Best ways to tell your husband you are pregnant?

Best way to tell your husband you’re pregnant?? Announcement I guess for him. We weren’t trying so he’s going to be surprised. We have a 4 year old and I wanted to involve her. Also unfortunately the circumstances/timing is really really not great. I have a lot of medical conditions so I am high risk. Breast feeding moms with active toddlers what is your favorite breast pump?? Please and thank you!


Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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I got a big brother (in my case) book and recorded my son going up to daddy and asking him to read it to him. The first line said “you’re going to be a big brother… etc”

Get your daughter a “big sister” shirt… put it on her and surprise him that way. Praying for your health. Congrats


Put a big sister shirt on her

Make a cake or cupcakes with the announcement on it your 4 year old can help make and decorate it.

Heaven forbid direct communication with your life partner and just telling him

Get a t shirt made for your four year old saying big sister . Have her wear it and don’t say a word . He will be very surprised!


When I found out it was around June and I got one of these and put it in his birthday card in July! If he likes sports I’m sure they’re probably made for any team!