Can teething cause a baby to spit up a lot?

My 6 month old spits up so much every time he eats, no matter the amount. We burp after every ounce and wait 15 min before laying him down- he spits up immediately after each burp. And it never fails, he’ll continue to spit up the bottle he just had for hours after. We’ve gone through formula after formula- this is the only one that he’s not constantly crying on. We use dr brown bottles. We recently started puréed food hoping it would thicken the content of his tummy a little and help the spitting up- nope. He’s always hungry and eating because he spits up so much of what he’s eating.Can teething cause this? A possible tongue or lip tie? His ped offers no help or suggestions and swears real food will eventually help him. I can’t find any info online, I just want to help my baby.


My daughter was the same way. We are using similac alimentum and a little rice with dr browns bottles. We also stopped burping her and she rarely throws up anymore. She is a micro preemie born at 22 weeks so they normally always have GI issues and all these things have really helped.

Have them do an ultrasound of his belly . Mine had to have surgery on the tube that goes from the stomach to intestines . It was to tight/thick and he was fine after the surgery . He eats so much now and so much better

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My son was the same and he had reflux. Enfamil AR and medicine from the dr and it made a world of difference. He projectile vomited without the combination of the formula and reflux medicine

I would try putting a few gas relief drops in your little one’s bottle before feeding & see if that might help a bit. My 8 year old was breastfed and supplemented & the only thing that significantly helped was gas relief drops.

Baltic Amber helped with her teething too.

Try Phillips Avent bottles, with the natural nipples so he can control the flow.