Birth control that doesn't cause spotting

I need advice about birth control… What is a good birth control pill that does not cause a lot of spotting, weight gain, and is good for my skin? I break out easily, so I need one that will also help with acne? Only want a pill.


Toooooooo long ago for me😍

Lo loestrin fe 24 pill i love it no side effects for me. if you take it everyday it will not cause any spotting

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I think it depends on the person . One thing might have side effects for one person but not another


This is what i take Norethindrone Acet/Eth 1/20 Tb 21’s

I love my nexplanon implant they insert it into your arm it last 3 years I just got mine replaced yesterday! I have had no complications

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lol no birth control


Im on loestrin and its amazing, no effects at all.

Depends on you and your hormones… if you are spotting a lot you need a stronger pill… Worked for me anyway

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It’s gonna be trial and error because everyone has different reactions to different types of birth control.


I’m on camilla(mini pill). I have side effects and no period/spotting.

The copper IUD has worked wonders for me it’s good for 10 years and no hormones. I don’t know of a pill that will give you those kind of results 🤷

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I’m on tri sprintec low it’s the generic of ortho tri cycline low. It’s the only thing that works for me.

Get nexplanon it works ur pregnant free but always use condoms and have plan B ready

Good luck. Your obgyn will tell you that you could have spotting with any birth control… each form of birth control works differently for everyone. So just because one person doesn’t have spotting doesn’t mean you won’t…

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Like someone else said it depends on the person. I was on the mini pill and never spotted. Now I use Nexplanon which is still progesterone only and I’ve spotted since a week or 2 after I got it.

Everyone is different. I can’t take any oral pills or I have constant bleeding. The only one that didn’t cause that didn’t work I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and losing one of my tubes. It’s just a trial and error thing.

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT WHEN IT COMES TO BC… changing between BC too many times just to find one that fits ever need that you want,is too much for your body… they all have different and some have the same symptoms…but again everyone is different when it comes to bc

That’s the possible side effects of literally EVERY birth control so… Trial and error.

There’s literally nothing that guarantees all those things. Besides the fact that all bc is different for each individual woman. Also, bc tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant. You are going to have weight fluctuation no matter what.

You should see your doctor and have them prescribed one for you.

I liked seasonal. But I never had acne. So talk to your doctor


Everyone is different

Birth control effects every person differently because of their own hormonal make up what might work for one could be a nightmare for another

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Get youe male partner to take his share of the responsibility for birth control and use condoms.


Jadelle ,I had my implanon implant removed because I was spotting everyday for 2 years no break interval ,it’s crazy my husband even called me the Woman with the issue of blood :drop_of_blood:

You’ll most likely have to try a few and see what works for you. Depo never caused any type of spotting with me but there are people who have had it. It just depends on how each bc affects you

Talk to you ur doctor

Chateal works great for me, Ive been taking it for 4 years now. It’s a low dose oral contraceptive. Lower dosages tend to cause spotting for the first couple of months but I’ve had no issues with my skin or my weight.

Talk to a doctor.
Your health should not be a public forum.
What works for one woman may not work for another and at the end of the day, it is a prescription from a doctor that matters.

Girl that’s a birth control pill, that’s a miracle.

Diane or Brenda was a good pill for me. Helped with all the things you said.


Eh my daughters on erin she gets her period like every 3 months. Im on depo havnt had a period in idek how long

You will have to work with your doc they all work differently for us all.

I used a pill called tri- lo Mariza something like that for a very long time it helped with acne, cramps and had my period regular with no spotting in between periods and no weight gain, but then again everyone’s body is different so just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

First you need to figure out your estrogen and testosterone levels, then go from there on birth control. The higher level of birth control, the higher level of testosterone.

Try NuvaRing. It’s amazing.

That must be absteinance as a priority, then non hormonal IUD as a second option.

Im on depo shot it stopped my periods no spotting just talk to your dr see what they recommend for you and your concerns