Can someone explain what happens in the tubes tied procedure?

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They took me in and did an Epidural to numb me same as when in labor. They hang the sheet in front of your face so you can’t see what they are doing and it takes them about 30 minutes to do the procedure. After that they move you back to your bed and sort of just let you wait there for a little bit so the numbing can wear off and they can make sure you get feeling back.


So I got my tubes tied end of December. Other than the pre-op appts. My bf took me to the appt day of surgery. We hung out until they called me back and he went home as he wasn’t aloud back due to covid. They did vitals, asked about allergies, asked if I was ever under anesthesia, I met my doctor again, the anesthesiologist and some other nurses. Then was wheeled back, moved on to surgery table in the OR, they put a mask on me… and that’s all I remember until I woke up. I was really out of it, that’s why they tell you to have someone pick you up, my bf came back we went home surgery was about 1 hour the whole start to finish was about 3 hours. I hurt for about a week. Couldn’t use stomach pretty much it hurt quite a bit. But other than that it was pretty easy

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They basically cut and cauterize your Fallopian tubes for the lack of scientific words.

They knock you out…then wake you up and send you home…really that’s just how it felt…to me anyway…no pain just tired afterwards…but everybody’s different

I had mine done about 17 years ago I was wheeled on the bed to the outside of operation room I walked in and I got on a small table they put a warm blanket on me no one put a blanket on my face but a mask

I had mine done the day after giving vaginal birth. The dr had never done it so soon after a vaginal birth (he was young) and it was usually done at the 6 week appointment. I explained finances, and not being able to afford recovering twice. So he agreed. After, he told me that it was easier than doing it at 6 weeks because my skin was still very elastic and it stretched well for better visibility. My scar is super tiny. 1 inch, maybe. The scar shrunk back when the skin did.

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Google could explain it :woman_shrugging:t2:

Knocked me out made 2 tiny incisions cut tied couple stitches called it bandaid surgery.

Day after delivery they gave me a spinal tap was on the table put the drape up so couldn’t see what was going on cut me open right across my belly button then glued me back together or something then tape over it kid you not but healed fast

I had my tubes removed almost two years ago now I was knocked fully out only key hole surgery

I had mine done straight after my c section and to this day I regret having it done, not that I want more kids, but my periods, the cramping, the heaviness is a whole lot worse after wards, and this was 5 years ago.

Don’t get them tied. Have them removed. Google the benefits

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You can have the procedure of clamping done which can be reversible,
cutting tubes is irreversible.and can cause many issues in the future.

Before you even get them done read up on post tubal ligation syndrome then decide

Had my girl in August and tubes tied in October, went in and got admitted. Took me to surgery, got my iv and went to sleep, woke up in recovery. Left about an hour or 2 later. Took 2-3 days to be able to bend normal again. Now almost 2 years later the only thing I have to say is periods and cramps are a billion times worse!

Get the clamps, less pain faster healing.

Actual tying of the tubes is where they use an endo loop and actually tie them (not done very often anymore) most are taken care of via a clip over your tubes or the cauterization and cutting of your tubes. Depends on the Physician and the technique they are most comfortable with for each individual person.

This is totally left field but I know around 5 girls who did this and they all regret it for a number of reason get hubby to get the snip ha ha