Can you breastfeed while pregnant?

I think I may be pregnant…VERY EARLY. …maybe not even over 2 weeks. My question is: Is it safe to nurse and be pregnant or can that cause issues? I have heard nipple stimulation can cause premature labor later in the pregnancy but can it cause complications early on in pregnancy? My 2 year old son was exclusively breasfed for 18 months and now he only nurses to sleep at bed time each night…I just want to be safe in case I am in fact pregnant.


I nursed one up until a month before i gave birth.

Not until 3rd trimester

If your nipples are use to nursing it won’t be NEW stimulation so your body won’t really recognize it as stimulation at all


You’re fine to nurse while pregnant. Being pregnant can change the taste of your milk or make you dry up temporarily though. Just saying


Is this a real question?


I’ve heard if you’re pregnant your milk supply will tank on its own because of conflicting hormones. Nothing bad should happen to baby if you continue to nurse but you may have to wean your little if you are pregnant because you may not produce milk while pregnant.

My mil nursed until the week before she gave birth. Obviously talk wit your doctor but have had tons of friends nurse through the majority of their pregnancies


Unless you are a high risk pregnancy, you should be fine.
I have a history of 2 preterm labors so if it was me, the Dr’s would be telling me no. You should be fine if you had no previous complications.

Your fine… All the way thru pregnancy.

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Unless you ovulate on day 8 there is no way you are pregnant. If you have any questions your ob is around to help. You can call them anytime! :slight_smile:

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I would think it would be fine. You could always give your doctor a call just to double check.

No you’ll be fine hun. :heart:

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I was told to stop nursing when I got pregnant bc it contracts your uterus

I nursed my first while I was pregnant with my second. Everything went fine, I didn’t produce as much so I did supplement. My first two are only 11 months apart :slightly_smiling_face:

I know someone who has breastfeed literally for 7 years and in those 7 years she has had 5 kids. Think u will be fine

When I was breastfeeding my 9 mo old back then, I found out I was pregnant with his brother and I nursed just fine until my milk just decided to dry up completely due to the pregnancy hormones. I was kind of sad.


shouldnt you take a test before worrying about all this?

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