Best way to baby proof toilets?

What is the best but cheap baby proofing thing you use for the toilets? So my 3 toddlers can’t flush their toys and give their stuffies swirlies?

Lock on the door. High up so they can’t reach. My oldest is Autistic no child lock works for him too easy lol and he understands but water is fun.

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I just keep the bathroom door closed for now anyway but I’m curious to see what other people use :smiley:

Child proof door knob covers

Shut the bathroom door and use the door knob covers.


Latch- eye hook placed far up on the door. Pull it closed and latch it… $4.99


Close the bathroom door or baby gate it

3 is old enough to understand that is not okay. Cheapest thing to do is explain why it’s unacceptable and provide consequences and them clean up any mess they make if they attempt anything.

We just keep bathroom doors shut for grandchild but when I had my kids I had locks on them


Keep the bathroom door shut

Go on Amazon they have toilet seat locks for toddles. Walmart usually carries them or just put a baby proof door knob cover on bathroom door

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We always kept the bathroom door shut.

We just kept the bathroom door shut.

Just keep bathroom door shut.