Can I give my toddler melatonin?

Is it okay to give melatonin to a toddler who keeps waking up at night?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can I give my toddler melatonin?

Vaccines can cause sleep recession, look into that

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Consult your child’s pediatrician.

I have been wondering the same thing my son wakes up several times a night

As non medical advice, yes you can, they make 1mg gummies for kids. My son was prescribed it at 10 months. The pediatrician is the one to give you the best answer.

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What does the bottle say? Go by dosage / age, if you ever have a question about medication please feel free to contact your pediatrician to confirm to make you feel better

Are you seriously asking medical questions on a mom group? :joy: Call your child’s doctor or make an appointment to make sure it will work for your specific child - none of us know them or their health needs.


My 4 y/o takes 1ml of melatonin every night prescribed by her doctor. It’s perfectly fine and does her no harm😌 she’s also autistic

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My daughter is gonna be 5 in a few months. I have been giving her the children’s melatonin for yrs. I only give it on work nights and then I don’t do the weekends when I’m off because if not she is up all night till the alarm the next which means she is messing with me all night.

Maybe its to quiet. Turn on a fan. It worked with all my kids and my two granddaughters.

I don’t think Melatonin will help is toddler is waking up at night
I took my daughter to pead and he gave us a script for melatonin he also said it won’t keep her asleep it will only assist in getting her to sleep

You can, the body produces it, I would give all my kids some. It started to give my daughter night terrors. So had to stop… then my youngest started getting worse night terrors. Now they are on sleeping meds. They have insomnia like me… Yay. :roll_eyes::expressionless:

No. Toddlers wake up a night its normal. As long as dr has said its okay but i woudnt be giving my child that without consulting with my gp first.

No. They self regulate. It is like people giving beer or nyquil. They need to self regulate.

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Melatonin doesn’t actually keep them asleep according to my pead it only assists in getting them to sleep.

Yes, you can. My son had gone through a rough patch on sleeping for a few weeks and my pediatrician recommended the children’s one. It’s like 1ml. Worked great to get him back on his normal sleep schedule.

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You can when my daughter was younger she wouldn’t sleep or much and dr advised I could give her melatonin.

Welcome to parenthood. Sleep is sketchy for the next few years!

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Melatonin only helps put to sleep not stay asleep, suggest see a paed

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I am not trying to be that person but you are drugging your baby to alleviate your choice to have a child. Drugging a child asleep teaches nothing. A call to insomnia in the future as well. Not cool.


My son gets melatonin occasionally (3 years old, no naps, still too much energy after bed time) and it gave him nightmares the first few times, so we dropped down from the recommended dosage to ¼ of it, and it gets him to sleep and he has no nightmares.

Regardless of dosage though he’s always woken up still in the middle of the night.

It will help put them to sleep, not keep them asleep.

I would ask your doctor because only they know your child’s medical history, height, weight, family history, etc.

Melatonin doesn’t work for my daughter - her doctor had me try a couple different milligrams and it actually made her very irritable the next day.
Another time it gave her night terrors

Yes , you can !! It’s natural and will not cause any harm or addiction.
You can use it until you get him on a night routine

You’re asking about giving drugs to a toddler on the internet??? Umm call the pediatrician


I seen miracles happen with my friend’s Autistic daughter. She would be running through the house screaming fighting sleep. Melatonin and 30 min later wanted hugs goodnight. I have gummies and pills here that I take occasionally. Completely safe and no drug interactions that I am aware of. But may not work for everyone. We all are made different.

My gbaby got nightmares when he took it.


My son has autism and melatonin didn’t really do much for him. He would wake up with nightmares on low dosages and on higher dosages, it wouldn’t keep him asleep.

you can. some doctors recommend it especially when sleep training/trying to get on a schedule.

also, don’t let her nap late, if at all.

Talk to your Pediatrician

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Toddlers wake in the night, they are still young mine were atleast 4 before they slept through, I wouldn’t be giving them anything at that age…


She’s a toddler. Is she hungry? Wet? Cold? There may be a lot of reasons why she’s waking up

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Well yes you can. But it doesn’t guarantee that your toddler still wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night. It only helps you to fall asleep. It doesn’t keep you asleep.

Sleep tech here! Please use with caution. Sleep docs dont recommend it being used long term. People CAN actually become dependent on it, like any other substance you put in your body. Melatonin is naturally occurring and if you use a supplement too long, the body wont know to produce it. There could be a number for reason your child is waking. If it continues to be an issue, please refer to a Sleep Doctor, not your general pediatrician.


Consult a Pediatric Sleep Physician!

Definitely call the pedi & set up an appointment to discuss it if you think there is an underlying condition that calls for it.

However, Wake ups at night at normal. Adults wake up during the sometimes but we can address our needs, toddlers are still learning how to & need help. Sometimes they just want to cuddle.

Edit to add- most drs will recommend giving any type of meds by weight instead of age.

Please ask your doctor, not a bunch of strangers online regarding something like this. Melatonin doesn’t work for all and really shouldn’t be used in small kids (I don’t care what anyone says), especially for long-term use. It can throw off the body’s natural melatonin production. Also, night wakings are normal in kids up until around 3 or so, but there could be underlying problems that are causing the wake-ups if this is a new thing that would be better to get checked out than just giving melatonin as a quick fix.


remember if you continue to give your toddler this as the yrs go by, that child will need more & more to sleep, Maybe take your child outside in the fresh air & let them run & play… it is a novel idea,imagine, kids no matter what age, going outside playing :)Also watch all the sugar you are given them,


Melatonin is to help your child FALL asleep, not keep them asleep hun.


My pediatrician told me to give my son, who was 6 at the time, melatonin. Because he’s like me with sleeping. He can go to bed at 1 am and be up with the sun at 5. I suffer from a sleep disorder and am medicated for it.

Please talk to your childs doctor before giving it to them. Sleep regression is totally normal in toddlers!


I can’t believe all of these untrue statements…makes me sick…my daughter is 9…adhd that wasn’t even diagnosed till a year ago…we used melatonin from 2 years to 5 years…it regulated her sleep even still till this day after stopping years ago…no doctor can tell you to use it because it’s a herb and not prescribed…my daughter never had nightmares or anything out of the ordinary…many other mom friends used it as well and it helped tremendously!! Absolutely nothing wrong with melatonin try it on the weekends first so incase it’s not the right option!


Melatonin is fine to use but it doesn’t keep your child asleep unfortunately it just relaxes them and helps them get to sleep


So as a mom of 6 I’ve never needed to give my Little’s any sleep medicine, but my 2 grandsons are visiting from Ohio and this is what my son gave me to give the youngest, but I’ve yet to do it because I wear them completely out. Good luck


When in doubt, ask a pediatrician! Sorry you’re having trouble with your baby and their sleep schedule, but this answer should really come from the pediatricians office. There are certain doses that are safe for children vs adults.


Melatonin is a safe to use but if ever you have questions it’s best to ask your pediatrician. Also good idea to check in with recommendation as to what mg. Usually 1-2 mg for kiddos. Using too much melatonin while children are young can make it difficult for the body to produce it’s own melatonin down the road so if use it only when needed. My daughter never had problems falling asleep and staying asleep when she took it when needed however my son gets nightmares and does not sleep through the night if given it. It’s different for every person.


Melatonin will not keep you asleep. It’s life is only about 5 hours. If your child wakes up you have to start all over. Giving it daily may or may not affect your child’s body ability to create it’s own melatonin. Also it won’t work well if you don’t have a conducive sleep area. Bright lights, electronics, loud people, etc. it’s better to work on the nighttime routine and a less jarring back to sleep method so there’s less interruption. And I say alll of this as some whose child has been on a melatonin regimen since he was 8yo bc without he cannot sleep for days. This was the only way to keep him off hard core sleep meds. You need to speak to your child’s medical professionals. Bc you need to know if this supplement will interfere with any other meds, and what the side affects can be.


Melatonin won’t help them stay asleep. It only helps to fall asleep. But I would ask a doctor not a fb group


Yes you can give to them. There’s melatonin for kids 3 years and up at the store so i would suggest talking to your kids doc before giving or to see what they recommend and dosage.
i do know what your going through tho. my 3 year old has trouble falling asleep and when she does go to sleep it’s only for a few hours then she’s up for the rest of the night while everyone else is trying to sleep.
We have a routine, wake up, breakfast, play inside and or outside depending on temp that day, tons of snacks, lunch, nap( all of my kids toddler age refuse to nap) snacks, play,dinner, bath, snack, play, wind down and clean up time, bed.
And she still refuses to go to sleep at night or will fall asleep then be up for the rest of the night pretty much.
Growing up my brother who would stay up all night or sleep then wake up at some point. he was diagnosed with insomnia and had to take melatonin (it was prescribed ) to help him go and stay asleep.

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Check with your Dr. Does she have bug bites, eczema, or any other skin issues that could be itching? Does she have night terrors? There are several reasons she may be waking up. My toddler had issues falling asleep and staying asleep and with the help of his Dr we used Melatonin only when he REALLY needed it and treated his eczema to help him stay asleep after running tests for any and all vitamin deficiencies. If she’s medically fine and you and your doc decide meds won’t work then if she’s getting up and wandering or playing just put a baby gate and baby monitor in her room so she can’t escape and let her do her thing. Depending on age you can leave a cup of water and music on and put her mattress on the floor if it’s not easily accessible to her for getting back in bed. She’ll get there.

Melatonin will not even make them sleep through the night. It’s only for trouble falling asleep, and not for toddlers. Even then you shouldn’t give it every night to fall asleep because they will become dependent on it


I give it to my son. Not every night and we often take breaks for weeks-months. But I have noticed when he takes melatonin, he has much more vivid dreams and talks in his sleep more. He still wakes up in the middle of the night but he just crawls in bed with us and goes back to sleep without even waking me up. Our issue was him getting to sleep. He would stay up until 1-2am and then be cranky the next day without the melatonin. Usually once we get him in a good routine again, we can eliminate the melatonin for a little while.

If you don’t want to use actual melatonin you can use these! I use this combo and they love it and it smells amazing!!

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One thing I have learned….melatonin helps you fall asleep. But doesn’t always KEEP you sleeping. But definitely check with your pediatrician first :heart:

While there is melatonin you can give to a toddler it probably would not help in this situation. It helps you fall asleep but doesn’t keep you asleep. It could potentially keep them asleep a little longer but they’ll still most likely wake during the night.

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Yes you can. Start with a small dose. I give it to my girls cuz if they don’t get it they are up all night and they are 3yrs and 5yrs

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I am not doctor or nurse, but I read melatonin is a hormone. No! I would not give to my infant.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR NOT FB. these people won’t be held responsible if something bad happens to your kid

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No. It messes with their ability to produce melatonin.

Yea they can have it. My children’s doctor recommended it when they were little

I’m seeing all over Facebook of parents giving their kids melatonin. Sheesh be a parent stop drugging the kids :astonished:


We were told by doctors to give it to our boys as they only slept 4 hours a night no matter what we did. My kids are now 16 and 17 and just fine and I don’t care what anyone says it does not make you a terrible parent cause I’m a damn good mother.

No. Too young . Try a multi vitamin with magnesium instead and consult gp

Yes. My kids Doctors didn’t have a problem with it, but it never hurts to ask!
My kids are 5, and almost 4. I just try not to give it to them every night so they’re not too reliant on it. But do what you gotta do love

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My daughter has been on it since she turn 3 had to go up to 5mg at one point now she only needs 1mg a night.

Try a sound machine.

No. We aren’t doctors. Speak to a doctor.


Has it been prescribed?

You could. There is childrens melatonin but there are side effects. Have you tried a bed routine? I would speak the the dr first before trying the melatonin.

It’s normal for babies/toddlers to wake up at night. Melatonin is more for making the kid fall asleep not keep them asleep.

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Talk to their pediatrician before giving so u can give the right dose

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You be a parent and get up with him and see what he needs

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Put your toddler on a sleep schedule 1- no naps during the day so that way they can sleep during the night. And if you do let them nap during the day only do 1 hour naps not 3-4 hour naps cause that will throw it all off. I had to start doing that for my son everyday he takes a nap from 12-1pm and he is tired again when 8:30-9pm come around and he sleeps all night.
Their bodies already produce melatonin so giving them more would kinda knock them out and they will be really drowsy

Ask.yoir doctor not Facebook. Makes more sense to ask a professional.

Talk to your pediatrician! Seriously!

Sure, it’s fine! Instead of actually trying to be a parent and setting rules and boundaries, g ahead and give your toddler medication to sleep. It’s not like it will have any long term effects on their sleep cycle. :woman_facepalming:


Depending on age and unsure ask Dr. And if they do say OK they will probably tell u to take the lowest dose out there for the age.

Yes but it’s prescribed drops normally from a doctor.

It should be something you ask to his pediatrician, but honestly Melatonin tends to make kids more prone to nightmares

Our daughter suffers from night terrors and we give her the zarbees one maybe once a week, once every 2 weeks to help her sleep.
Melatonin can be habit forming so we try to use it as little as possible.

I am against that but you’re that parent and should know what’s best for your child. I see people abuse it and give it to their kids just so they can do what they want and not have to deal with the child. I prefer waking up them earlier so they can go to bed at a decent time.

I hate the fact that patents and grandparents are using this to make babies sleep I don’t care how old your child is they are your baby. It could have side effects what if they stop breathing? Parents stop drugging your children just so you can have peace and quite. Shut the TV phones lights off in rooms put soft music on if need be for them to sleep. Take away things that keep their mind running 24/7 .and before you all say or think wait she must not have had children with special needs yes I have and I never drugged them to get them to sleep ever. Because most of my family is druggie in life and I wanted my kids life better then being dependent on drugs to make it through life

Your kid will sleep when tired.
Some study have been done long term effects ain’t very good. Just because the label says for kids. Does not mean it’s safe for kids

If you child keeps waking up melatonin will not help. Could your child be waking up hungry from a growth spurt? Ear infection? Or simply getting too much sleep during nap times? Melatonin should not hurt your child but I would still talk to your doctor.

I personally would not. It interferes with the natural production of melatonin. It can also cause night terrors. It also does not help with staying asleep, just initial falling asleep.
I would start with a magnesium and vitamin D cream.

Maybe? Maybe not? Really there is a lot of “depends” that can go into that.
First: What else have you tried? Have you looked at adjusting bedtimes and nap times? Could your child be under or over tired? Is your child spending enough energy during the day? Do they have a bedtime routine? How are they eating in the evening could they be waking because they’re hungry? Are they waking perhaps because they need to go to the bathroom or have just gone?
I’m not against sleep aids (both of my kids have to have sleep aids due to adhd) BUT they also shouldn’t be the first option but rather a last resort.
Second: How old? I know you said toddler. Typically the toddler is one to two years old. At those ages you really should consult with your child’s doctor first sleep issues can be a symptoms rather than their own issue.

As a last resort and after you discuss it with their pediatrician

Ask doctor. My son’s pediatrician recommended it when he was 4 because my son would stay up until 4 or 5am

As a child my parents always gave it to us. For my brother it worked well For me and gave me nightmares and made me stay awake more often

Toddlers,kids,teenagers and adults will often wake at night. It actually isn’t abnormal for people to wake after stretches of sleep. Giving melatonin when no other issues are present can cause other issues. Try establishing good bedtime habits and having your toddler be active during the day.

it causes nightmares

Why are you asking total strangers on the internet? Call your pediatrician.

Melatonin commonly causes aggression, depression, and just overall poor mental health when taken by younger kids. An occasional dose may be okay, but I would high recommend not using it as a regular thing