Can you develop asthma after being pregnant?


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Has anyone developed asthma after pregnancy? I’m 6 months pp. I got over a cold 3-4 weeks ago but I still have this cough with no mucus. I can feel it around my suprasternal notch, like a tightening. I can’t laugh hard or lay down with my head tilted up a little without coughing.


Maybe thyroid gland is enlarged? Thyroid is affected by pregnancy

I did! I started to wheeze and get short of breath when my son was about 6 months old… it took months for doctors to treat me for the right sickness! I was told bronchitis a few times, asthma (which I never had), they even went as far to say possibly lung cancer. It was scary because I couldn’t breathe right for months! It turned out being a kind of influenza which was found through a lugey (spit) sample. I hope you figure out what it is soon!!

Sinus and allergy issues are common after pregnancy.