Boyfriend w ex wife entanglements

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months. He is recently divorced and they had separate bedrooms for about 8 years. Apparently , she was unfaithful. We started dating right after his divorce was final and really hit it off with a deep connection.

The issue I am having is that he still owns the home his ex-wife that she and his children live in. Both he and the ex wife are on the mortgage and deed. She is a stay at home mom and homeschools both of the kids. She’s completely financially dependent upon him.

Both of these situations really bother me and I am struggling to articulate why to him. If she needs something done at the house, she calls him and he goes and fixes it.

It also really bothers me that he supports her wholly financially. I understand the alimony and child support are part of where he has at in life, however, she doesn’t work and doesn’t seem to be interested in working. I mean, why would she? she’s being taken care of. She wanted the divorce, didn’t want him, but she’s ok taking his money? I really struggle with the idea of growing and furthering our relationship while he is still so entangled with his ex. Thoughts and advice welcome.