Can baby formula feed if they are breastfed?

So I go back to work soon. I am currently breastfeeding. My job is part time (3-4 sometimes up to 5 hours a day). My question is, is it ok for my baby to formula feed while I’m at work? And when I come home go back to breastfeeding. Like back and forth breastfeeding and formula. Will it cause colic or anything??


Totally doable but will affect your supply. I supplemented my older son with formula and he was fine with both. It’s very possible that your little one might get a preference for one or the other though.

I mean it’s possible but you’ll need to pump at work anyway or you’ll lose you’re supply.

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It most likely will be fine. But could mess with your supply. You should pump at least once in those 5 hours or your boobs are gonna feel like they’re about to explode. Lol

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It should be fine. Also have a pump because you will need to pump every 2 hours.

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Baby will be fine lots of mummies do

Breastfeeding you can’t just switch to formula like that

could pump some so baby has it while your at work

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When I had my son in hospital they used to give me a bottle to top him up and if we went out I used to take a bottle with me Never hurt him

It wont affect her to supplement with formula. You may have to play around with different formulas, to see which one settles on her the best.
But going that long without pumping or nursing may affect your supply. Plus, you will be engorged and uncomfortable with probable leaks.

I did it but ended up switching to just formula. It was just easier for me while working full time

As long as your baby is eating :person_tipping_hand: if you want to keep your supply where it should be, pump while your baby is having the formula.

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I would try it before you start work. Your baby might not like the taste of formula and not want to eat it. Breast milk tastes way better than formula. You could try pumping after feedings and storing it for when you’re at work.

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Nope I did both…or pump and freeze it…

Pump and have a supply for when you’re not there so it’s not formula.

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Can’t you pump? Sometimes when baby’s go to formula they won’t take the boob anymore. Not all the time but some times.

Absolutely. I did both breastfed and bottle fed.

It could cause tummy issues. I’m going through this myself. I’ve been pumping since my daughter was born to stock pile for when I did go back to work. I just worked my first week back and had to get ready for inventory. My days have been long so my daughter has been back and forth between breast and formula. My milk supply has tanked and my poor baby’s tummy doesn’t know what to do. But you might want to check with the HR department about your company’s policies about breastfeeding moms. I just found out from my boss that I can bring my child to work with me to breastfeed when she needs to feed and still get my job done.

I went back to work full time when my daughter was 3 months. We breastfeed when we were together and she formula fed when she was with my mom or on her dads days off. She didnt stop breastfeeding til she was over 2. Do what you need to do to feed YOUR baby. Dont let anyone tell you what you do is wrong

You could pump and freeze your milk, then you might not have to buy as much formula. Depending on what your supply is like, you might get really uncomfortable or engorged if you don’t pump at work. Then again, it might be fine. It shouldn’t hurt the baby to have formula and breastmilk, my kid had to have both because I couldn’t make enough milk for him, and he was in the NICU for the first 2 months of his life. If you want to be sure, you can also call the pediatricians office, they could tell you what kind of formula goes well with breastmilk.

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I had latch issues with both my girls. I tried my hardest to breastfeed naturally. I pumped for 6/7 months and supplemented with formula for both. I picked formula meant for breastfeeding moms that would have the closest taste to breastmilk Enafmil Inspire. In my honest opinion a fed baby is a happy baby.

It can cause constipation and you will get full possibly engorged while your body adjusts.

I work 5 hours a day m-f I try and feed the baby before I go and pump at work and leave it for her so she always has breast milk if I happen to not leave enough then she’ll get maybe a bottle of formula then as soon as I’m home it’s strictly breastfeeding no bottle

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Your supply will get a little lower and make sure your babe will take the bottle.

My first was breast fed but I had to supplement with formula and she did great my second was 10 weeks early and so I pumped and had a freezer full of milk but because he was not actively feeding my milk dried up he got breast milk for about 4 months then I went to formula and my third baby would not take a bottle at all so every baby is different

Why not pump at work?

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My son didn’t have an issue but I was doing both right from the start.

Can you pump extra milk and store it so they can still have bottled breastmilk?
And pump at work too so your breasts stay on their feeding schedule.

You can but your supply will drop and you might get engorged during that time unless you pump at work

If your pumping give him yours

It can. All babies are different. Good luck​:purple_heart::purple_heart:

They have formula for breast feeding moms to use . Not cheap. Can you pump and save it

Why not choose to pump your breast milk??

My daughter’s been doing it since birth with no issues.

I supplemented with formula and it cause my little guy to have the worst gas and he was constipated for almost 72 hours . If you do, I would probably get sensitive or formulae most-like breast milk

My daughter stopped nursing a month after I went back to work she was almost 3 months. She just stopped latching

Yes, it wont hurt nothing, alot of people do that.

It should be fine. You can pump and freeze if you’re worried. But it shouldn’t be a problem. I did both because I didnt produce enough milk. Kids are fine