Can people change?

I know this is long, Hoping someone will read and and can give advice or just a listening ear.
Me and my husband have been together for 10 years, we met online and he moved in about 6 years ago, Well after I had out child 5 years ago I found out that he saved a female coworker number under a guys name. He admitted years later that she wanted to have sex with him and the only thing that happened was they went fro boba during a lunch brake, I let that go. Well 2 years ago he was acting really distant and would say weird things that made it seem like he wanted us to not be together like how would are living situation be if we weren’t together since I didn’t have a job and we stayed in a apartment. I ended up riding out he was talking to some girl he makes deliveries to and they were talking for about 4 months, I seen text messages saying he really like her and wants to be with her and take her on dates (me and him go on no more than 5 dates a year) anyways I had texted her from his phone saying he was married with kids and I left to my moms that night and stayed there for about a week, me and her kept in contact and she told me the night I texted her he told her I was a crazy BM and I was just “crashing” at his place but he would come to me apologizing saying he didn’t mean it and what not, I ended uo giving in simply cause he was all I knew and I live him not to mention we have kids together, Well she told me he missed work on day and they went to a park tougher and hung out for a few hours and that he would give her money and buy her lunch and bring it to her which really hurt me because we don’t have extra money to just hand out like that and he NEVER done that for me out of the 10 years we have been together. everything was quiet for a while since she had moved away, wellll a few months past and at this time we were sharing a phone since his was broken and I saw there was a number that was blocked on the phone so I called and some gurl picked up and Im like hey just calling to see why this number was blocked in my phone. she said im sorry ******** told me that he was single and you were just staying with him, she later would go on to say that he would follow her around her store trying to talk to her and would always compliment her and told her not to “Friend Zone” hime just yet. I of course confronted him and all he would say was he was sorry and he don’t know why he does what he does. I forgave him (I know I know Im a fool going doing so) Ever since then everything has been quiet. She texts me whenever he tried to talk to her but she hasn’t said anything in over a year. I have really BAD trust issues and he doesn’t understand that. His thing is if ive “forgave” him I should forget about what happened. Which I know its my fault for staying and people have told me “well you did stay” like I don’t have a right to feel the way I do. So im just wondering, Do people change? also Im just venting since I don’t have anyone to talk about this too