Can babies sleep on their stomach?

I’m an experienced Mom…I have a two month old that’s baby number 8. Little guy spent some time in the NICU and now only seems to sleep on his tummy. I KNOW that back is best. This is the first one for me that won’t sleep that way. His bed has no soft blankets, pillows, plushies etc., He is very well able to pick up and turn his head. But I’m still terrified to let him sleep on his tummy. Have any of you let a babe this young sleep on their tummy? I’ve just been staying up and watching him sleep as he wants, but I am EXHAUSTED and getting desperate. Like literally often only sleeping an hour or two a night. It’s interfering with my ability to care for the rest of the family


3 of my 4 would ONLY sleep on their tummy Know what I was exhausted and I gave up and put them on their tummy in their beds honestly they were more like 6 weeks

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Honestly me and my siblings were all belly babies. And so were my kids. That being said, maybe let him nap during the day while you are up, on his belly. Also try putting a rolled up baby blanket under half his body so that he can sleep on his side. That worked for mine.


My kids always slept on their tummy.

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I had twins that spent time in the NICU aswell and they slept like that all the time. Never ever had a problem.

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My first(34 weeker) slept on our stomachs for a bit and then I slowly transitioned her to her bassinet. But she went to her swing then bassinet. Now my 33 weeker, I didn’t do all that. We just put her in her bassinet and let it be

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All 3 of mine were tummy sleepers. All were able to lift and turn there heads almost from birth so no issues sleeping that way.

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Both of my boys were tummy sleepers. I was scared at first, but they were fine.

I have a 4 month old and she’s the same way. She would only go to sleep being cuddled or on her belly it’s a comfort thing. if he can pick up his own head and move he should be completely fine, if he gets uncomfortable he’ll move. Rest mama :heart:

Don’t worry so much! My son was a belly baby (he’s 4 mo and started rolling)

I would wake to check on him often but he even started sleeping through the night on his belly!! Mine has even had a blanket since birth… he hated socks… which he has always had good head control for his age and stuff. You make the best call for your baby :slightly_smiling_face:

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Back is not best and same for.tummy they’ve gone back and forth on this for years on which is better… Either your kid sleeps on his tummy pukes and chokes on it… Or your kid sleeps on his back pukes and cant get it out so he chokes on it… Also babies dont have the mobility to know to turn their heads either… Anyway my son is 2mon will be 3mon on the 23rd… Ever since a week old he’s slept on his tummy and he sleeps completely through the night too… There are pros and cons to every which way your child sleeps.

I had two NICU babies. They weree used to sleeping on their stomach because that is how they sleep in the NICU. They can sleep that way because they have a constant staff monitoring them as well as monitors hooked up. the NICU nurse has drilled into us not to let them sleep on their bellies once they came home unless we were going to do like you are saying and staying up all night and watch them. As you’ve said that’s just not possible you can’t function like that. it took some time but eventually mine learned to sleep on their back. They didn’t like it at first but they got used to it and I was finally able to get a tad more sleep. Please remember they are reasons for all the guidelines you were given by the hospital.

Personally wouldn’t let my baby sleep on her tummy until she was able to roll by herself but that is just from my personal experiences and every ones situation and babies are different so if you are really concerned maybe try co sleeping until bub gets use to sleeping on their back, good luck

Both my girls were belly sleepers. I think around 2 months is when I fully committed to belly sleeping. The first couple nights I stayed up and then after that I would wake up a bunch to check on them. About a month after they were good and I wasn’t as paranoid anymore!

I have had babies that slept on their backs,side and bellies. There is 17 years between my oldest and youngest and they were always changing the best way for them to sleep. I had no problems

A few of mine were Tummy sleepers, and almost all of them preferred my chest over everything else. Of 9, only 2 didn’t prefer to be on my chest and back or side was ok

NICU mom here and my son was the same way because he was put on his stomach a lot in his isolate.

Mine has been on his tummy since 1 month, I let him sleep in our bed or a basinet untill I was comfortable enough to let him go in his crib . He was always good tho

That was the only way my oldest would sleep. I think as long as they have good head control it’s not as unsafe…

Maybe get an owlet monitor to ease your mind? Im in a lot of mom groups and the mamas of tummy sleepers seem to gravitate towards them bcuz it gives them peace of mind.


I had belly sleepers, we got a breathable mattress for the crib and they all spent the first year of their life in our room

My now 2 & 1/2 yr old always slept on her tummy. I never had a problem with it

My babies always preferred their tummy. They slept so good that way I just keep an eye on them and make sure head is turned to the side :heart:

Both my boys came home from the hospital sleeping on their belly! Ones 22 and the other is 11 they are both fine! I have raised more than just my own as well! I always put it this way “If God wants my child he will take him on his back or belly” I have lived by that forever! I never did anything in the crib but a light blanket or a sleeping sack!

All of mine have been belly sleepers 🤷 it’s fine

My 6 yr old son was a belly sleeper when he was a baby. He slept better that way, I tried back but he would only sleep for like 20 mins. Had no problems with him sleeping on his tummy, plus I’d wake up and check on him too in the middle of the night.

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My only child slept on belly also no problems

I know they say back is best…but both of my babies slept on their tummies from the day I brought them home.

Have you tried his side they have wedges you can use for this but my granddaughter was that way turns out she has a soft pallet like her grandma and sleeping on my back shuts my air off

My daughter was also a nicu baby and will only sleep on her tummy as well. I was hesitant on it at first but that’s the only way she will sleep.

Both my boys were belly sleepers, sounds like your doing everything right!

Both of my kids slept on their stomachs from day one. They are now 16 and 9. Nothing I did would convince them to sleep on their backs lol

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My daughter has been on her tummy since the NICU too. I never much worried about it because if she was able to do it just fine in the NICU while also being premature, I figured she would be just fine and she has been :blush: they have monitors you can buy for in home use if you’re worried!

with my second one , he woke up every 3 hrs, for 9 months !!! so that’s not new. As for tummy sleeping, if he is able to pick up his head, I don’t feel that is a big deal to allow him to sleep that way. But your Ped. Dr is the one to ask on this

My 2 year old was very strong with great neck control from day one, and would only sleep on her belly. I let her and we didn’t have problems

Back in the day we all slept on our tummies. We are just fine. Both my kids were put on their tummies never gave it a second thought. You have to remember you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of everyone else. Good luck momma and get some sleep before you make yourself sick.

Mine were tummy sleepers. I kept them in warm sleepers to eliminate blankets and they were fine.

Yes all 3 of my kids slept on their bellies. All 3 were nicu babies so it is what they were use too. Never had any issues.

Try getting him a co-sleeper (the enginuity one was best for us), & a swaddle blanket. The co sleeper keeps then from rolling over on their tummies, & it’s also slightly elevated, which may be more comfy for him. Our son (now 3) was in the NICU as well. We didn’t have an issue with back sleeping, but he also went straight from the NICU into the co-sleeper. Even if he doesn’t like the swaddling, I’d still try the co-sleeper. Good luck Mom :smiley::+1: :heart:

Mine only slept on their tummy by their choice. I’d flip them to their back & they’d flip back.

Once my baby could roll over both ways (at 2 months old) I let her sleep however she slept best. Which was on her belly. She ended up there anyways throughout the night :woman_shrugging:t2:

Both my girls slept on their tum.ies since day one, you just need to make sure they dont get used to only one side, so the little head doesnt get a flat spot.

They told my generation, tummy is best for sleep…now, it’s all switched up…all 3 kiddos were fine.

These sleep guidelines have done a great job in terrifying new parents.

When you really look at the statistics, infant sleep deaths are far more likely to occur in car seats or swings/sleepers (the types that have been recalled).

Fact is, for most of humanities existence, babies most likely slept directly on their Mama’s. For our family, that meant my son slept on his tummy, on my tummy.

Just your concern already shows you are vigilant. There’s th is amazing thing that happens when you are in close proximity to your baby while sleeping, you and baby stay in sync. Your mama brain does stay vigilant while asleep (unless you are on some sort of medication or have a sleep disorder).

Trust yourself, trust to give what your baby needs. Sleep is very important for both of your health <3

Good luck.

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My little man would only sleep on his tummie…we tried to encourage him to sleep on his back but would scream the entire night…we then worked out that mainly at night he would have a belly full of air and the only way he was comfortable was on his belly and the amount of gas that came out of him at night you would think it was from an adult.

Please take note that I was constantly waking myself up during the night just to make sure he was doing ok

They did a study that said putting a fan in the room (not directly on the baby but just to get the air moving) and put the bassinet in the bedroom with you lowers chances of SIDS-that’s what they’re worried about when they say back is best. Maybe try that and see if you rest better.

So lizi was like that. We were told as long as we put her on her back of she rolled to her stomach to just leave her sleep how she was comfortable.

My oldest wasnt a NICU baby but slept better on her tummy
She was able to hold her head up so i let her do it. Shes now 13 so she survived

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Both of my preemies would only sleep on their stomach, my daughter was 4 pounds at a month old, it was worrying to let her sleep on her stomach but she survived, they both did, they’re 8 and 14 now. My 2 full term always slept on their back with no problem, it was just my 2 that were early that wouldn’t.

My baby been on her tummy since birth🤷🏾 she is almost 4 months. She sleeps better that way. She rolls over now and in her sleep to. As long as she can lift i head i dont worry

My son started doing this at about 3 mo. And it scared me to holy death. But he had good control over his neck muscles at that point and wasnt directly on his face. His face was to the side. I too stayed up many many long nights fretting about it. And he was ok. Our ped dr suggested a medical wedge they make for babies to position him on his side instead of his back. Perhaps you could ask your dr about that. I understand where you’re coming from.

Yes i did with my first because he was very strong by two months he started holding his head around 2 weeks old he wouldn’t sleep any way other then is belly he was colic as long has them can left there head or move it to the other side they can stay on the belly he is now 2 1/2 and still sleeps on his belly

All 3 of mine slept on their bellies.

My children are babies of the 60s and 70s, slept on their tummies.

mine slept on there tummys as they got older .and my youngest slept on tummy and side at about 8 mths.

My son was in the NICU and he loved to sleep on his belly, I would switch him nut he always went back. He never had an issue going switching if he needed.

I always put my 3 children on their tummy’s to sleep and that was the way I was taught by my Momma and Grandma!

My kids were born in the 80’s and it was discouraged to sleep on their back even though there is evidence of SIDS these days in that position, well they’re both grown with kids of their own and I’ve read that babies on their backs can fall victim to that as well? So who really knows? If your little one sleeps soundly on the tummy then let it be. :sleeping:

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My son was a tummy sleeper, no problem!!

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If he wants to sleep on his tummy, I’d let him.

all my kids were tummy sleepers couldn’t get them on their backs for nothing and all is good with all of them my oldest being 17

Hi mommy. This is not to scare you: 22 years ago my baby was 3 mos 9 days old and could roll over both ways and proficiently hold his head up for several minutes at a time. He died in the middle of the night face flat down. Nothing physical that kept him from rolling himself over OR lifting his head up, yet he did neither. My point is this: I believe the true reason for Sudden Infant Death has A LOT more to it than simply sleep position. I personally do not think that sleep position has anything at all to do with a true SIDS case (NOT suffocation deaths from bedding, etc.) because babies have died/still do die laying both ways. Babies have died of SIDS sitting up in a baby seat! Where people were awake and alert and noticed an issue immediately and started life saving measures right away yet the baby still falls victim. No one knows why they just won’t take a breath! It’s like their little body won’t even accept it. That is what is so scary! Every mother out there is afraid of this silent thief…and with good reason. But don’t obsess over what position baby sleeps in. You cannot watch around the clock. Do what is best and most comfortable for your LO. Use common sense. Soak up every moment. And get some rest momma. Everything will be fine :heart:

All my kids slept on their tummies with blankets. This was back in the 80s before all the sleeping rules came out. They were all fine. Besides he’ll soon be able to turn himself and sleep how he wants

My son is 18 months and always slept better on his tummy…he was/is a strong baby…could hold his head up from the time he was born…I tried letting him sleep on his back, but he would just wake up…if he sleeps better on his tummy I would let him :blush:

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Try putting him on his side

My daughter slept on her side or back since birth, we gave up turning her… now at 3 she only sleeps on her back…go figure…lol

If you are worried about then roll a few receiving blankets into 2 rolls and tuck them on either side of him. Then he won’t be able to roll onto his stomach. As he gets bigger (SIDS is usually a small concern past 6 months) you can use bigger things on either side

You could get one of those breathing monitor things like the owlet sock or the cacoon cam. They will alert you if your baby stops breathing, with an alarm on your phone. That might help ease your mind so you can sleep.


I have has some babes like that too.
They lived. I know it isn’t ideal but what’s a momma gonna do except make it as safe as possible?
My current baby won’t even sleep if he’s not on me 🤦

My son would only tummy sleep for the first couple of months after I brought him home

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My daughter has been sleeping on her stomach since she was 2 months old. That is the only way she will sleep.

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My baby hated sleeping on her back! She wasn’t a preemie or NICU baby, and I knew she wasn’t supposed to sleep on her tummy. BUT she was fine on her belly because I knew she could move her head (although I was a wreck worried about SIDS). Two sided coin. Good luck momma.

My 13 year old was a tummy sleeper as a baby, and my 4 month old will only stay asleep on her tummy, if I put her on her back or side she will wake up within 5 minutes. I’ve put her on her tummy since she could lift her head up, because I just wasnt getting sleep before that unless we co slept.

My son would only sleep on his belly. He’s now 5 and perfectly okay. ( still a belly sleeper lol )

There’s a risk in doing it. To tell you differently would be lying. To be extra cautious, you might try getting one of those movement sensors that goes under the mattress, or the wearable monitors like the Owlet or the baby monitors that have breathing detection (I saw an ad for something like that the other day), otherwise it’s a risk.

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My son slept on his back do what is best but do watch them and get some sleep

I always let my kids sleep on there tummy I’m scared if the was to spit up while in there back in there sleep the choke and die… I just check on them paroticly so that I know they haven’t rolled face first also may have to co sleep so you can pay attention better and still get some rest

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My daughter only wanted to sleep on her tummy after spending 5 months in the nicu. Transition home was difficult.
She has an oxygen monitor that she has to wear. Even now at 5 years old. Gave me a little piece of mind on those days of her only wanting to be on her tummy.

My daughter never slept on her back, she was either on her belly in her bed or on her belly on top of me. Some babies aren’t comfortable on their backs, just like adults :sparkling_heart::sparkles:

My daughter and oldest child started rolling over very early as in 6 weeks old. She would constantly turn in her back in the middle of the night. It terrified me. I would always try and put her back on her back and she hated it. She would cry and cry. I spent a lot of nights watching her sleep. She’s almost 8 now. Back then if I knew about the heart and breathing monitors I would most definitely have invested in that just for my peace of mind and getting more rest myself.

Isnt there a thing called a halo. Lay hin on his back with his headin the halo would that work maybe

My little brother had terrible silent reflux and the only way he could sleep without pain was on his tummy from about 7 weeks he was also crawling at 4 1/2 months

To be honest I never liked sleeping babies on their back, I remember my baby cousin threw up and didn’t turn his head and would have choked if my aunt hadn’t walked past


when mine was little, was told put them on belly so if they spit up , they wouldn’t choke to death .How times have changed

I had my first in 1976 and it was put them on their back, second in 1978, put them on their tummy, third in 1978, by which time they decided sleep slightly on their side, that’s why they made those wedge shape things you put behind them so they slept on their side and couldn’t roll onto their backs. It kept chopping and changing but each of them worked.

My second son slept on his stomach from about a month old and it was life changing. He slept so well I wished I could go back and let my oldest do the same.

All mine except #4 were tummy sleepers when they could lift and move head, they were side sleepers before that. Do what you are comfortable with.

Its actually a myth about babies choking on spit up and them dying because of that. My Dr told me that babies automatically cough up or swallow fluid that they spit up or vomit—it’s a reflex to keep the airway clear. … babies who sleep on their backs might clear these fluids better because of the way the body is built.

What y’all don’t realize is that doctors didn’t start recommending back sleeping for babies until the 1990s. Before that, babies were most always placed on their tummies to sleep.

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When my babies we babies, that was how we were told to put them down. 3 girls, 4 years, and the oldest is 35!

My daughter would only sleep on her stomach. It was the only thing that let her sleep so I did as you already have, made sure there was nothing around her when she slept.

My almost 3 year old would not settle on his back as a baby so we started putting him on his tummy to sleep at 3 weeks old. Never had an issue and he still prefers his tummy.
Our now almost 5 month old twins had the same issue. Wouldn’t settle on their backs and would fuss all night long. Ended up switching them to their tummy at 2 weeks old. And they sleep so much better now!

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Ik it’s expensive but I loved our owlet for that it measures oxgen saturation and sends your phone off if it drops too low my son had gerd and couldn’t lay flat so I let him sleep in his rocker and reclined seat with his sock on and would periodically check the app and on him