Can I out the father on the birth certificate if he doesn't want to be?

I’m currently four months pregnant. The father of my child has currently been in a relationship for almost five years with his GF. He doesn’t want any responsibility to this child, but I want to put his name on the birth certificate will I be able to if he doesn’t want it?


No at least in Pennsylvania in order to put the father on the birth certificate the father has to sign a form acknowledging paternity if not you have to go to court

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If he doesn’t want to be, then why bother :woman_shrugging:


If you’re not married then he hast to sign the birth certificate or be put on it at least that’s how it is in Michigan

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Not in uk
But why would you want to if hes not interested
And that’s automatically giving him rights why would anyone do that to a man that can walk away from the child xx


Probably depends on your state. I would think in most if you are not married, the father needs to sign and acknowledge the paternity. Pending DNA you can have it added I believe.

In South Africa you can.

No, he has to be present to sign the acknowledgement of paternity. In order for you to force the issue, you would need a dna test through the court

No u can’t he has to be there.

anyway why would you If he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby

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I’m in IL…if the father isn’t there to sign the BC, they can’t put his name on it.

If you’re not married he has to be present to sign.

Depends on the state you live in

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You will have to go through child support and get a dna test and then they will put it on there no matter what he wants


Nope he has to sign it

In Cali no you can say you don’t know who the father is and they don’t have to sign

In California 5 years ago… Bd went home to clean up the house for me and told me just to put his name down but they wouldn’t let me. He HAD to be the one to sign it

If you’re in the US, you would have to pursue him through child support services after the baby is born. Once a DNA test is done through the state you can petition the courts to amend the birth certificate to reflect that he is the father.

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You can take it to court and get a paternity test which will legally put him on the birth certificate. You can name him as a potential father yourself, but you cannot forge his signature on the certificate.

He doesn’t want to be, he has a partner he had been with for 5 years, and your pregnant. Shit girl it sounds like you’re playing games

You can not add him, he would have to sign it himself. Unless you get a court order then he will have to put himself on it. Why sleep with him if he was with someone else?


Force the DNA test. He should still be financially responsible.


No, to my knowledge he either has to sign it to acknowledge that it is his child in the hospital or you have to go through child support and get a DNA test to get him on the BC. This is based off of my sister’s experience in CO though so it may be different in your area

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in oregon the father has to sign a paper to establish that he is the father and will take responsibility

You have to go to court but yes he won’t have a choice once a DNA test is done.


In Alabama you can put his name on it and it’ll be on there but it won’t be fined if he doesn’t sign it just mean he’s not acknowledging any responsibility but you are acknowledging that he is the father

If I read this right, 4 months ago, the father of your now child had an affair on his girlfriend with you…I wouldn’t pursue it…what if he went after custody and won? I’d leave it alone. Most times he has to sign


He has to sign it or later he can acknowledge paternity or they can acknowledge paternity through a paternity test.

You shouldn’t want him on the birth certificate. What purpose would that serve? You can still file for child support.

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Why are there so many people on here that are asking “why she would want to?” if he’s the father then he’s just as liable?!?!


Depends on the state. I think there are rules to follow if you were to need public assistance and whatnot. Some states require you to comply with child support if you’re receiving state funded benefits. Good luck.

No. He has to sign it.

You can put him on the birth certificate in Missouri I think? If not, you can file for custody and they will order him to take a paternity test

The only way to put someone on the birth certificate without them signing is if you’re married or were married within 300 days of the birth. If you wanted a good responsible father you probably shouldn’t have been sleeping with someone else’s man


So you laid in bed with a man who was in a relationship?


The father needs to sign the birth certificate

No you should never do that for the child sake

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Every state is different I would call the hospital that your child will be born in and ask them they can lead you in the right direction this way you know when time comes to give birth .

In Cali the father has to sign the birth certificate or you can’t put a name on there. But not having a name on a birth certificate the child will receive more benifits through the state and the get all the child support set up for you if you want. I have been through this with my children and I’m a working nurse so I take the help I can get daycare can be expensive if you don’t get help

Some states won’t put him on if you’re not married

Where I live if you aren’t married you can’t just put his name on it. He has to be there and show his social and license or something like that.

Yeah u want to collect state :moneybag: that’s why people aren’t stupid so they don’t take money from him both of us are selfish

He’s gotta sign the paper he is without paternity if not married.

He has to acknowledge paternity. Since he doesn’t want to do that you will have to go through the courts. If you apply for child support he will have to come to court and take a DNA and then they will go from there. But I’m gonna be honest, if he doesn’t want to be a part of your child’s life then why bother? You might meet a really good guy in the future that will love your child as if it was his and maybe even want to adopt your child. :woman_shrugging:t4:


In the state of Texas, I think the father has to sign the BC himself. But of course he has to be there. If he’s not there, I would assume there’d be no father to put?

You can give your child their last name, but the fathers name won’t be on the birth certificate unless they fill out the proper paperwork.
If you decide to receive child support and have a DNA test done to establish paternity you can at that time pay to have it legally changed on his/her birth certificate.
Best of luck…

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Although i dont agree with what you did because ive been on the other end of it. He made the choice too. You cant just put his name but you can ask domestics and get a paternity test on him for child support etc


In Illinois you cannot. They have to sign it because that’s the father acknowledging that they know the child exists. However, in Illinois, that does not give them rights to the child if you are not married and have never been married. You would still need to go to court for visitation and child support, but until going to court, the noncustodial parent of the child has zero rights even if they signed the birth certificate.

I know in Pa if you arent married then he will have to prove who he is and sign a paper

Only if your married they will legally put him on the birth certificate

But y would you be the homewrecker


No your going to have to file for child support get him DNA and then they will add him

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You need DNA evidence.

Just apply for child support, they will do the test and handle the rest


He has to sign the BC. Sign an acknowledgment of paternity or the state orders a paternity test. You can’t just put his name down.

Not if he doesn’t want to sign the affidavit of paternity. If you want him to take responsibility you’ll have to prove paternity in court.

He has to sign the birth certificate, so no.

My biological dads name is on my birth certificate

In kentucky, at birth, they have to consent to paternity and sign in the hospital.

In georgia, he has to sign but they help you at the child support office get it legitimized and then he’s obligated to pay.

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Shouldn’t of slept with a man who is in a relationship. Its only gonna get worse for you once his girlfriend finds out.


He would have to sign the paternity affidavit. You can’t just put someone’s name on a legal binding document without consent🤷🏼‍♀️take him to court when baby is born and they will DNA test him and put his name on it. Maybe next time find a man that isn’t taken🤦🏼‍♀️


I had a baby in April and I just put my husbands name on the birth certificate he didn’t have to sign anything at all

Depends on the state.

Can just wait til after baby is born and if you are sure he’s the father…file for child support…if he doesn’t want to pay support he will have to take a DNA test. He can either relinquish all paternal rights to the child or pay support…if the goal is just to put him as the father because the was cheati g in his gf with you…that’s Not a good idea…if you are doing that because u hope he will cdump his gf and come to you
…you are Gonna wind up losing all around: he cheated in his current gf w u…even if he Came to u…wat makes u think …A. u are the only One he’s cheated with? And B. What makes u think he wouldnt do same thing to u??


Add it after DNA is done

Depends on your state laws regarding paternity
In California if you’re married to anyone they are legally the father and you need to prove who the real father is through courts and paternity testing
If you are not married you can put anyone down on the certificate but they have to be there to sign the paternity declaration
If they aren’t present you must legally establish paternity later on to have them added

No because im.pretty sure he has to sign the birth certificate.

If you apply for any state assistance they will make you put down the father’s name and they will require him to pay child support. They will dna test him and put him on it. He doesn’t have to sign anything child support will take care of it

No you have to have his SSN and he has to sign papers.

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Karma is so beautiful sometimes. I feel for his girlfriend though, and the child :pensive:


1 y u screwing a dude that’s been in a whole relationship for years (Homewrecker) and 2 all I need is to force thru court to prove he’s dad thru DNA


In VA in the hospital I was in I had to have 2 witness signatures stating he was the father cuz we weren’t married

In KY you can put the fathers last name without him present

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No you cant father has to sign .

Nope at least in Cali he has to be present and sign a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage to be put on it and it has to be signed by him, you and a witness usually the birth clerk at the hospital. You can give him the dads last name if you want but he won’t go on unless your married or he’s there to sign the VDOP form.

If ur in uk the father has to be present when registering the baby to go on birth certificate x

In Maine if you’re unmarried, father has to fill out paperwork stating that he is the father/willing to take responsibility. Idk about other states.

It would go alot easier for you and your child to just cut ties with the guy now so one may come along in your future that would want to be a father and then you’ll be wanting him gone. Chalk it up as a bad decision and move on to live your life and give your baby a stable home and future.


I’m not sure why people are automatically assuming you are wanting state assistance just because you want the fathers name on the BC. He can not have any responsibility but his name still be on the BC, so the child knows where he comes from. However, you cannot put his name on the BC without him signing a paternity paper acknowledging he is the father, since y’all aren’t married. But you can petition the court for a DNA test which shows paternity and his name be added that way. Tell him he can either sign the paper when the baby is born, or you will petition the court for a DNA test, where he has no choice in the matter either way.

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You don’t have to put him on there but if he decides he wants rights later down the line he will have to pay for a DNA test and to be added to the documents at the vital records place

I hope you grow up before the baby gets here :roll_eyes:


If you could just put whomever you wanted without their consent, why not just put Jeff Bezos lol


Not in the way you mean.
In order for his name to go on the birth certificate at birth he would need to sign it.
However; after baby is born you can contact child support enforcement which is attached to family support division.
Fill out paperwork with them they can help establish paternity.


Cut your losses now. In the end your child is one who will suffer. Leave him alone and get your shit together for that baby.

Put his name and his longtime girlfriend since y’all going to be very involved in each other’s lives for the next while I’d say :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nope. Father has to be present and sign

In ny & nc u can put any name u want on the birth certificate…but dad won’t b on unless 1.he signs or 2. U take him to court request paternity

Unless he signs it, it has to be court ordered. Y’all both stupid though.


Probably not. But why would you want to?


Want money ? Do it. Want medical for your child ? Do it. Five yrs graff fu#k him. Do it

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Sounds like you’re still hung up on him to me. Your main focus should be on your baby and not on some loser who wants nothing to do with you guys. Keep your head up and move on.


No. He would have to sign it. If he won’t, you’ll have to take him to court to prove paternity.

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Yes u can just say who is the father n u r married n if he do not want it on there let him take u to court make him get a dna n that is that

No he would have to agree to it he does have to sign

He has to sign a paper waiving a paternity test in order to be on the BC if you aren’t married.

My bd didn’t have to sign my son’s in Missouri

You’d have to go to child court once the baby is born tell them he is the father they’ll make him do dna test… You should get child support he made the baby with you It’s his child!

No don’t put him on the birth certificate why put a man that doesn’t want you or the child be on a birth certificate :woman_facepalming:


In most states now the father has to sign an affidavit stating he is the father. Otherwise the father will be left blank until you get a court order for a paternity test

Only way you can do it is if you find for a child support and a paternity test courts will order a paternity test and if he is the father they will order child support once the baby is born

Nope, he needs to sign an acknowledgment of paternity (which you will need 2 witnesses for)or else there will be no father on the BC. You will have to go to court for a DNA test which they will make you pay for. (NY)