Birthday ideas for husbands?

hi all so my husbands birthday is in two days. just want any ideas on cheap nice birthday present i can do at home or buy thanks😭


I always bake him a cake!

I made my fiancé a jar (little glass one I had lying around) and wrote on little bits of paper all the reasons I love him from the silly little things to the big things rolled them up and popped them in! Have a look on Pinterest! It’s fab for ideas. He said it was worth more rush any expensive gift x

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Steak dinner at home and sex makes my husband happy. Lol


homemade cake out the box with icing and ice cream yum lol

Put a bow on your kids’ heads. Boom, done.


Ask what he wants for dinner, and whatever it is make it (within reason, you probably can’t make a filet mignon with shrimp scampi) my bday is tomorrow, I’m making a pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and then a chocolate cake with mini m&ms all over it.

Coupon book, throw together a small scrap book, his favorite dinner you make and a hot bath followed by a back massage, ?give him a pedicure? (Idk if he likes his feet touched or not lol), write a letter and leave it on the nightstand or somewhere he’ll find it when your not around, his favorite candies in a jar. I could go on and on :joy: I’m so cheap and make a lot of the gifts he gets

Canvas people ALWAYS have wicked good deals on their canvases. I nice photo of the two of you or your kids would probably mean the world to him. I highly recommend them even if it’s a few days late.

Just put a large. Ribbon on your self, And day. Happy. Birthday. I’m all. Yours