Can I do a colon cleanse while breastfeeding?

Hi so I have a question please no negative comments. I breast feed my almost 2 yr old but just at night to get her to sleep. I want and really need to do a colon cleanse. I bought a 15 day colon cleanse. The brand is nutririse. I will ask dr tomorrow but is it ok to do it while breastfeeding? Especially since only at night? Like if I take it in the morning will it be out of my system by 8pm?


I have never wanted or really needed a colon cleanse.


Your colon doesn’t need to cleanse :person_facepalming: that’s just fancy talk for diarrhea


Most cleanses that help detox your body can be passed through breastmilk no matter when you take it. If you do it ask your doctor or a lactation consultant(is better), I do a 2 day cleanse and I really up my water/ fiber intake.

Just take ex-lax :joy::joy::joy:

Just go to Taco Bell🤣


Pump and dump for a few days


Seriously… there is no need for a “colon cleanse” all you’ll be taking are laxatives… and robbing your body of nutrients and vitamins.

It’s not ok. You will cause either diarrhea to your child or stomach cramping.

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I never understood why people believe in detoxs. Your body naturally does that. Unless you are needing a colonoscopy or you’re so constipated you dont poop for 2+weeks you really don’t need to cleanse your colon.


Colon cleanses are DANGEROUS.

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Colon cleanses rid your colon of good bacteria causing bloating and lots of gas a problems down the road

Leave the ass alone!!!