Can I breastfeed and use formula?

Is there anyone that both breastfed and used formula? I’m going back to work on the weekends, and we were going to use formula while my mom watches our son, but I’m not sure of the pros or cons of it, and I don’t know anyone who has done both. I’m going to ask our pediatrician at his next appointment; I’m just looking for some opinions from mother’s that have done both. Thank you!

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I see that you sent this quite awhile ago so you may not need this info anymore but here is a great link you can check out the article it might still be of help.

The issue with using formula during the weekend and not breast milk is that you will effect your milk supply. Your body will only produce what your baby needs. If you are breastfeeding 2 days less, your body will produce less breast milk.

I recommend that you pump extra milk during the week (or pump at work in your lunch break and bring it home to store for the following weekend). This way you do not effect your milk supply.

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