we started giving him baby rice on a spoon just a few tablespoons then bottle feed after. I don’t mix it bc he loves the spoon but also got belly aches when it was in his bottle

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You could but the doctors recommend you don’t.

Listen to your pediatrician. They went to school and actually have a real idea of what they’re doing.

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Listen to your mother. She raised you didn’t she?

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Yes u can, Idc what anyone says I did with all of my kids as they wouldn’t sleep much at night so I put formula and cereal in their bottles and they are all just fine and healthy.

I only did when one of my kids had GERD cause it kept the formula down. Other than that they don’t really need it until they are ready for it around 6 months. And they eat it in morning from a spoon. But everyone’s different w their ways and opinions. Won’t hurt them

If your baby isn’t satisfied with just milk
Yes have a small amount of diluted cereal ready to add to it but don’t give first or they will fill up and not get enough milk.

I would not listen to most mom groups

every pediatrician i’ve ever talked to recommends it for certain situations. the only people i ever see against it is moms, not the actual doctors for babies. :woman_shrugging:t3: so idk

Although you can if it’s thinned out but overall is it good for the child?