Can ultrasounds be wrong?

Hi mamas… need some feedback plz. So i took my first ultrasound at 18 weeks and was told it was a boy. Took another one today and was told that its a girl… idk what to think…


Wait a bit longer for a 4D .

Pay for a private 3D ultrasound or wait and be surprised at birth. I would keep it pretty gender neural until you know for sure.

Have you done a blood test??

Blood test is the most accurate besides birth. I suggest doing one since your being told different

I’ve had ultrasounds since 6 weeks. I’m 14 weeks now and it’s a boy! You can obviously tell if there’s a bulge in between the legs and his legs were always spread wide open. Could see the bulge every time.

Why a blood test she knows she is pregnant

If you have a picture of the “potty shot” post it and see what others think!


Same thing happened to me. My first 2 ultrasound they said it was girl. Now after my most recent ultrasound they showed me there was a penis.

Look at the scan was told three lines is a girl

Post the picture! It should be obvious if it’s a boy. It was very obvious for my sister in law at 14 weeks when it was a boy

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Boys can be mistaken for girls. My oldest was a boy for two months lol. Then it was decided she’s a girl. She’s 11

Do a blood test. They can get the gender that way.

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I had an ultrasound at 14 weeks during my first pregnancy and it was obvious it was a boy, but with this pregnancy at 14 weeks they told me it was a girl and then at 18 weeks it became apparent that its a boy lol like others have said, a blood test would be most accurate or a 3D/4D ultrasound!

You never know for sure unless blood test or you wait.

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When I had my blood test they said it was 99.98% accurate.


Wait to be surprised! We never knew years ago!


Had it done to me too :rofl:

U can pay for 3d ultrasound? Otherwise post pic of ultrasounds u have and ask what others think? I was told 3 lines is a girl. I have 2 girls myself lol

You can tell the difference… I have no idea what a girl would look like… as I had all boys! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Could have been the umbilical cord in the first one :joy:

This happened to me!!! It was a girl and she’s 5 now :joy:

This was the ultrasound at 20 weeks with my son

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It’s usually really clear around 18-20 weeks if it’s a boy or girl. I went at 17w2d for a 4D to find out the gender and she was a girl! She was a tough cookie though, took 25 minutes for her to untighten her legs and her cord was between there too lol

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I think it should be a surprise I never wanted to know the sex of my babies

If it looks like a burger, it’s a girl, if it looks like a turtle, it’s a boy. I have one of each lol

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Do you have a potty shot, or ealry scan photos after 12 weeks if you can see the nub you can tell by going by nub theory

A girl will look like they have 3 little lines in between her legs. The ultrasound tech showed us after she told us our last was also a girl and I asked “are you sure” about 13 times.


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Thank you for the replies but in my country we do not have 3d ultrasounds available atm nor blood test. N sorry didnt get a copy of the pic.

I’d go with the newest one

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This happened to me but the other way around!:sweat_smile:

This has actually happened to a couple that I personally know. They had a gender reveal & everything to tell everyone it’s a boy but weeks later they found out it was a girl. It terrifies me because at 17 weeks I was told mine was a girl & I don’t want it to change lol!! :weary: (I’m now 21 weeks)

Mine was wrong everytime

I had this issue and if i remember correctly it was the umbilical cord between the legs😂

But she was positioned weird so it looked like a boy…maybe thats the case or maybe your son is in a weird position. Get another one or just buy gender nuetral stuff

This happened to my friend. She was told it was a boy, then they changed it to a girl. She’s had a few ultrasound after that and it is still a girl

I was told from 16 weeks to 35 weeks that I was having a boy… At 35 I was told on nope it’s a girl… My daughter is almost 7.

I don’t get these gender parties A baby shower should be bags of diapers bottles bibs Everything your going to need got a baby and there is so much besides pink or blue

I was said that it was a boy at 12-13 weeks ultrasounds. In the next ones nothing was said. Now I have bought some boys clothes I hope to use them :grinning:

At your first they probably thought they saw signs of baby being a boy but then later when they should have been able to see some actually genitals they realized it was really a girl.