Can 10-month-olds go on a carnival ride?

So there’s a carnival in my town right up the street! I want to go with my husband and my daughter! She’s 9 months old turns 10 months in two days :heart: My question is am I allowed to bring her on a ride? It would be the most mild, easy going ride I can find of course! Something that just goes around the track in a circle prettty slow. Is that allowed? Thanks so much :pray:t3::pray:t3::heart_eyes:


U might be able to take her on the carousel


Nope. They more prone to injuries even if you holding her. Rather not take a chance


I did it with mine before she was 1. 1 of my favorite pics of her is us holding her on the merry go round. She’s an April baby so I believe this particular carnival was in July so… 3 or 4 months old. It’s your kid, do what you feel is right! Don’t let anyone else sway your decisions. You sound like you care a lot so im sure you’ll make the right decisions!


We took our first kid to the fair when he was 7 months old. He had so much fun on the baby rides! There might be a couple you can take baby on.


Is this a real question? Uhm NO!!! There is no rides for babies lol


I took my daughter last summer before she was a year old and she got to ride with me on the train that went around really slow in a circle and she got to rode the carousel and the cars that go slow in a circle. And she even went down the giant slide on my lap and she had an absolute blast! So for all these people telling you your crazy for asking dont know what they’re talking about. She was perfectly fine and as long as it doesnt jerk or go to fast, she will be just fine momma!!


Their are rides for babies. I can’t believe some of these responses.


I would think the carousel but it all depends on the carnival and there rules just remember one thing about traveling ones they r putting up and taking down the rides multiple times to move them to another location and that makes me nervous

I personally wouldn’t and I don’t trust carnival rides I’d go to walk and whatever else.and to young in my opinion.

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I believe its ok as long as they can hold their heads up by themselves!!

no my baby is 1 and they wouldn’t let me. the kiddie rides r really slow n i was gonna hold her. they said no

Some of yall need to find a new group cause yall are far from helpful! Mostly just judgmental B!+(#=$


Of course! My friends own a carnival and my son went on super young too!

The carnival usually have rules for which rides is appropriate for certain age or height requirement. For a 9 month old, there’s no rides for that age. I had to wait until my daughter was 2yo before we could go in anything. We mostly went just to get out of the house and walk around and get a few toys for her to play with but that’s it.

Maybe the merrigoround or train if they have them. But that isn’t guaranteed.

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Well thank god the carnival has stipulations…because you are dumb as a rock to even ask this.