Can I go to an amusement park two weeks after giving birth?

I gave birth two weeks ago. I’ve stopped bleeding. My stitches feel healed. I feel fine! I’d like to take my son to an amusement park but I’m wondering if it’s safe for me to go? I want to be sure my insides won’t flip around or fall out on a roller coaster lol

I wouldn’t, but if you want to ask your doctor. You’re really not supposed to do much of anything for about 6 wks

I wouldn’t. You never know what could happen happen to your insides if you go on a Rollercoaster. Especially if you had a c-section. I would talk to your doctor about it or midwife and see what they say first. You really should wait 6 to 8 weeks before doing anything like that. If you do go please be very careful.

I rode on a motorcycle three weeks after giving birth. It tipped my uterus.

You most definitely should ask your doctor. I understand wanting to have some fun with your son. Maybe if you did go, someone else could go along to ride the rides with him, while you enjoy time watching and spending time in the park with them.

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I would suggest asking your OBGYN


Ask your DR?

& I hope that by son you dont mean the 2 week old…


Ask your doctor first

A woman’s body isn’t 100% for 1 year after child birth…


2 weeks? No don’t do it… your stitches might be healed from the outside but not from the inside… I wouldn’t get on any roller coasters…


No. You should not. You have a huge open womb inside your body that is healing. Just because you feel better doesn’t mean it’s healed.


Your not even suppose to excersize or do alot for 6 to 8 weeks so I wouldn’t do it that soon I’d wait.


It’s definitely too soon. You haven’t completely healed internally yet and don’t want to cause any damage. I would wait at least 6 weeks, that’s the usual suggestion.


Omg lol ask your dr. I went back to work a week after having my daughter rolling 100lb spools of copper wire. After my son was born I took my tubal stitches out and went back to work within 3 days. Im sure you will be fine.

Personally I wouldn’t but this is a great question for you primary dr or ob. Id think waiting for your 6 week pp checkup would be a typical amount of time to wait before doing anything strenuous


A little too early to get on rides can always watch from the side line stay hydrated too

no that is too soon and you actually could cause bleeding again

Yes,but it depends on how your birthing experience goes!!! I went on a 14hr road trip two weeks after I had my son. But people wanted to hound me about my choice so I asked my OB and she told me I could run a marathon or skydive if I wanted to the day after I gave birth. She did recommend waiting at least a week for the body to rest up some,but she said I could do whatever I wanted the next day if everything went well.

Uh. No. You can take him and walk around but you should not be going on any rides.


I would go but be very cautious. I wouldn’t get on the extreme rides (fast,flipping,) anything that’s going to be jetting your body around. Consult your doctor about it. But I’d think as long as your not doing anything extreme you’ll be fine.

Ma’am please sit down before you be back in the hospital… :woman_facepalming:t5:


you could cause terrible damage and you could bleed to death… maybe go to the movies but that’s about all…plus yoy can’t drive for weeks

I went 3 weeks after, my midwife said I was fine to go, aslong as my BP stayed normal and I felt well in myself

2 weeks? Give your body time to heal!


Absolutely no from one who had had a cystocele rectocele repair. Too much stress on your organs

I would think this is a question for your doctor.


No your body is not healed


No girl don’t do it it hasn’t even been 40 days just rest you might feel good but your body won’t be able to handle a roller coaster plus it took your body 9 months to make a baby it won’t recover in 2 weeks. Best of luck to you mama!

U really shud be in your house for 6 weeks but every woman for herself


Way too early, wait about 6-8 weeks.

No just don’t your body is healing ❤️‍🩹

You feel fine but once you’re out doing it you’ll feel elsewise. I had no tears, no stitches and felt like I was invincible with my 2nd. Overdid it and pure fell over one day and laid there until I could move again. You have an open wound the size of a plate inside your uterus. It’s not worth it.

Tooooo soon! Please let your body heal from the inside! What is it these days people won’t take care of themselves!!!


They tell you 6 weeks for a reason. Your body is nowhere near ready for all of that and it will remind you quick to sit down somewhere


Think to early … but u no ur own body

Call your OB and ask. Mine clearned me 2 weeks post op (I had c-sections) for normal activity after each kiddo. Just talk to them

Girl u cant go to work to sit in a desk chair or have sex for 6 to 8 weeks. Definitely NO! Your uterus could rupture as well as any incisions.


Definitely wouldn’t go

I wouldn’t ride anything that shakes you around too much

I would definitely go

Wait for the doctor’s advised 6 weeks then you can have sex and when that happened and you feel no pain and you see no bleeding then go on the roller coaster


I would say noooooooo

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Nicole Mahone lady sit down! Ain’t that much amusement in the world to be doing all that 2 weeks after having a baby


Ask your doctor not Facebook!!!

Stupid question, hope this is a joke


Well I would look at like this…if you shouldn’t have sex for 6 weeks I think rides would fallow in the same 6 weeks

Absolutely too early.

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I went to an amusement park pregnant I did find out after I went but we were ok if you ask your Dr they will probably say no

Please don’t. You will injure yourself.


Why would you do that? Keep your babies health safe… I can’t even understand what you are thinking.


Little one don’t know anything anyways and might be too noisy for him… You might feel OK, but is safer to wait longer and do some pelvic exercise too.
Your son might like it and realise it better a year later x

You really need to sit down somewhere your body haven’t Healed ijs


Can you, yes. You can do as you please. Should you, no. You may feel ok but internally you’re not healed up enough to not rip open or cause issues.


A question for your doctor not random people on Facebook

thats a retarded ass question

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I did this before, wanted to go to six flags so bad 2 weeks after having my baby. I started bleeding after standing in a line too long. Don’t do it momma :sob:

No and certainly don’t take your newborn either…


Ask your doctor…not Facebook :woman_facepalming:

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Getting on a ride no taking your newborn to a amusement park during covid no less BIG NO stay home rest n relax that amusement park aint going no where


Girl your stitches from out side are ok not the inside once. Stay home enjoy your day off as a active mom

Sorry mama but that’s a stupid question is how old are you that will settle

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Why not? Nothing wrong with it as long as you feel fine

I understand ur wanting to go to an amusement Park but cannot fathom why u would want to take a 2 week old baby there :sweat_smile: congratulations on the birth of ur baby :flushed::heart: definitely should rest for 6 weeks from doing anything and everything!


Just because you feel healed doesn’t mean you are. You’re suppose to wait 6 weeks, that’s like me asking if I can have sex after my hysterectomy because I feel fine :woman_facepalming:

Sure!! I don’t see why not?!
Go and ride the fastest and highest roller coaster you can find! You only live once girlfriend!!:sunglasses::partying_face:


No…you still not completely healed in the inside…

Girl yes. That things like silly putty, snaps right back. Now if you had a c section, you might not want the safety bar ramming into your belly so soon

Thats a negative. Please don’t do that.

Natural birth maybe c-section or any stiches bo too much jerking you could rip

Wow stay home :house_with_garden:to much covid n you got a newborn baby


Don’t do it. Your placenta leaves a big wound in your uterus that takes longer than two weeks to heal. You could get an infection doing stuff like that too soon or before being cleared by your doctor.

If you feel up to it go just make sure you take lots of breaks while you are there it will be easy to over do it this early. So go have fun but with caution :grin: remember you just pushed a baby out of you! And I’m kinda assuming that you are having someone watch the very tiny human as that would be just way to much for them​:heart:

6 weeks for you to heal. Especially with a newborn

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Are you serious…No, of course not. Your inner body needs to heal, geeez

…Having recently been to an amusement park, I can confirm I feel broken and have NOT just had a baby :crazy_face: Wait a while as burst stitches are no fun :grimacing:

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You could go but don’t ride any Rollercoasters. How old is the son you’re taking ? Can he bring a friend to ride rides with him ?

That would be a no. You may feel 100% but your body takes time to fully heal


Y would people on here just tell her to go do it??? Do u know the dangers if any that might cause? U don’t ? neither do I, so maybe give her advise to seek professional advise from her doctor or nurse!!! Unless I’m wrong and those that said yes have PhD’s. Then and only then …I’m sorry

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I think you already know what your DOCTOR would say… but in the event you’re not sure call them. They are going to say no most likely no matter what kind of delivery you’ve had. Even the walking around all day without riding rides could be too much for your still healing body

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You have to remember, you have a wound inside of you the size of a dinner plate from where the placenta was attached. You may not be able to see it and you may feel fine but your body NEEDS time to heal.

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I was told 6 weeks after my kids

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healing takes 6 weeks. why would you want to take your 2 week baby out there with all these viruses going around?

Why take the chance? Seems like a no brainer.

Give me the # to your OB/GYN and I’ll check for ya.

I had an emergency c section with my daughter got straight up and carried on like normal driving 2 weeks after I would suggest that it’s highly discouraged but only you know your body and how far to push yourself making sure you take into consideration COVID your newborn baby too

Depends I wouldn’t take a newborn. Too early. But take your kid. Take your time. Go easy.

Girl first of all that baby 2 weeks old he don’t even know where he at. Second of all, you still bleeding. Please sit down somewhere.


No. Don’t do it! On top of you just giving birth, there’s coronavirus.


No. You’re at risk for hemorrhage.


You should call your OBGYN they are medically qualified to answer your question


I would not dare get on any rides. I would wait a little then go.

Y’all I think I know how I ended up with four kids. After two weeks the only ride I wanted was D! But nooo wait 6. Wks


As far as the covid goes that so many people pointed out, i have a pandemic baby (July 2020) and it never stopped us from doing anything. We always took him everywhere with us.

Girl! Waaaay too soon. You’re still healing. Explain to your son mommy may look fine but she’s needs rest and relaxation after carrying the baby for 9 months. He’ll understand. Get him involved with his newborn sibling - holding, helping feed, etc

That would be a no… Ask your dr. She’ll tell you why it isnt safe


Ask your doctor but honestly they’ll say no because

  1. You just gave birth
  2. Taking your infant child to a amusement park at only 2 weeks in the middle of summer is stupid AF
  3. This question is ridiculous.

Consult with your doctor especially with Corona and this heat!!

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Im sure she not talking about taking her newborn here people