Can car seats touch in the car?

Can two car seats touch in the car? Like go right next to each other?

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Can I ask a question ,honestly ,what difference does it make if they are touching , just as long as they are secured properly . Does anybody have common sense any more.

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It depends on the seat, it will tell you in the manual! Some car seats allow touching as long as they aren’t bracing each other and others don’t allow touching at all.

Look up your manual if u don’t have it handy every carseat is different

I asked the sheriff when they did car seat inspections and they said it was ok

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Depends on the brand of seat it will tell u in the carseat manual or u can join a CarSeat Safety page and talk to a cpst

They cannot share the same space

You really need to read your car seat manual and your vehicles manual. Car seats are tested with specific installations (proper) to ensure they work as they should in a collision. Most car seats cannot touch.

Huh I never knew this topic could bring out the worse in people! I passed inspection with 3 touching. :woman_shrugging:t2: