Can you have a natural birth after a csection?

Hi mumma’s I fell pregnant again after having a c section 3 months ago. I’m just wondering people’s experiences with pregnancy after such a short time. Did you have a natural birth or another c section? Was healing time different. Thanks in advance x


My 2nd was less than 2 years after my 1st csection. Due to issues with how I healed the first time #2 was a repeat csection. The second time around I recovered in no time and it was way easier.

With it being so close, they will probably want you to have another c section. I’m pregnant again and my youngest will be 8! (What was I thinking right!) lol I get to choose because my body has completely healed. Then again, everyone is different!

I’m due with my second in nov. my son is 14 months old. Right now they say I can have natural however due to my son’s tramautic c section they think I’ll have a c section

Once you have a c section, I though that’s all you can have for the rest of your pregnancies??.. 3 months though? No time to heal… yikes! However congratulations . I just had one about 12 days ago and it’s not doing so well :disappointed:


You dont fall pregnant…


Had an emergency c section August of 2017 and found out I was pregnant again in Feburary of 2018 (2 months along). I had another c section based on how close together they were. The second c section was soooooo much easier and less painful. My kids are 13 months apart.

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U can have a vbac. Find a vbac friendly Dr. Join ur local ican group on fb. Also remember that no matter what the hospital policy is they can not force u to have a repeat c section. I got pregnant a month after my son was born with twins and had we not lost them I was going to have a vbac after 2 c sections

Once you have a c csection. Its unlikly to have a natural birth

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The two types of birth are C section and Vaginal Birth. A “natural birth” means no drugs… or at least thats how my doctors have always looked at it c section nor vaginal are any less of the same.

You can have a natural birth after a c-section
Hell you can have a vaginal birth after 2 c-sections
They really aren’t recommend after 3 though
It all depends on how your body is and what your doctor suggests
In my own experience back to back pregnancies and c-sections make it hard to damn near impossible to lose the belly that hangs over the incision site

It depends on you and your body. Talk to your on gun. You might have to wait to find oyt.

I had a c section and was told I wouldn’t have to have one with my next baby. I hope all goes well for you.

I had all natural births…each birth got more painful during deliveries. I also had recent back to back pregnancies and I found my recovery was much harder having JUST had a baby then having another. Also caring for a baby while also being pregnant with another was difficult too…always tired, body hurt… Glad it’s over lol even though I loved being pregnant I don’t miss being uncomfortable. Good luck hun!!! :slight_smile:

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My 2 youngest are 360 days apart. C sec with both. You’ll be a bit more sore, but take it easy and you’ll be ok!

The doctors like to to say you need c sections again and again after the first but I think that’s because they get payed a ton more and it’s way faster and easier for the doc to just get the baby out! It’s not true. Vbac (vaginal birth after c) is way safer. But I think they like to wait at least a year. I’m pregnant with my second and trying for a vbac with a different doctor.

I am due in November with my second. It will be 3 years since my last one. I am having another.

3 months is too close your body isn’t healed enough for natural birth. It might end up being a high risk pregnancy.


I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you that you’ll need to have another C section

My kids are 18 months apart and I had c sections with both, first wasn’t scheduled. I feel my second was less painful, but that’s maybe because I knew what to expect this time.

There’s 18 months between my boys, i did VBAC and my hospital was all for me doing it.

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I dont have experience with this but I just want to say I dont understand why anyone would laugh at this it isnt funny.


With it being so soon after a c section I wouldn’t risk the wound/scar tissue tearing open if you were to try for a vaginal birth. But I would have a discussion with your doctor about it most hospitals dont allow VBACs that soon.


They recommend you wait about 2 years after having a c-section to try for a VBAC to allow the uterus to heal


If you are pregnant again soon after having a csection you will need to have another csection.
However, do your own research. Talk to a handful of doctors. Get professional opinions.
Coming from a mom of 2 boys 364 days apart and both csections. After doing this myself and wanting a vbac in the end the risk wasn’t worth it.

My first 2 were c sections. 12 and 10 years ago and I’m expecting twins within the next 4 weeks and my doc said I could try a VBAC but he wouldn’t do it and that I would have to find a new doc because he wasn’t going to risk it with twins but I understand his reasoning and respect the fact that he knows his stuff and doesn’t want to put me or my boys in a compromising situation. But with it only being 3 months pp it would be very risky it’s been 10 years since my last and uterine rupture has been his biggest concern even with me having a low lying scar. You have to do what SAFEST for you and your baby.

I would have another c section since they are so close, personally. Your uterus wont be fully healed. I know people who had major complications from having vbacs less than a year after c sections.


Due to the short amount of healing time between pregnancy I m going to say another c section


I have a friend who got pregnant had one in January her other baby in November same year. So it happens, I think Dr just keep close watch on you. My daughter had sisters in her class thought they were twins they were almost 10 months apart. So it’s more common than you think. You’ll be ok.

I was 5 months pp when I got pregnant with my 2nd and my placenta stopped growing at 20 weeks found out at 26 weeks and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks before having an emergency c section at 28 weeks he was 1 lb 14 oz and was in NICU for 3 months. They did say they dont think it was from getting pregnant so soon after it was just a rare disorder called IUGR. 2 under 2 is a lot of work! I wish you luck mine are now 7 months ( 4 corrected) and my daughter just turned 20 months

I had a vbac only a year and a half after my csection. It depends on your success rate.

I got pregnant when our second was 6mo.
Recovery was actually so much better. Like … SO much better.

My kids are a year and 7 months apart when I have two C-Sections.The healing time is different.The first C-Section scar was healing fast since I was stitch up but I was stitch and staple for the second time

I had 2 of my children 12 months and 3 weeks apart. The first was a c section at 32 weeks due to medical necessity. I had a successful vaginal birth before but they would not allow a vbac unless they were a minimum of 18 months and preferably 24 months. The uterus can be extremely weak and could rupture.

My son will be 15 months old when my 2nd is born and my doctor is letting me have a VBAC I think it just depends on the hospital and your specific circumstances

I had a c section and 13 months later another. Everything was good.

Doctors recommend having another baby at least 18 months apart to give you time to heal, I had an emergency c-section first time round and I’m due my second boy this July they will be 2 years and 10 months apart so I’m hoping I can have my second naturally, if I was in your situation I would have another c-section due to the time apart, you are more prone to tearing whilst in labour and it will become more dangerous for you and baby x

It was about 2 and a half years after but I had a second C section after my first some states don’t allow VAC including mine but everyone kept saying there was a chance to tear so it scared me enough I didn’t wanna try vaginal birth

I had vaginal births. My first 2 kids are less than a year apart and for me i healed up fast. The kids are best friends (currently theyre 6 and 7). They have a special bond almost like a twin bond and i love it!

Delayed fertile egg? Or you are just a fertle young lady. From what I know from my friends that had C-sections it was carried thru. Something about bone structure that doesn’t give for them to deliver naturally. I don’t know if this is true for all women.

My kids are 11.5 months apart. My pregnancy wasn’t too much harder with my daughter. They were both natural births and the same amount of healing. The only thing is it’s hard when having an infant and a 1 year old

I’ve had both a natural and and a csection. I honestly didn’t mind the recovery time for either. Each had it’s own pains and such but the recovery time was the same for me. I’ll probably end up having the rest of my kids via c section. We will just see.

You can’t get a vbac because there wasn’t enough healing time. Most doctors want 12-18 months between to consider vbac. Other than that I’ve heard of many successful pregnancies soon after csections.